25943-2 Walk on Water
Produced by Jerry Harrison, Ernie Brooks, Dan Hartman, Alex Weir, Bernie Worrell, Tom Bailey
Released on May 15, 1990
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25943-2 cover
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J erry Harrison hasn’t released a solo album since this, and you can’t really blame him. The tiny space accorded him for self-expression must have been confining: too much to the left and you’re cashing in on the Heads connection, too much to the right and you’re selling out. Walk On Water sticks to the middle, much as Casual Gods before it, suggesting at various times the work of David Byrne, Tom Verlaine, INXS, Phil Manzanera. I like to think more than dance, so “The Doctors Life” and “Cowboy’s Got To Go” get my nod as the better tracks. But Harrison seems more ambivalent about it, as likely to indulge the dance groove of “I Don’t Mind” or “Big Mouth” as put on his thinking cap. Co-credited to Casual Gods, it’s not a stretch to see this album as an extension of the Heads; extended members of the Talking family appear, and some of the tracks (“Confess,” “Never Let It Slip”) recall the Heads at their most accessible. Compared to the compelling presence of a David Byrne, however, Jerry Harrison’s voice is found wanting. Actually, compared to most lead vocalists. Also, I’m not so sure Harrison has a lot to say. The album artwork from this and his last record implies a social and environmental agenda that only sparingly surfaces in his music. The most outspoken song on here is “I Cry For Iran,” and Adrian’s Belew guitar solo is more polemic than Harrison’s singing. Since The Best of Jerry Harrison likely isn’t forthcoming, the only way to hear these songs is to buy Walk On Water, and a lot of them are worth hearing. If you enjoyed David Byrne’s eponymous 1994 release, you’ll appreciate the Casual Gods’ final feat too.

25943-2 inner gatefold 25943-2 booklet back cover
25943-2 inner gatefold 25943-2 booklet back cover


  1. FLYING UNDER RADAR    (Jerry Harrison/Dan Hartman/Ernie Brooks)    3:49
  2. KICK START    (Jerry Harrison/Alex Weir/Bernie Worrell/Ernie Brooks)    3:51
  3. I DON'T MIND    (Jerry Harrison/Tom Bailey/Alannah Currie/Ernie Brooks)    3:29
  4. CONFESS    (Jerry Harrison/Tom Bailey/Alannah Currie/Ernie Brooks)    3:40
  5. SLEEP ANGEL    (Jerry Harrison/Ernie Brooks/Joyce Bowden)    6:05
  6. I CRY FOR IRAN    (Jerry Harrison/Alex Weir/Bernie Worrell/Ernie Brooks/Joyce Bowden)    6:01
  7. NEVER LET IT SLIP    (Jerry Harrison/Alex Weir/Bernie Worrell/John Sieger)    3:18
  8. COWBOY'S GOT TO GO    (Jerry Harrison/John Sieger/Ernie Brooks)    4:52
  9. IF THE RAINS RETURN    (Jerry Harrison/Alex Weir/Bernie Worrell/Ernie Brooks)    4:23
  10. REMAIN CALM    (Jerry Harrison)    2:41
  11. BIG MOUTH    (Jerry Harrison/Alex Weir/Bernie Worrell/Tom Bailey)    3:31
  12. FACING THE FIRE    (Jerry Harrison/Alex Weir/Bernie Worrell/Ernie Brooks/Arthur Russell)    4:35
  13. THE DOCTORS LIE    (Jerry Harrison/Ernie Brooks/Alex Weir/Arthur Russell)    5:39


JERRY HARRISON -- keyboards, vocals, guitar
JOYCE BOWDEN -- background singer, vocal arrangements
ERNIE BROOKS -- bass guitar
ARLENE NEWSON -- background singer
BRICE WASSY -- drums, music coordinator
ALEX WEIR -- guitar
BERNIE WORRELL -- keyboards
Tawatha Agee -- background singer (1)
Tom Bailey -- Fairlight, chorus vocal arrangement, mixing
Adrian Belew -- guitar
Sherrel Harmon -- background singer
Dan Hartman -- keyboards and background singer (1)
Rick Jaeger -- drums
Jason Klagstad -- guitar
Jim Liban -- harmonica (7)
Sammy Llanas -- background singer (8)
Etienne Mboppe -- bass guitar (7)
Abdou Mboup -- percussion
Djamila Mina -- background singer (13)
Loveless Redmond -- background singer (12)
Chris Spedding -- guitar
Vaneese Thomas -- background singer (1)
Michael Webb -- background singer
Arthur Weir -- bass guitar (11)
James Farber -- mixing
Keith Fernley -- mixing
Dan Hartman -- overdub engineer
David Henszey -- overdub engineer, mixing
Dave Jerden -- mixing (6)
Bob Kraushaar -- mixing
Tom Lord-Alge -- mixing (1)
Richard Manwaring -- engineer
Jay Mark -- engineer, mixing
David Vartanian -- engineer, mixing
M. Baytoff, Black Star -- front cover photograph
G. Orth, Sipa Press -- inside photograph
J. Schultz, Sipa Press -- flap photograph
M&Co. -- design

US May 15, 1990 Fly/Sire/Warner Bros. LP*/CD/CS 25943 picture sleeve, *feat. 10 tracks
UK/AUS'L 1990 Fontana LP*/CD/CS 846 321 picture sleeve, *feat. 10 tracks


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