CD 74051 The Stooges
Produced by John Cale
Released on August 1969
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I t was 1969, okay, and John Cale (ever on the hunt for the next great white hope) somehow ended up in the studio with The Stooges. And so on the heels of The Doors and Velvet Underground slipped The Stooges, the sort of punks who just scared the hell out of the establishment. God knows the band didn’t have the looks of The Doors or the musical talent of VU, but they did have Cale. He elevated the primal energy of the band, using droning sounds and feedback-drenched guitars to capture the lightning bolt of rebellion in songs like “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and “We Will Fall.” What’s amazing to me is the confidence they had in Iggy to carry the whole thing off. On stage he was electric, but in the studio you had to wonder who this kid was, completely unselfconscious and plainly untalented. In a larger sense it applies to the whole band; I mean how big a pair of balls does it take to slop through “No Fun” like the Rolling Stones a whiskey shot away from unconsciousness? (I know, I’m slipping into the uncomfortable language of the presumptuous critic on this one, but indulge me the experiment.) If I call this a classic rock album (and I’m not alone), it’s born from the fascination that makes people stare at brutal, ugly things. At no point do The Stooges ever approach the artistry of The Doors or VU or Cream. They’re not about that. Screw art, this music commands. We’re young, angry, and unafraid, it says. And that’s the voice of rock at work, rarely articulated so simply and strongly. The next two albums are better, but as debuts go this is just so wonderfully cocky it demands respect. I’m listening to Ron Asheton’s guitar solo on “Not Right” right now and it’s like a giant, beautiful middle finger. The whole thing is, really, but you were expecting maybe a handshake?

CD 74051 booklet back cover
CD 74051 booklet back cover


  1. 1969    4:05
  2. I WANNA BE YOUR DOG    3:10
  3. WE WILL FALL    10:15
  4. NO FUN    5:15
  5. REAL COOL TIME    2:29
  6. ANN    3:00
  7. NOT RIGHT    2:49
  8. LITTLE DOLL    3:21

    All selections written by The Stooges


RON ASHETON -- guitar
IGGY STOOGE -- vocals
John Cale -- viola (3)
Jac Holzman -- production supervisor
Joel Brodsky -- photography
Robert I. Heimall -- design
William S. Harvey -- art direction

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US August 1969 Elektra LP EKS-74051  
UK/FRA/GER 1972 Elektra LP 42 032 butterfly label reissue
UK   Elektra LPPIC 8122736741 picture disc
US March 1988 Elektra CD CD 74051 liner note sleeve
EUR 1988 Elektra CD 60667 same as CD 74051
JPN   Elektra CD AMCY-2566  
US 2002 Sundazed LP LP5149 180g vinyl


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