Jean-Luc Ponty


1964          JAZZ LONG PLAYING

              1.Une Nuit au Violon  2.Modo Azul  3.Spanish Castels  4.Sniffin’ the Blues 

              5.Postlude in C  6.Au Privave  7.Manoir de Mes Reves  8.YTNOP Blues  9.I Want to

              Talk About You  10.A Night in Tunisia  11.Satin Doll


(orig lp)     FRA Phillips B-77810L

(reiss 2-lpz) repackaged as LES GRANDS VIOLINISTES DES JAZZ w. a Stephane Grapelli record

              June 1970: Phillips 6612039


1967          SUNDAY WALK                                        US.47 [JAZZ-1979]

              1.Sunday Walk  2.Carole’s Garden  3.Cat Coach  4.You’ve Changed  5.Suite for



(orig lp)     FRA/GER Saba SB 15 139 ST, US BASF/MPS 20645 [gf]

(ress lpz)    repackaged as CRITIC’S CHOICE

              1969: Prestige PRST-7676



              1.With a Little Help From My Friends  2.3 + 2 = 1  3.California  4.Gimme Little

              Sign  5.Pata Pata  6.Pebble Beach Walk  7.Pacific Drove  8.Fort Ord Canon


(orig lp)     US World Pacific Jazz ST-20134

(reiss cd)    February 1994: US One Way 17605



              1.Summit Soul  2.Hypomode del Soul  3.Scarborough Fair/Canticle  4.The Name of the

              Game  5.The Loner  6.Waltz for Clara  7.Forget  8.Eighty-One


(orig lp)     US World Pacific Jazz ST-20156 [gf]

(reiss cd)    June 1993: US One Way 17413


1969          LIVE IN LOS ANGELES

              1.Foosh  2.Pamukkale  3.Contact  4.Cantaloupe Island  5.Starlight, Starbright


(orig lp)     World Pacific Jazz ST-20168 [gf], UK Sunset SLS-50232


1969          LIVE AT DONTE’S

              1.Hypomode de Sol  2.People  3.California  4.Eighty-One


(orig lp)     US Blue Note LT-1102

(reiss cdx)   5.Foosh  6.Sara’s Theme  7.Pamukkale  8.Cantaloupe Island

              1995: US Pacific Jazz 35635


1970          KING KONG

              A1.King Kong  A2.Idiot Bastard Son  A3.Twenty Small Cigars  A4.How Would You Like

              to Have a Head Like That  B1.Music for Electric Violin and Low Budget Orchestra 

              B2.America Drinks and Goes Home


(orig lp)     UK Liberty LBS-83375, Liberty/Pacific Jazz ST-20172

(reiss cd)    July 1993: Blue Note 89539



              1.Preludio  2.Pizzicato Con Fuoco e Con Echo  3.Apassionate  4.Con Sensualito 

              5.Accelerando el Rallentando


(orig lp)     FRA Disc A-Z STEC-133

(reiss lp)    1976: US Inner City 1003, 1979: Atmosphere 5008


1973          OPEN STRINGS

              1.Flipping, Part 1  2.Flipping, Part 2  3.Flipping, Part 3  4.Open Strings  5.Sad



(orig lp)     US MPS MB-21288 [gf]



              1.Pent-Up House  2.Chanson de Rue  3.Carole’s Garden  4.Undecided  5.Sweet

              Lorraine  6.Cat Coach  7.Summit Soul  8.Flamingo  9.Sunday Walk  10.Swing Guitars 



(orig lp)     America 6139

(reiss lp)    1976: US Inner City IC-1005


     Ponty hires a new fusion outfit: Ralphe Armstrong (bass), Ndugu a/k/a Leon Chancler

       (drums), Patrice Rushen (keyboards) and Dan Sawyer (guitar)


1975.02       UPON THE WINGS OF MUSIC                            US.158 [JAZZ.33]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              1.Upon the Wings of Music  2.Questions with No Answer  3.Now I Know  4.Polyfolk

              Dance  5.Waving Memories  6.Echoes of the Future  7.Bowing-Bowing  8.Fight for



(orig lp)     US/CAN Atlantic SD-18138, UK Atlantic K-50149, GER Atlantic ATL-50149

