Joe Jackson


     Joe Jackson (vocals, piano) gives up on Arms & Legs, takes Graham Maby (bass) with him

       and goes out on a limb as a solo artist. Dave Houghton (drums) and Gary Sanford (guitar)

       join them.


1978.09       A1.IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM?     UK.13     US.21 [6.9.79-15w]

              B1.You Got the Fever

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7392 [ps], AUSL A&M K-7505 [ps], EUR A&M AMS-6894

(1979.07)     7”: UK A&M AMS-7459 [ps]

(1979.05)     B1.Do the Instant Mash

              7”: US/CAN A&M AM-2132 [ps], JPN A&M AMP-1043 [ps], SAF A&M AMRS-1275


1979.02       LOOK SHARP!                              UK.40     US.20 t

              Produced by David Kershenbaum

              A1.One More Time  A2.Sunday Papers  A3.Is She Really Going Out With Him?  A4.Happy

              Loving Couples  A5.Throw It Away  B1.Baby Stick Around  B2.Look Sharp!  B3.Fools

              in Love  B4.(Do The) Instant Mash  B5.Pretty Girls  B6.Got the Time


(orig lp)     UK A&M AMLH-64743, UK A&M AMLH-64743 [white vinyl], US A&M SP-4743, AUSL A&M

              L36928 [blue vinyl], NET A&M AMNP-113

(orig 10”)    US A&M SP-3666 [double 10” records]

(orig cs)     UK A&M CAM-64743, US A&M CS-4743

(reiss lp)    US SP-3187, 1984: UK Hallmark SHM-3154

(reiss cs)    1984: UK Hallmark HSC-3154, US A&M CS-3187

(reiss cd)    GER A&M 3187, 1987: NET A&M 393187, US A&M 86194 [digrem]

(boxed)       w. Night And Day

              1993: UK A&M CDA-24121 [2CD]


1979.02       A1.SUNDAY PAPERS  B1.Look Sharp!

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7413 [ps], GER A&M AMS-6898 [ps]


1979.05       A1.ONE MORE TIME  B1.Don’t Ask Me

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7433 [ps]

              10”: UK A&M AMSP-7433 [white vinyl]


1979.10       A1.IT’S DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS              UK.5      US.101 [11.17.79-5w]

              B1.Come On (Live)

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7479 [ps], US A&M AM-2186 [ps], EUR A&M AMS-7635, JPN A&M AMP-1055


              B1.It’s Different for Girls (Mono)

              7PRO: US A&M AM-2186

(1979.12)     B1.Friday

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7493 [ps], AUSL A&M K-7736, EUR A&M AMS-748 [ps], POR A&M

              PAMS-7493F [ps]


1979.10.05    I’M THE MAN                              UK.12     US.22

              Produced by David Kershenbaum

              A1.On Your Radio  A2.Geraldine and John  A3.Kinda Kute  A4.It’s Different for

              Girls  A5.I’m the Man  B1.The Band Wore Blue Shirts  B2.Don’t Wanna Be Like That 

              B3.Amateur Hour  B4.Get That Girl  B5.Friday


(orig lp)     UK/GRC/NET A&M AMLH-64794 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-4794 [lyrics], ARG A&M 8736,

              AUSL/NZ A&M L-37069 [lyrics], JPN A&M AMP-6067

(orig 7” set) US A&M SP-18000 [five 7” singles boxed/poster]

(reiss lp)    US A&M SP-3221, 1987: GER A&M 393221-1 [lyrics], NET A&M AMNP-138

(reiss cd)    1987: NET A&M 393221

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus track: 11.Come On (Live)

              August 14 2001: US A&M 493089 [digrem]


1979.12       A1.I’M THE MAN (Edit)  B1.Come On (Live)

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7479 [ps], AUSL A&M K-7681, CAN A&M AM-2186

              B1.I’m the Man (Edit Mono)

              7PRO: US A&M AM-2209


1980.03       A1.KINDA KUTE  B1.Geraldine and John

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7513 [ps]


