APEC 6000 Zombie Birdhouse
Produced by Chris Stein
Released on September 1982
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APEC 6000 cover  

N o shirt, no service, no problem. Iggy’s artistry turned out to be self-serving this time, garnering positive criticism from the alternative press and resurrecting interest after a spate of mediocre records. (Between Iggy and Lou Reed, Arista nearly sucked the soul from alternative rock altogether.) Now on Chris Stein’s Animal Records, Pop rocks and then some. “The Villagers,” “Run Like A Villain,” “Eat Or Be Eaten” and “Bulldozer” bristle with defiance, punk in the original sense of the word. That said, Iggy shows a soft side that’s equally seductive, including “Platonic” and “Ordinary Bummer.” The accompaniment is raw, stripped-down new wave boiled down to guitars, drums and some bass. The first time you hear tracks like “Life of Work” and “Street Crazies,” you may feel Iggy is trying too hard to push us away. In time you’ll warm to this Birdhouse, marvelling at how the singer can bulldoze through ballads and ballast with the same quirky confidence. Somewhere in here is the truth that all Pop tarts already know: underneath the soused exterior is a very dry wit. I’d like to call this a mature record, except that Pop is an inveterate problem child; maybe the maturity takes place where he embraces his childishness and uses it to his advantage. Eternal enigma that he his, Iggy didn’t release another album for four years, though his association with David Bowie kept him in the spotlight’s periphery. Zombie Birdhouse is raw, rough and rude, but also sweet and sincere, socially charged and sometimes flat-out strange (and it’s nervy, that’s what it is). If you’d just as soon wipe you’re a** with the newspaper as read it, welcome to the birdhouse.


  1. RUN LIKE A VILLAIN    3:01
  2. THE VILLAGERS    3:48
  3. ANGRY HILLS    2:56
  4. LIFE OF WORK    3:49
  6. ORDINARY BUMMER    (Iggy Pop)    2:43
  7. EAT OR BE EATEN    3:14
  8. BULLDOZER    2:17
  9. PLATONIC    2:40
  10. THE HORSE SONG    2:58
  11. WATCHING THE NEWS    4:11
  12. STREET CRAZIES    (Iggy Pop)    3:54
  13. (*cd bonus track:) PAIN AND SUFFERING

    All songs written by Iggy Pop/Rob du Prey unless noted


IGGY POP -- vocals
CLEM BURKE -- drums and percussion
ROB DU PREY -- guitars, keyboards, backup vocals & all else
Chris Stein -- bass, art direction
Joe Arlotta -- session engineer
Butch Jones -- mix engineer
Esther Friedmann -- photography
Box Productions -- design

US September 1982 Animal Records LP/CS APE/APEC 6000  
UK/NET September 1982 Animal/Chrysalis LP/CS CHR 1399  
GER 1982 Animal LP 204 978 320  
NZ 1982 Chrysalis LP L37906  
US September 9, 2003 Pilot 2CD PILOT 171 w. bonus live disc


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