(reiss cd)    November 5 2002: US Collectables Jazz Classics 6330


     Now Ponty, Rushen, Norman Fearrington (drums), Tom Fowler (bass), Daryl Steurmer



1975          AURORA                                             US.123 [JAZZ.14]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              1.Is Once Enough?  2.Renaissance  3.Aurora, Part 1  4.Aurora, Part 2  5.Passenger

              of the Dark  6.Lost Forest  7.Between You and Me  8.Waking Dream


(orig lp)     US Atlantic SD-18163, NET Atlantic ATL-50228, ITA Atlantic W-50228

(reiss cd)    JPN Atlantic AMCY-2092


1976          A1.RENAISSANCE  B1.Renaissance (Mono)

              7PRO: US Atlantic PR-257


     Mark Craney (drums) replaces Fearrington, Allan Zavod (keyboards) replaces Rushen.


1976.09       IMAGINARY VOYAGE                                   US.67 [JAZZ.2]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              A1.New Country  A2.The Gardens of Babylon  A3.Wandering on the Milky Way  A4.Once

              Upon a Dream  A5.Tarantula  B1.Imaginary Voyage Part I  B2.Imaginary Voyage Part

              II  B3.Imaginary Voyage Part III  B4.Imaginary Voyage Part IV


(orig lp)     US Atlantic SD-18195, UK Atlantic K-50317, GER/NET Atlantic ATL-50317

(reiss cd)    JPN Atlantic AMCY-2093


1976.11       A1.NEW COUNTRY  B1.New Country (Mono)

              7PRO: US Atlantic 45-3368



              1.King Kong  2.Idiot Bastard Son  3.Twenty Small Cigars  4.America Drinks and Goes

              Home  5.How Would You Like to Have a Head Like That  6.Music for Electric Violin

              and Low Budget Orchestra  7.Foosh  8.Pamukkale  9.Contact  10.Canteloupe Island 

              11.Starlight, Starbright


(orig 2-lp)   US Blue Note BNLA-632


     Below also features Don Sugar Cane Harris, Nipso Brantner and Michal Urbaniak.


1976          NEW VIOLIN SUMMIT


(orig 2-lp)   GER MPS 2222720 [gf]


     Steve Smith (drums) replaces Mark Craney; Ralphe Armstrong (bass) replaces Tom Fowler.

       Allan Holdsworth guests.


1977.09       ENIGMATIC OCEAN                                    US.35 [JAZZ.1]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              1.Overture  2.The Trans-Love Express  3.Mirage  4.Enigmatic Ocean, Part I-IV 

              5.Nostalgic Lady  6.Struggle of the Sea Turtle, Part I-III


(orig lp)     US Atlantic SD-19110, UK Atlantic K-50409, CAN Atlantic KSD-19110, GER Atlantic


(reiss cd)    US Atlantic 19110, JPN Atlantic AMCY-2094


     Casey Scheuerell (drums) replaces Smith; Joaquin Lievano and Peter Maunu (guitars) join.


1978          COSMIC MESSENGER                                   UK.36 [JAZZ.2]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              A1.Cosmic Messenger  A2.The Art of Happiness  A3.Don’t Let the World Pass You By 

              A3.I Only Feel Good with You  B1.Puppets’ Dance  B2.Fake Paradise  B3.Ethereal

              Mood  B4.Egocentric Molecules


(orig lp)     US/CAN Atlantic SD-19189 [ps], UK Atlantic K-50505 [ps], BRA WEA 30083, GER

              Atlantic ATL-50505 [ps]

(reiss lp)    US Atlantic Super Disk SD-16603

(reiss cd)    US Atlantic 19189, JPN Atlantic AMCY-2095


1978          A1.COSMIC MESSENGER  B1.The Art of Happiness

              7”: US Atlantic 3523


     Jamie Glaser (guitar) replaces Peter Maunu.