1980.06       A1.THE HARDER THEY COME  B1.Out of Style  B2.Tilt

              7”: UK AMSP-7536 [ps], US A&M AM-500, AUSL A&M K-7963, EUR A&M AMS-7679, POR A&M



1980.10       A1.MAD AT YOU (Edit)  B1.Enough Is Not Enough

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7563 [ps], ITA A&M AMS-9005 [ps]


1980.10       BEAT CRAZY                               UK.42     US.41

              1.Beat Crazy  2.Pretty Boys  3.Fit  4.One to One  5.In Every Dream Home (A

              Nightmare)  6.Evil Eye  7.Mad at You  8.Crime Don’t Pay  9.Someone Up There 

              10.Battleground  11.Biology


(orig lp)     UK A&M AMLH-64837, US A&M SP-4837 [lyrics]

(reiss cd)    US A&M CD-3241, July 5 2005: UK Universal 393241


1980.11       A1.ONE TO ONE  B1.Enough Is Not Enough

              7”: US A&M AM-2276

              B1.Mad at You

              7”: CAN A&M AM-514

              B1.Someone Up There

              7”: UK A&M AMS-8116 [ps], AUSL A&M K-8253


1981.01       A1.BEAT CRAZY  B1.Is She Really Going Out with Him?

              7”: UK A&M AMS-8100 [ps]


1981.06       A1.JUMPIN’ JIVE  B1.Knock Me A Kiss      UK.43

              7”: UK A&M AMS-8145 [ps], US A&M AM-2365, AUSL A&M K-8379, EUR A&M AMS-9148

              B1.How Long Must I Wait For You

              7”: POR A&M PAMS-8185H [ps]


     JJ and Graham Maby now joined by the swingin’ set of Dave Bitelli (tenor sax, clarinet),

       Raul Oliviera (trumpet), Pete Thomas (alto sax), Larry Tolfree (drums) and Nick Weldon



1981.06       JOE JACKSON’S JUMPIN’ JIVE               UK.14     US.42

              A1.Jumpin’ with Symphony Sid  A2.Jack, You’re Dead  A3.Is You Is or Is You Ain’t

              My Baby  A4.We the Cats (Shall Hep Ya)  A5.San Francisco Fan  A6.Five Guys Named

              Moe  B1.Jumpin’ Jive  B2.You Run Your Mouth (and I’ll Run My Business)  B3.What’s

              the Use of Getting Sober (When You’re Gonna Get Drunk Again)  B4.You’re My Meat 

              B5.Tuxedo Junction  B6.How Long Must I Wait for You


(orig lp)     UK A&M AMLH-68530, US/CAN A&M SP-4871, AUSL/NZ A&M L-37630

(orig cs)     UK A&M CAM-68530

(reiss lp)    US A&M SP-3271

(reiss cd)    US A&M CD-3271, September 7, 1993: GER Karussell 550062, January 12, 1999: US A&M

              540 991


1981.08       A1.JACK, YOU’RE DEAD  B1.Five Guys Named Moe

              7”: UK A&M AMS-8161 [ps]


     JJ, Maby, Tolfree, Sue Hadjopoulos (percussion) plus a few guests.


1982.06       A1.REAL MEN

              7PRO: SPA A&M AMS-9215


              7”: UK A&M AMS-8231 [ps], UK A&M AMS-8231 [picture disc], AUSL A&M K-8771

              2.El Cancer  3.El Blanco  4.Un Otro Mundo

              EP: NET A&M AMS12.9224


1982.06       NIGHT AND DAY                            UK.3      US.4 t

              Produced by David Kershenbaum and Joe Jackson

              A1.Another World  A2.Chinatown  A3.T.V. Age  A4.Target  A5.Steppin’ Out 

              B1.Breaking Us in Two  B2.Cancer  B3.Real Men  B4.A Slow Song


(orig lp)     UK/NET A&M AMLH-64906 [gf], US/CAN A&M SP-4906 [gf], AUSL A&M L-37857, ISR A&M

