7E-1115 Thunder Island
Produced by Bill Szymczyk
Released on 1977
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7E-1115 cover
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K ronomyth 2.0, The Spirit of 76. It was 1977, business was still booming at Hotel California, and Jay Ferguson decided that an island venture might become the next big vacation destination. Turned out he was right, for a little while anyway, as the title track soared to number nine. These days nobody visits the Island anymore. If you were going to travel back to 1977, which would you visit first: London, the place where punk rock crawled out of the gutters, or Thunder Island, where the drinks have little umbrellas in them and you donít need a shirt to get service? The critical consensus seems to be to cross yourself, mutter the names of the fodder (Eagles), the gunne and the holy Spirit and give this a post-bicentennial benediction. But I had a lousy vacation here; it rained the whole time on the little parade Iíd been planning in my mind since hearing the first Spirit album. Thunder Island is your typical tourist trap from the times: bouncy melodies about beautiful people, plus the legendary Joe Walsh appearing nightly for five nights only. The drinks here are watered down, the island melodies that waft along the imported sand simply pop songs in a plastic hula skirt and by the time the all-night disco opens itís clear that weíve never really left the mainland. No doubt there are 70s artifact hunters who might be interested in cataloging the Islandís contents, especially pop art collectors (a very different animal than an art pop collector, by the way). Proggers can stay at home; the only ones I met on Thunder Island had a sardonic expression on their faces.

7E-1115 back cover 7E-1115 lyric sleeve
7E-1115 back cover 7E-1115 lyric sleeve


  1. THUNDER ISLAND    4:00
  2. SOULIN'    4:07
  4. LOSING CONTROL    3:51
  5. COZUMEL    (Joey Murcia)    3:14
  6. NIGHT SHIFT    3:36
  7. BABYLON    4:23
  8. LOVE IS COLD    3:38
  9. HAPPY TOO!    (Stan Kipper)    2:32
  10. MAGIC MOMENT    (Jay Ferguson/Bill Szymczyk)    4:00

    All songs written by Jay Ferguson unless noted


JAY FERGUSON -- keyboards, lead vocals, hand claps, Arp bass, factory, harmony vocals
TONY BATTAGLIA -- guitar, lead guitar, slide guitar, harmony vocals
STAN KIPPER -- drums, quica, harmony vocals
JERRY MURCIA -- guitar, lead guitar
Ed Brown -- bass
Ed Mashal -- hand claps, engineer, associate producer
Bill Szymczyk -- percussion, hand claps, next valley mortar, engineer
Joe Walsh -- guitar, slide guitar, lead guitars, harmony vocals
Bob Webb -- guitar
Tony Lane -- art direction and design
Claude Mongin -- photography

US 1977 Asylum LP 7E-1115 lyric sleeve
UK 1977 Asylum LP K53066  
CAN 1977 Asylum LP 7ES-1115 lyric sleeve
US 2002 Collectors Choice CD CCM282  


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