1979          LIVE                                               US.68  [JAZZ.8]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              A1.Aurora Part I  A2.Aurora Part II  A3.Imaginary Voyage Part III  A4.Imaginary

              Voyage Part IV  B1.Mirage  B2.No Strings Attached  B3.Egocentric Molecules


(orig lp)     US Atlantic SD-19229 [ps], UK Atlantic K-50594 [ps], BRA Atlantic 30104, CAN

              Atlantic KSD-19229, GER Atlantic ATL-50594 [ps], VEN WEA 2622 [ps]

(reiss cd)    January 21, 2003: US Wounded Bird 9229


1979.08       A TASTE FOR PASSION                                US.54 [JAZZ.4]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              A1.Stay with Me  A2.Sunset Drive  A3.Dreamy Eyes  A4.Beach Girl  B1.A Taste for

              Passion  B2.Life Cycles  B3.Reminiscence  B4.Give Us a Chance  B5.Obsession 



(orig lp)     US Atlantic SD-19253, CAN Atlantic QSD-19253, GER Atlantic ATL-50666, JPN Atlantic


(reiss cd)    US Atlantic 19253


1979          A1.SUNSET DRIVE  B1.Beach Girl

              7PRO: US Atlantic 3639


     Below is an old date with Stephane Grapelli (violin), Svend Asmussen, Kenny Drew, Niels

       Henning Orsted-Peterson, Alex Riel and Stuff Smith.


1979          VIOLIN SUMMIT

              A1.Bowing-Bowing  A2.Golden Green  A3.Memorial Jam for Stuff Smith  B1.Violin

              Summit No.2  B2.Valerie


(orig lp)     US Everest FS-355

(reiss cd)    US Tradition 2207

(reiss cdx)   repackahed as JAZZ VIOLIN SUMMIT w. bonus tracks: 6.Blues in the Dungeon  7.Skip

              It  8.How High the Moon  9.This Can’t Be Love  10.Siposin  11.Willow Weep for Me

              November 9, 1999: Legacy 477


     Now Ponty, Lievano, Mark Craney, Daryl Stuermer, Randy Jackson (bass) and Chris Rhyne



1980.08       CIVILIZED EVIL                                     US.73 [JAZZ.3]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              A1.Demagomania  A2.In Case We Survive  A3.Forms of Life  A4.Peace Crusaders 

              B1.Happy Robots  B2.Shape Up Your Mind  B3.Good Guys, Bad Guys  B4.Once a Blue



(orig lp)     US Atlantic SD-16020, UK Atlantic K-50744, CAN Atlantic XSD-16020, GER Atlantic

              ATL-50744, JPN Pioneer/Warner P-10939A

(reiss cd)    US Atlantic 16020


1980          A1.DEMAGOMANIA (Edit)  B1.Demagomania (LP Version)

              7PRO: US Atlantic 3778


     Jamie Glaser (guitar) replaces Lievano and Steurmer, Rayford Griffin (drums) replaces

       Craney. Paulinho da Costa (percussion) guests.


1982.01       MYSTICAL ADVENTURES                                US.44 [JAZZ.1]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty and Arif Mardin

              A1-5.Mystical Adventures (Suite), Parts I-V  B1.Rhythms of Hope  B2.As  B3.Final

              Truth, Part I  B4.Final Truth, Part 2  B5.Jig


(orig lp)     US Atlantic SD-19333, UK Atlantic K-50872

(reiss cd)    US Atlantic 19333


1982.01       A1.AS (Edit)  B1.Rhythms of Hope

              7”: US Atlantic 4009

              B1.As (LP Version)

              7PRO: US Atlantic 4009

              12PRO: US Atlantic PR-420


     Ponty (violin, keyboards) plus guests Griffin, Jackson, George Duke, Allan Holdsworth.


1983.08       INDIVIDUAL CHOICE                                  US.134 [JAZZ.2]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              A1.Computer Incantations for World Peace  A2.Far from the Beaten Paths  A3.In

              Spiritual Love  B1.Eulogy to Oscar Romero  B2.Nostalgia  B3.Individual Choice 

              B4.In Spite of All


(orig lp)     US Atlantic 80098, UK Polydor POLD-5138, GER Polydor 817 189, JPN Polydor


(reiss cd)    US Atlantic 80098


1983          A1.FAR FROM THE BEATEN PATHS (Edit)

              B1.Far from the Beaten Paths (LP Version)

              7PRO: 7-89787


     Ponty still solo with guests Griffin, Casey Scheuerell, George Benson and Chick Corea.