              AMLH-64906, JPN A&M AMP-28059

(orig cs)     UK A&M CAM-64906, US A&M CS-4906, AUSL A&M C-37857

(reiss cd)    US A&M CD-3334, US Mobile Fidelity UDCD-539

(boxed)       repackaged as Night and Day: Deluxe Edition w. bonus disc:

              1.Steppin’ Out (Demo)  2.Target (Demo)  3.Cancer (Demo)  4.Real Men (Demo) 

              5.Breaking Us in Two (Demo)  6.Chinatown (Demo)  7.Cosmopolitan  8.1-2-3 Go (This

              Town’s a Fairground)  9.Laundromat Monday  10.Memphis  11.Moonlight  12.On Your

              Radio (Live)  13.Fools in Love (Live)  14.Cancer (Live)  15.Is She Really Going

              Out With Him (Live Acapella)  16.Look Sharp! (Live)

              July 29 2003: US A&M [2CD]


1982.08       A1.STEPPIN’ OUT (Edit)  B1.Chinatown                   UK.6 [1.08.83-8w]    US.6 [8.21.82-27w]

              7”: US/CAN A&M AM-2428 [ps], NET/SPA A&M AMS-9232 [ps]

              B1.Breaking Us in Two

              7”: JPN A&M AMP-758 [ps]

              B1.Steppin’ Out (LP Version)

              12PRO: US A&M 17201

(1983.01)     A1.Steppin’ Out (Full Length Version)  B1.Another World

              12: UK A&M AMSX-8262


1982.12       A1.BREAKING US IN TWO  B1.Target    UK.59 [3.12.83-4w] US.18 [1.15.83-16w]

              7”: US A&M AM-2510 [ps]

              B1.El Blanco

              7”: UK A&M AMS-8247 [ps], EUR A&M AMS-9227, UK A&M AM-101 [ps]

              3.T.V. Age (Extended)

              12: UK A&M AMX-101

              B1.Breaking Us in Two (Edit)

              7PRO: US A&M AM-2510


1983.05       A1.A SLOW SONG  B1.Real Men

              7”: UK A&M AM-114 [ps]


1983.07       A1.ANOTHER WORLD (Edit)

              7PRO: US A&M AM-2548


1983.08       A1.COSMOPOLITAN  B1.Breakdown

              7: UK A&M AM-134


1983.09       MIKE’S MURDER SOUNDTRACK                           US.64

              Produced by Joe Jackson

              A1.Cosmopolitan  A2.1-2-3-Go (This Town’s a Fairground)  A3.Laundromat Monday 

              A4.Memphis  A5.Moonlight  B1.Zemeo  B2.Breakdown  B3.Moonlight Theme


(orig lp)     UK A&M AMLX-64931, US/CAN A&M SP-4931, NET A&M AMLH-64931

(orig cs)     US A&M CS-4931

(reiss cd)    January 31 2006: US Lilith 103


1983.11       A1.MEMPHIS  B1.Breakdown                           US.85

              7”: US A&M AM-2601 [ps]


1984.03       BODY AND SOUL                            UK.14     US.20

              Produced by David Kershenbaum and Joe Jackson

              A1.The Verdict  A2.Cha Cha Loco  A3.Not Here, Not Now  A4.You Can’t Get What You

              Want (‘Till You Know What You Want)  A5.Go for It  B1.Loisaida  B2.Happy Ending 

              B3.Be My Number Two  B4.Heart of Ice


(orig lp)     UK/ISR/NET A&M AMLX-65000, US/CAN A&M SP-5000, AUSL A&M RML-53120, GER/SPA A&M

              395 000-1, JPN A&M AMP-28092

(orig cs)     US/CAN A&M CS-5000, NET A&M 65000, GER A&M 395 000

(reiss cd)    US A&M CD-3286



              B1.Cha Cha Loco

              7”: US/CAN A&M AM-2628 [ps], JPN A&M AMP-794 [ps]

              3.You Can’t Get What You Want (Dub Version)

              12: US A&M 12098


1984.04       A1.HAPPY ENDING                     UK.58 [4.28.84-3w] US.57

              7PRO: US A&M BR-2635


              7”: US A&M BR-2635 [ps]

              12: UK A&M AMX-186


1984.06       A1.BE MY NUMBER TWO                 UK.70 [7.7.84-2w]

              7PRO: US A&M AM-2673

              B1.Heart of Ice

              7”: UK A&M AM-200 [ps]

              12: UK A&M AMX-200

              B1.Is She Really Going Out With Him?

