67969-2 VH1 Behind The Music: Jefferson Airplane/
Jefferson Starship/Starship Collection
Compilation produced by Paul Williams
Released on September 12, 2000
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P utting together the pieces of the crashed Airplane and fallen Starship has always been fool’s work, so who better than the fools at MTV/VH1? The truth is that no one can reconcile Alice, Jane & Sara, no matter how you build the backstory. And using Grace Slick as the linchpin is nonsense; logo maybe, but structurally speaking she was only one spokesperson in a moving wheel. If I sound grumpy, it’s because the band’s hits were such soulless endeavors. Without Paul Kantner’s islands of integrity to rest at, you’re just swimming in starshit for sixty minutes. All Collection does is call into question whether the Airplane was anything more than psychedelic stylemongering, given how ingeniously they adapted to the soft rock of the 70s and the studio rock of the 80s. These are the most boring and predictable bits from the band over the years: the overplayed psychedelic anthems, the Balin ballads, the crushing choruses. Of course, if I was building a best of Jefferstar Airship, I’d be nearly as boring and predictable. “Jane,” “Miracles,” “Somebody to Love,” “White Rabbit,” “Crown of Creation” and “Volunteers” would make my list. But so would “Ride The Tiger,” Pointed’s version of “Plastic Fantastic Lover,” “Love Too Good,” “The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil.” The hits caricature the band. The near-misses are where the story gets fleshed out as its swollen collective of songwriters struggle for air. You could say the same thing about Grateful Dead and Blue Oyster Cult too, I suppose. Mercifully, the VH1 Behind the Music Collections were few, since no one need the added insult of a tacky anthology tacked on to a tacky biography.


  1. SOMEBODY TO LOVE    (Darby Slick)    2:57
  2. WHITE RABBIT    (Grace Slick)    2:32
  3. COMIN' BACK TO ME    (Marty Balin)    5:20
  4. EMBRYONIC JOURNEY    (Jorma Kaukonen)    1:52
  5. CROWN OF CREATION    (Paul Kantner)    2:53
  6. VOLUNTEERS    (Marty Balin/Paul Kantner)    2:02
  7. MIRACLES    (Marty Balin)    6:51
  8. WITH YOUR LOVE    (Marty Balin/Joey Covington/Vic Smith)    3:34
  9. COUNT ON ME    (Jesse Barish)    3:14
  10. RUNAWAY    (N.Q. Dewey)    5:21
  11. JANE    (David Freiberg/Jim McPherson/Paul Kantner/Craig Chaquico)    4:11
  12. BE MY LADY    (Pete Sears/Jeanette Sears)    3:50
  13. NO WAY OUT    (Peter Wolf/Ina Wolf)    4:22
  14. WE BUILT THIS CITY    (Brnie Taupin/Martin Page/Dennis Lambert/Peter Wolf)    4:53
  15. SARA    (Ina Wolf/Peter Wolf)    4:51
  16. NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOW    (Diane Warren/Albert Hammond)    4:29
  17. IT'S NOT OVER ('TIL IT'S OVER)    (Robbie Nevil/John Van Tongeren/Phil Galdston)    4:18
  18. IT'S NOT ENOUGH    (Martin Page/Tommy Funderburk)    4:51


Bill Lacey -- audio restoration
Mike Hartry -- digital transfers
Bill Thompson and Paul Williams -- compilers
JRJ Associates Inc. -- design
Michael Hill -- liner notes


US September 12, 2000 BMG/RCA CD 67969-2  


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