BXL1-4921 Nuclear Furniture
Produced by Ron Nevison
Released on June 1984
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BXL1-4921 cover
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T his is half an album about nuclear war; the other half is typical mid 80s rock/pop written by Craig Chaquico, Pete Sears and Peter Wolf. The idea of Rose as the champion of the post-apocalyptic future (“Rose Goes To Yale,” “Champion”) seems to have its roots in “Lightning Rose” from Freedom At Point Zero. It’s the more interesting aspect of Nuclear Furniture, although ‘twas product sold the beast: “Layin’ It On The Line,” “No Way Out.” The album is also notable for introducing themes of Moslem-Christian/US-Arab conflict in “Connection” and “Layin’ It On The Line.” In other words, not an entirely weightless piece of plastic despite what you may have heard on the radio. However, any album that thanks “everyone at MTV” without a trace of sarcasm is hardly beyond reproach. Starship has always been a two-headed hydra, with Kantner’s science fiction epics at one end of the spectrum and Chaquico’s arena rock at the other. It was the arena rock that kept them on the radio after Balin bailed (“Jane,” “Find Your Way Back”), but it was Kantner’s stories that kept the link with their psychedelic past alive. Without Kantner and Slick, Jefferson Starship is just another Survivor. I wouldn’t tell you Nuclear Furniture is their last good album because I haven’t heard every Starship album after. I can tell you it is the last Starship album that could be critically discussed without someone piping up “You mean those SuperFags who sing We Built This City?” and you having to nod sheepishly. This is also one of the worst album covers I’ve seen since Kansas’ Vinyl Confessions (and that’s being chairable).

BXL1-4921 back cover BXL1-4921 lyric sleeve
BXL1-4921 back cover BXL1-4921 lyric sleeve


  1. LAYIN' IT ON THE LINE    (Music: Craig Chaquico/Mickey Thomas, Lyrics: Mickey Thomas/Craig Chaquico)    4:09
  2. NO WAY OUT    (Music: Peter Wolf, Lyrics: Ina Wolf)    4:22
  3. SORRY ME, SORRY YOU    (Music: Pete Sears, Lyrics: Jeannette Sears)    4:07
  4. LIVE AND LET LIVE    (Music: Pete Sears, Lyrics: Jeannette Sears) 3:50
  5. CONNECTION    (Music: Paul Kantner, Lyrics: Paul Kantner, Mickey Thomas)    4:27
  6. ROSE GOES TO YALE    (Music: Paul Kantner, Lyrics: Paul Kantner/Ronnie Gilbert)    2:56
  7. MAGICIAN    (Music: Peter Wolf, Lyrics: Grace Slick)    3:23
  8. ASSASSIN    (Music: Pete Sears, Lyrics: Jeannette Sears)    3:52
  9. SHINING IN THE MOONLIGHT    (Music: Craig Chaquico, Lyrics: Mickey Thomas, Craig Chaquico)    3:38
  10. SHOWDOWN    (Music and Lyrics: Grace Slick)    3:22
  11. CHAMPION    (Music: Paul Kantner, Lyrics: Paul Kantner, Ronnie Gilbert)    4:40

    Arranged by Peter Wolf-Ron Nevison and Jefferson Starship


DONNY BALDWIN -- drums, percussion, vocals
CRAIG CHAQUICO -- lead guitars, rhythm guitars
DAVID FREIBERG -- keyboards, vocals
PAUL KANTNER -- rhythm-electric-acoustic guitars, banjo, vocals
PETE SEARS -- bass, keyboards
GRACE SLICK -- vocals
Brian Macleod -- Simmons electronic drums (7)
Peter Wolf -- synthesizers, keyboards, Linn drum programming
Ron Nevison -- engineer
Pat Ieraci (Maurice) -- production coordinator
Rod Dyer, Clive Piercy of Dyer/Kahn, Inc. -- cover design

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US June 1984 Grunt LP/CS BXL1/BXK1-4921 lyric sleeve
UK/GER 1984 Grunt/RCA LP FL 84921  
AUSL 1984 RCA Victor LP BXL1-4921 lyric insert
BRA 1984 RCA LP 1044192  
JPN 1984 Grunt LP RPL-8248  
JPN 1984 RCA Victor CD PCD1-4921  
JPN 2008 BMG CD BVCM-35248 digital remaster


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