              7”: UK A&M AM-200 [ps]


1986.03       BIG WORLD                                UK.41     US.34

              Produced by David Kershenbaum and Joe Jackson

              A1.Wild West  A2.Right and Wrong  A3.(It’s a) Big World  A4.Precious Time 

              A5.Tonight and Forever  B1.Shanghai Sky  B2.Fifty Dollar Love Affair  B3.We Can’t

              Live Together  B4.Forty Years  C1.Survival  C2.Soul Kiss  C3.The Jet-Set  C4.Tango

              Atlantico  C5.Home Town  C6.Man in the Street


(orig 2-lp)   UK A&M JWA-3 [booklet], US A&M SP-6021 [lyrins], JPN A&M AMP-5007/8 [booklet]

(orig cs)     UK A&M JWC-3


1986.04       A1.RIGHT AND WRONG  B1.Breaking Us in Two (Live)

              7”: UK A&M AM-312 [ps]

              3.I’m the Man (Live)

              12: UK A&M AMY-312, EUR A&M 392088


1986.06       A1.HOME TOWN  B1.I’m the Man (Live)

              7”: US A&M AM-2847 [ps], JPN A&M 7Y-3018 [ps], PER A&M NPAM-3902277.1

              B1.Tango Atlantico

              7”: UK A&M AM-324 [ps]


1986          A1.TANGO ATLANTICO  B1.We Can’t Live Together

              7”: GER A&M 390 155-7 [ps]

              3.The Harder They Come

              12: GER A&M 392 155-1




(promo lp)    GER A&M 829 222-1


1987.04       WILL POWER

              1.No Pasaran  2.Solitude  3.Will Power  4.Nocturne  5.Symphony in One Movement


(orig lp)     UK A&M AMA-3908 [ps], US A&M SP-5142, JPN A&M C28Y-3090

(reiss cd)    US Mobile Fidelity UDCD-503


1988.04       A1.JUMPIN’ JIVE (LIVE)       B1.Memphis (Live)

              7”: UK A&M AM-441

              CDS: JPN A&M S10Y-3039

              3.You Can’t Get What You Want (‘Till You Know What You Want) (Live)

              12: UK A&M AMY-441


1988.05       LIVE 1980/86                             UK.66     US.91

              1.One to One  2.I’m the Man  3.Beat Crazy  4.Is She Really Going Out with Him? 

              5.Don’t Wanna Be Like That  6.Got the Time  7.On Your Radio  8.Fools in Love 

              9.Cancer  10.Is She Really Going Out with Him? (Acapella Version)  11.Look Sharp! 

              12.Sunday Papers  13.Real Men  14.Is She Really Going Out with Him? (Acoustic) 

              15.Memphis  16.A Slow Song  17.Be My Number Two  18.Breaking Us in Two  19.It’s

              Different for Girls  20.You Can’t Get What You Want (‘Till You Know What You Want) 

              21.Jumpin’ Jive  22.Steppin’ Out


(orig 2-lp)   US A&M 6706, JPN A&M C38Y-3232

(orig 2-cd)   US A&M DX-3094/5


1988.06       A1.LOOK SHARP!       B1.Memphis (Live)

              7”: US A&M AM-1207


1988          1.I’M THE MAN (LIVE)

              2.Look Sharp! (Live)  3.A Slow Song (Live)

              CDSPRO: US A&M 17550


1988          A1.IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM? (Acapella Version)

              B1.A Slow Song (Live)

              7”: GER A&M 390331-7, SPA A&M 390334-7

              CDS: GER A&M 390331-2


1988          THE REAL LIVE EP    

              1.I’m the Man (Live)  2.On Your Radio (Live)  3.Is She Really Going Out with Him?