1984.08       OPEN MIND                                          US.171 [JAZZ.5]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              A1.Open Mind  A2.Solitude  A3.Watching Birds  B1.Modern Times Blues  B2.Oribtal

              Encounters  B3.Intuition


(orig lp)     FRA/GER Polydor 823 581-1Y, US Atlantic 80185, CAN 78 01851

(orig cs)     FRA Polydor 823-581-4

(reiss cd)    US Atlantic 80185, August 15 2006: US Wounded Bird 8185 [digrem]


1984          A1.OPEN MIND  B1.Modern Times Blues

              12PRO: US Atlantic PR-672

(1985)        A1.Open Mind (Extended)  B1.Open Mind (Edit)

              12PRO: US Atlantic PR-801


     Now a quartet of Ponty, Griffin, Baron Browne (bass) and Scott Henderson (guitar).


1985.09       FABLES                                             US.166 [JAZZ.9]

              Produced by J.L. Ponty

              A1.Infinite Pursuit  A2.Elephants in Love  A3.Radioactive Legacy  B1.Cats Tales 

              B2.Perpetual Rondo  B3.In the Kingdom of Peace  B4.Plastic Idols


(orig lp)     US Atlantic 81276, BRA Atlantic 20135, JPN Atlantic P-13231, MEX Atlantic Atlantic


(orig cd)     July 1987: US Atlantic 81276


1985          A1.INFINITE PURSUIT

              12PRO: US Atlantic PR-809


     Pat Thomi (guitar) replaces Henderson.


1987          THE GIFT OF TIME                                   US.5 [CONTEMPORARY JAZZ]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              1.Prologue  2.New Resolutions  3.Faith in You  4.No More Doubts  5.Between Sea and

              Sky  6.Metamorphosis  7.Introspective Perceptions  8.The Gift of Time


(orig lp)     US Columbia FC-40983

(orig cs)     US Columbia FCT-40983

(orig cd)     US Columbia CK-40983

(reiss 2-cd)  repackaged w. STORYTELLING

              May 22 1995: EUR Sony 478577


     Now Ponty, Browne, Griffin plus Jamie Glaser (guitar), Wally Minko (keyboards) and guests

       Patrice Rushen, Grover Washington Jr., etc.


1989.08       STORYTELLING                                       JAZZ.4

              Produced by Jean Luc Ponty

              A1.In the Fast Lane  A2.Tender Memories  A3.Spring Episode  A4.Pastoral Harmony 

              B1.The Story Teller  B2.The Amazon Forest  B3.After the Storm  B4.A Journey’s End 

              B5.Chopin Prelude No. 20 (with Violin Improvisation)


(orig lp)     US Columbia FC-45252

(orig cs)     US Columbia FCT-45252

(orig cd)     US Columbia CK-45252


1989          1.IN THE FAST LANE  2.Tender Memories  3.The Gift of Time  4.Faith in You

              CDSPRO: US Columbia 1835


1991.05       TCHOKOLA                                           US.5 [CONTEMPORARY JAZZ]

              1.Mam’mai  2.Sakka Sakka  3.Tchokola  4.Mouna Bowa  5.N’fan Mot  6.Ye’ke’ye’ke 

              7.Bamako  8.Rhum ‘N’ Zouc  9.Cono  10.Bottle Pop


(orig cs)     US Epic ET-47378

(orig cd)     US Epic EK-47378


1993.04.23    PUSS IN BOOTS

              1.Puss in Boots  2.Carabas Waltz  3.Claude’s Dilemma  4.Puss in Boots’ Plan 

              5.Ruse  6.Claude’s Bath  7.King’s Daughter  8.Ogre  9.Marriage  10.Happy Ending


(orig cd)     US Rabbit Ears


1993.08.03    NO ABSOLUTE TIME                                   US.5 [CONTEMPORARY JAZZ]

              1.No Absolute Time  2.Savannah  3.Lost Illusions  4.Dance of the Spirits 

              5.Forever Together  6.Caracas  7.The African Spirit  8.Speak Out  9.Blue Mambo 

              10.The Child in You  11.Untitled


(orig cd)     US Atlantic 82500


1995.07.15    THE RITE OF STRINGS

              1.Indigo  2.Renaissance  3.Song to John (Dedicated to John Coltrane)  4.Chilean

              Pipe Song  5.Topanga  6.Morocco  7.Change of Life  8.Le Cancion de Sofia  9.Memory



