E-45444 Thunder Island
Produced by Bill Szymczyk
Released on November 1977
US CHART POSITION #9 (charted Dec. 12, 1977 for 20 weeks)
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E-45444 w. company sleeve
[high resolution scan]

K ronomyth 2.1: NO, MAN, AN ISLAND. Jay Ferguson’s moment in the sun came with “Thunder Island,” which for those who remember it could be described as Joe Walsh meets Christopher Cross (and presumably proceeds to kick his butt with his guitartastic pinky finger). By far the biggest hit of Ferguson’s career (including runs with Jo Jo Gunne and Spirit), no one talks much about “Thunder Island” these days. Honestly, the song’s freshness expired with the 70s, although as an artifact of the times it’s not as sha-la-la-lame as some of its contemporaries (e.g., Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch,” which has been known to cause seizures in lab mice. Or at least cause mice to fake a seizure.) The single version here is about 40 seconds shorter than the elpee version; I’m not really sure what they cut out, but one of these days when the mice are out for a walk I’ll play them side by side and let you know. The flip side is the elpee version of “Magic Moment,” which actually quotes the nursery rhyme “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Pure magic, that.


  1. THUNDER ISLAND    (Jay Ferguson)    3:19
  2. MAGIC MOMENT    (Jay Ferguson/Bill Szymczyk)    4:00

    UK 7-inch single (#13099)
  3. THUNDER ISLAND    (Jay Ferguson)    4:00
  4. LOVE IS COLD    (Jay Ferguson)    3:38


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US/CAN November 1977 Asylum 7" E-45444  
UK November 4, 1977 Asylum 7" K-13099 different B side
UK March 1978 Asylum 7" K-13114  


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