              (Acoustic Version Live)  4.It’s Different for Girls (Live)


(orig cd-ep)  GER A&M 887569


1988.08       A1.(HE’S A) SHAPE IN A DRAPE

              CDSPRO: US A&M CD-17592


              7”: US A&M AM-1228 [ps]

              3.Sometime in Chicago

              12: US A&M 12376

              2.Soul Kiss (Live)  3.Monday Papers (Live)

              CDS: US A&M 2376



              1.Captain of Industry  2.Car of Tomorrow  3.No Chance Blues  4.(He’s a) Shape in a

              Drape  5.Factory  6.Vera  7.It Pays to Advertise  8.Tiger Rag  9.Showtime in

              Chicago  10.Loan Bank Loan Blues  11.Speedway  12.Marilee  13.Hangin’ in Howard

              Hughes’ Hangar  14.The Toast of the Town  15.Abe’s Blues  16.The Trial  17.Freedom

              Swing  18.Tucker Jingle  19.Rhythm Delivery


(orig lp)     US A&M 3917


1989.04       BLAZE OF GLORY                           UK.36     US.61

              1.Tomorrow’s Child  2.Me and You (Against the World)  3.Down to London 

              4.Sentimental Thing  5.Acropolis Now  6.Blaze of Glory  7.Rant and Rave 

              8.Nineteen Forever  9.The Best I Can Do  10.Evil Empire  11.Discipline  12.The

              Human Touch


(orig lp)     UK A&M AMA-5249 [lyrics], US A&M SP-5249 [lyrics], GER A&M 395249-1 [lyrics]


1989.05       1.NINETEEN FOREVER (Early Fade)  2.Nineteen Forever (LP Version)

              CDSPRO: US A&M CD-17766

              2.Acropolis Now  3.Nineteen Forever (Extended)

              CDS: UK A&M CDEE-506


1989.10       A1.DOWN TO LONDON

              2.You Can’t Get What You Want (‘Till You Know What You Want)  3.Sunday Papers

              CDS: UK A&M CDEE-512


1989          1.ME AND YOU (AGAINST THE WORLD)

              CDSPRO: US A&M 17910


1990.08       A1.STEPPIN’ OUT  B1.Sentimental Thing

              7: UK A&M

              3.(It’s a) Big World

              CDS: UK A&M AMCD-583



              1.Is She Really Going Out With Him?  2.Fools in Love  3.I’m the Man  4.It’s

              Different for Girls  5.Beat Crazy  6.Jumpin’ Jive  7.Breaking Us in Two 

              8.Steppin’ Out  9.Slow Song (Live)  10.You Can’t Get What You Want (‘Till You Know

              What You Want)  11.Be My Number Two  12.Right and Wrong  13.Home Town  14.Down to

              London  15.Nineteen Forever


(reiss cd)    2002: JPN A&M UICY-2601


     Jackson, Maby, Hadjopolous, Joy Askew (vocals, keyboards), Dan Hickey (drums), Tom Teeley

       (guitar, vocals) with Tony Aiello, Charles McCracken, Michael Morreale, Annie Whitehead.


1991.04       A1.STRANGER THAN FICTION  B1.Drowning                  GER.53

              7”: US Virgin 98721?

              CDS: JPN Virgin VJDP-10158

              3.It’s Different for Girls (New Recording)

              12: UK Virgin VUST-40

              CDS: UK Virgin VUSCD-40


1991.04.30    LAUGHTER & LUST                          UK.41     US.116

              Produced by Joe Jackson and Ed Roynesdal

              1.Obvious Song  2.Goin’ Downtown  3.Stranger Than Fiction  4.Oh Well  5.Jamie G 

              6.Hit Single  7.It’s All Too Much  8.When You’re Not Around  9.The Other Me 

              10.Trying to Cry  11.My House  12.The Old Songs  13.Drowning


(orig lp)     UK Virgin VUSLP-34 [lyrics]

