FB-11426 Light The Sky On Fire
Produced by Larry Cox and Jefferson Starship
Released on November 1978
US CHART POSITION #66 (charted Dec. 2, 1978 for 6 weeks)
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FB-11426 w. gold sleeve
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W hile I’ve yet to hear a Starship album that sounds like a prog rock record, the nonalbum “Light The Sky On Fire” paired with Dragonfly’s “Hyperdrive” sounds like a prog rock single anyway. The Craig Chaquico-penned A side features Marty Balin playing the psychedelic stargazer bookend to the slickwitch, conjuring as much menace as you’d get from BOC with a synthesizer riff borrowed from The Who. “Hyperdrive” is a trip, highlighted by a guitar/violin attack that’s almost Crimson in intent. The single version runs about a minute less than the elpee by cutting the song after the first, final fade (the elpee version returned for another minute of music); otherwise the two seem identical. And if you know which classical theme the band hijacks for the second half of “Hyperdrive,” please let me know (it’s driving me crazy). This single was also included free with copies of the 1979 compilation Gold (which is the orphan I own, known by its gold sleeve).


  1. LIGHT THE SKY ON FIRE    (Craig Chaquico)    3:56
  2. HYPERDRIVE    (Grace Slick/Pete Sears)    6:11


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US/CAN November 1978 Grunt 7" FB-11426 picture sleeve
US 1979 Grunt 7" FB-11426 gold sleeve


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