(orig cd)     US Gai Saber 34167


1995.09       JAZZ PORTRAIT


(orig cd)     Tristar 35261



              A1.Questions With No Answer  A2.Bowing, Bowing  A3.Echoes of the Future 

              A4.Aurora, Part 2  A5.Waking Dream  A6.Renaissance  A7.New Country  A8.Enigmatic

              Ocean, Part 2  A9.Enigmatic Ocean, Part 3  A10.Mirage  A11.Egocentric Molecules 

              A12.?  A13.Ethereal Mood  A14.I Only Feel Good With You  A15.No Strings Attached

              (Live)  B1.Stay With Me  B2.A Taste for Passion  B3.Once a Blue Planet  B4.Forms

              of Life  B5.Ryhthms of Hope  B6.Mystical Adventures Suite, Part 4  B7.Mystical

              Adventures Suite, Part 5  B8.Jig  B9.Final Truth, Part 1  B10.Computer

              Incantations for World Peace  B11.Individual Choice  B12.Nostalgia  B13.Eulogy to

              Oscar Romero  B14.Infinite Pursuit  B15.In the New Kingdom of Peace  B16.Caracas 

              B17.Forever Together


(orig 2-cd)   US Rhino 72155




(orig cd)     Vantage 505, EUR Cleopatra 70998


     Ponty, Browne, Glaser, Rhyne, Michael Barsimanto.


1996          LIVE AT CHENE PARK                                 US.15 [CONTEMPORARY JAZZ]

              Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty

              1.Introduction  2.Infinite Pursuit  3.Tender Memories  4.Between Sea and Sky 

              5.Caracas  6.Faith in You  7.After the Storm  8.The Gift of Time  9.Eulogy for

              Oscar Romero  10.The Amazon Forest  11.The Story Teller  12.Elephants in Love 

              13.A Journey’s End


(orig cd)     US Atlantic 82964, JPN Atlantic AMCY-2091


1997.06.17    HLP

              A1.You’ve Changed  A2.Summertime  A3.’Round Midnight  A4.So What?  A5.Noastalgia

              in Times Square  B1.Carole’s Garden  B2.That’s All  B3.Bag’s Groove  B4.Sonnymoon

              for Two  B5.Oleo


(orig 2-cd)   US Dreyfus



              1.Bowing-Bowing  2.Aurora, Part II  3.Renaissance  4.New Country  5.Engimatic

              Ocean, Part III  6.Mirage  7.Egocentric Molecules  8.Cosmic Messenger  9.I Only

              Feel Good with You  10.No Strings Attached  11.A Taste for Passion  12.Forms of

              Life  13.Rhythms of Hope  14.Final Truth, Part I  15.Individual Choice 

              16.Infinite Pursuit.


(orig cd)     US Rhino 79862

(repack cd)   as LES INCONTOURNABLES

              December 20, 2000: WEA




(orig cd)     US Blue Note 30815, GER Pacific Jazz 530815


2001.08.21    LIFE ENIGMA

              1.Two Thousand-One Years Ago  2.Signals From Planet Earth  3.The Infinite Human

              Caravan  4.Lonely Among All  5.Firmament  6.Pizzy Cat  7.Life Enigma  8.Even the

              Sun Will Die  9.Love at Last Sight  10.And Life Goes On


(orig cd)     US JLP 1

(reiss cd)    April 24 2007: US Koch KOCCD-4132



              1.Prologue  2.Faith in You  3.Tchokola  4.Spring Episode  5.Metamorphosis 

              6.Tender Memories  7.Mouna Bowa  8.In the Fast Lane  9.The Gift of Time  10.After

              the Storm  11.Bottle Bop  12.Prelude No.20, Op.28


(orig cd)     US Legacy 65964


2002.07.23    LIVE AT SEMPER OPERA


(orig cd)     US JLP 2



              1.Rhythms of Hope  2.Jig  3.No Absolute Time  4.Pastoral Harmony  5.Caracas 

              6.Memories of California  7.Mouna Bowa  8.Enigmatic Ocean, Part II  9.Open Mind


(orig cd)     US JLP Productions 003



              1.Introduction  2.Parisian Thoroughfare  3.Premonition  4.Point of No Return 

              5.Back in the 60s  6.Without Regrets  7.Celtic Steps  8.Desert Crossing  9.Last

              Memories of Her  10.The Acatama Experience  11.On My Way to Bombay  12.Still in

              Here  13.Euphoria  14.To & Fro


(orig cd)     US Koch 2332




(orig cd)     Dreyfus




(orig cd)     Dreyfus