(orig cs)     UK Virgin VUSMC-34, US Virgin 91628

(orig cd)     UK Virgin CDVUS-34, UK Virgin CDVUS-34LE [limited edition], US Virgin 91628, JPN

              Virgin VJCP-28034


1991          A1.HIT SINGLE  B1.Goin’ Downtown

              7:” AUSL Virgin VOZ-116 [ps]

              3.Stranger Than Fiction

              CDS: AUSL Virgin VOZCD-116

              B1.Obvious Song

              7”: GER Virgin 114 426 [ps]


1994.10.04    NIGHT MUSIC

              1.Nocturne No. 1  2.Flying  3.Even After  4.Nocturne No. 2  5.The Man Who Wrote

              Danny Boy  6.Nocturne No. 3  7.Lullaby  8.Only the Future  9.Nocturne No. 4 

              10.Sea of Secrets


(orig cd)     US Virgin 39880, JPN Virgin VJCP-25139


1996.03.05    1.STEPPIN’ OUT  B1.Look Sharp!

              CDS: US A&M 1396


1996.05.07    GREATEST HITS

              1.Is She Really Going Out With Him?  2.Look Sharp!  3.Sunday Papers  4.I’m the Man 

              5.It’s Different for Girls  6.Beat Crazy  7.Jumpin’ Jive  8.Breaking Us in Two 

              9.Steppin’ Out  10.A Slow Song (Live)  11.Memphis (Live)  12.You Can’t Get What

              You Want (‘Till You Know What You Want)  13.Be My Number Two  14.Right and Wrong 

              15.Home Town  16.Down to London  17.Nineteen Forever


(orig cd)     US A&M 0524


1997.09.02    HEAVEN & HELL

              Produced by Joe Jackson and Ed Roynesdal

              1.Prelude  2.Fugue 1/More is More  3.Angel  4.Tuzla  5.Passacaglia/A Bud

              and a Slice  6.Right  7.The Bridge  8.Fugue 2: Song of Daedelus


(orig cd)     US Sony Classical SK-60273, AUS Sony ASK-60273, JPN Sony SRCS-8425 [promo]


1997          1.ANGEL (LUST)

              CDSPRO: AUST Sony SSK-8572


1997          THIS IS IT


(orig 2-cd)   UK A&M 540402


1999.10.19    SYMPHONY NO. 1

              1.First Movement  2.Fast Movement  3.Slow Movement  4.Last Movement (Variations)


(orig cd)     US Sony Classical 64435



              1.Summer in the City  2.Obvious Song  3.Another World  4.Fools in Love/For Your

              Love  5.Mood Indigo  6.Crown/Down to London  7.Eleanor Rigby  8.Be My Number Two 

              9.Home Town  10.It’s Different for Girls  11.King of the World  12.You Can’t Get

              What You Want  13.One More Time


(orig cd)     US Sony Classical 89237


2000.10.24    NIGHT AND DAY II

              1.Prelude  2.Hell of a Town  3.Stranger Than You  4.Why  5.Glamour and Pain 

              6.Dear Mom  7.Love Got Lost  8.Just Because  9.Happyland  10.Stay


(orig cd)     US Sony Classical 89261, JPN Sony SRCS-2387




(orig cd)     FRA Universal 497277


2001.02.13    THE COLLECTION

              1.Nocturne  2.Is She Really Going Out with Him?  3.Happy Loving Couples  4.Fools

              in Love  5.Friday  6.It’s Different for Girls  7.Mad at You  8.Kinda Kute 

              9.Tuxedo Junction  10.Another World  11.Target  12.Steppin’ Out  13.Breaking Us in

              Two  14.Be My Number Two  15.You Can’t Get What You Want (‘Till You Know What You

              Want)  16.Soul Kiss  17.Tonight and Forever  18.Me and You (Against the World)


(orig cd)     UK Spectrum 68679



              1.Is She Really Going Out with Him?  2.Sunday Papers  3.It’s Different for Girls 

              4.Beat Crazy  6.Jumpin’ Jive  7.Breaking Us in Two  8.You Can’t Get What You Want

