IMP 1015 Metallic K.O.
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Released on 1976
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IMP 1015 cover
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A n nth retelling of the legend is necessary, since Metallic K.O. has little else to offer. At an earlier show, Iggy had a run-in with a gang member and got his clock socked (presto! photo of KO’d Iggy on the cover). He invites the gang (The Scorpions) to come down to his final show and a volley ensues; verbal on Iggy’s part, physical from the audience (bottles, ice cubes, et cetera). A couple of guys in the audience record the whole thing, send the tape to guitarist James Williamson, and Metallic K.O. is born. The recording is terrible, even by bootleg standards. Think tinny, portable cassette player from 1973 terrible. As an historical document, however, it’s a good thing someone taped it, since nobody would’ve believed it otherwise. Iggy’s baiting of the crowd is fascinating in a vicarious sort of way, the previously unreleased material even better. It’s one thing to be obscene, but Iggy did it with a guilelessness that almost crossed into innocence. Take the lyrics to “Rich Bitch.” When Iggy sings that “your c*nt’s so big you can drive through a truck,” you don’t need a crystal ball to know how it’ll all end. And then there’s “Cock In My Pocket,” featuring a lovely little intro that no doubt made Iggy’s Mom glad he changed his name. Iggy then proceeds to take a pelting. It ends-where else?-with a retelling of “Louie Louie” that actually features some of the show’s best sonic fidelity. (In the strange world of The Stooges, why not?) Maybe not as horrifying as Jim Morrison’s petulant call for order on the Absolutely Live set, Metallic K.O. is still a car wreck worth idling by.

IMP 1015 back cover
IMP 1015 back cover


  1. RAW POWER    5:29
  2. HEAD ON    7:23
  3. GIMME DANGER    6:45
  4. RICH BITCH    10:52
  5. COCK IN MY POCKET    3:21
  6. LOUIE LOUIE    (Richard Berry)    3:24

    All songs written by James Williamson/Iggy Pop unless noted


RON ASHTON -- bass
IGGY POP -- vocal
SCOTT THURSTON -- piano electric
JAMES WILLIAMSON -- guitar, vocal
Marc Zermati -- mixage
Michael Beal -- cover design

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US 1976 Skydog LP/8T 1015  
US   The Import Records Label LP IMP 1015  
NET   Cleopatra 2CD CLP0441 w. extra tracks
US   Jungle 2CD FREUDC070 w. extra tracks


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