              (‘Till You Know What You Want)  9.Be My Number Two  10.Right and Wrong  11.Home

              Town  12.Nineteen Forever


(orig cd)     US A&M 490775


2003.03.11    VOLUME 4

              A1.Take It Like a Man  A2.Still Alive  A3.Awkward Age  A4.Chrome  A5.Love at First

              Sight  A6.Fairy Dust  A7.Little Bit Stupid  A8.Blue Flame  A9.Dirty Martini 

              A10.Thugz R Us  A11.Bright Grey  B1.One More Time (Live)  B2.Is She Really Going

              Out with Him? (Live)  B3.On Your Radio (Live)  B4.Got the Time (Live)  B5.It’s

              Different for Girls (Live)  B6.I’m the Man (Live)


(orig 2-cd)   US Rykodisc 10638

(orig cdx)    single disc w. bonus track: A12.Couldn’t I Just Tell You

              JPN Rykodisc VACK-1263


2003          1.AWKWARD AGE (Radio Single Version)

              CDSPRO: US Rykodisc PRCDV-10638, SPA Rykodisc AVI-9013


2003          1.CHROME  2.Is She Really Going Out with Him? (Live)  3.Couldn’t I Just Tell You

              CDS: UK Rykodisc RCD-51074



              1.Fools in Love  2.Is She Really Going Out With Him  3.One More Time  4.Sunday

              Papers  5.I’m the Man  6.Come On (Live)  7.Kinda Kute  8.It’s Different for Girls 

              9.One to One  10.Pretty Boys  11.Mad at You  12.Harder They Come  13.Beat Crazy 

              14.Jack You’re Dead  15.Jumpin’ Jive  16.Another World  17.Steppin’ Out  18.Real

              Men  19.A Slow Song  20.Breaking Us in Two  21.Cha Cha Loco  22.Be My Number Two 

              23.You Can’t Get What You Want (Til You Know What You Want)  24.Happy Ending 

              25.Is She Really Going Out With Him (Acapella)  26.Jumpin’ Jive (Live)  27.(He’s

              a) Shape in a Drape  28.Nineteen Forever  29.Stranger Than Fiction  30.Stranger

              Than You  31.Cosmopolitan  32.1-2-3 Go (This Town’s a Fairground)  33.Laundromat

              Monday  34.Memphis  35.Zemeo  36.Breakdown  37.Moonlight Theme


(orig 3-cd)   Universal


2004.01.20    25TH ANNIVERSARY LIVE

              1.Prelude/Hell of a Town  2.You Can’t Get What You Want (‘Till You Know What You

              Want)  3.Happyland  4.Stranger Than You  5.Another World  6.Is She Really Going

              Out with Him?  7.Home Town  8.Real Men  9.Stranger Than Fiction  10.Glamour and

              Pain  11.Target  12.Just Because  13.Got the Time  14.Sunday Papers


(orig cd)     US Koch 8657


2004.03.16    AFTERLIFE

              1.Steppin’ Out  2.One More Time  3.Take It Like a Man  4.Awkward Age  5.Look

              Sharp!  6.Down to London  7.Beat Crazy  8.Fools in Love  9.Love at First Sight 

              10.Fairy Dust  11.Sunday Papers  12.Don’t Wanna Be Like That  13.Got the Time


(orig cd)     UK Rykodisc RCD-10665



              1.Is She Really Going Out With Him  2.Breaking Us in Two  3.Steppin’ Out  4.It’s

              Different for Girls  5.Real Men  6.Happy Ending  7.Jumpin’ Jive  8.Harder They

              Come  9.You Can’t Get What You Want (Til You Know What You Want)  10.Me and You 

              11.Don’t Ask Me  12.Mad at You  13.Sunday Papers  14.Tilt  15.Five Guys Named Moe 

              16.You Got That Fever  17.Rant and Rave  18.Out of Style


(orig cd)     JPN Universal



              1.Is She Really Going Out With Him?  2.Breaking Us in Two  3.Me and You (Against

              the World)  4.Tuxedo Junction  5.Happy Loving Couples  6.Kinda Cute  7.Soul Kiss 

              8.Friday  9.Target  10.Tonight and Forever


(orig cd)     UK Universal




(orig cd)     label unknown


2007.09.30    THE A&M YEARS 1979-1989


(orig cd)     label unknown



              1.Is She Really Going Out With Him?  2.Breaking Us in Two  3.Steppin’ Out  4.It’s

              Different for Girls  5.Real Men  6.Happy Ending  7.Jumpin’ Jive  8.Harder They

              Come  9.You Can’t Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)  10.Me and You

              (Against the World)  11.Don’t Ask Me  12.Mad at You  13.Sunday Papers  14.Tilt 

              15.Five Guys Named Moe  16.You Got the Fever  17.Rant and Rave  18.Out of Style


(orig cd)     UK Spectrum


2008.01.29    RAIN

              1.Invisible Man  2.Too Tough  3.Citizen Sane  4.Wasted Time  5.The Uptown Train  6.King Pleasure Time  7.Solo (So Low)  8.Rush Across the Road  9.Good Bad Boy 

              10.A Place in the Rain


(orig cd+dvd) US Rykodisc


2008.04.08    GOLD

              A1.Is She Really Going Out With Him?  A2.Fools in Love  A3.One More Time 

              A4.Sunday Papers  A5.Look Sharp!  A6.Got the Time  A7.On Your Radio  A8.It’s

              Different for Girls  A9.Don’t Wanna Be Like That  A10.Amateur Hour  A11.I’m the

              Man  A12.Tilt  A13.Someone Up There  A14.One to One  A15.Beat Crazy  A16.Biology 

              A17.Jumpin’ Jive  A18.What’s the Use of Getting Sober (When You’re Gonna Get Drunk

              Again)  A19.Is She Really Going Out With Him?  A20.Another World  B1.Breaking Us

              in Two  B2.Chinatown  B3.Real Men  B4.Steppin’ Out  B5.Slow Song  B6.You Can’t Get

              What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)  B7.Not Here, Not Now  B8.Be My Number

              Two  B9.Happy Ending  B10.Wild West  B11.Right and Wrong  B12.Home Town 

              B13.Precious Time  B14.Me and You (Against the World)  B15.Down to London 

              B16.Nineteen Forever  B17.Human Touch


(orig 2-cd)   UK Universal


2009.04.28    AT THE BBC

              A1.One More Time  A2.Got the Time  A3.Fools in Love  A4.I’m the Man  A5.Look

              Sharp!  A6.Cancer  A7.Real Men  A8.Breaking Us in Two  A9.Fools in Love 

              A10.Chinatown  A11.Target  A12.T.V. Age  A13.It’s Different for Girls  A14.Tuxedo

              Junction  A15.Steppin’ Out  B1.Sunday Papers  B2.One More Time  B3.Friday  B4.It’s

              Different for Girls  B5.Don’t Wanna Be Like That  B6.Happy Loving Couples  B7.I’m

              the Man  B8.Got the Time  B9.Is She Really Going Out With Him?  B10.Come On 

              B11.On Your Radio  B12.Another World  B13.Sunday Papers  B14.Look Sharp!  B15.Is

              She Really Going Out With Him?  B16.Steppin’ Out  B17.A Slow Song


(orig 2-cd)   imp Universal


2009.07.07    1.KING PLEASURE TIME (John Morales Downtown Escape Edit Mix)

              2.King Pleasure Time (John Morales Uptown Express Edit Mix)  3.King Pleasure Time

              (John Morales Downtown Escape Mix)  4.King Pleasure Time (John Morales Uptown

              Express Mix)  5.King Pleasure Time (John Morales Downtown Escape Instrumental Mix) 

              6.King Pleasure Time (John Morales Uptown Express Instrumental Mix)  7.King

              Pleasure Time (Album Version)

              CDS: US Rykodisc