HNCD 1407 Eat/Kiss Music For The Films of Andy Warhol
Produced by John Cale
Released on June 10, 1997
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I ’m going to tell you that this is based on the score to two Andy Warhol films (Eat and Kiss), and then I’m going to ask you to forget that I told you that. As a filmmaker, Andy Warhol was, well, Andy Warhol: inscrutable and obvious at the same time. Any music associated with his films shares that stigma, and this disc simply deserves better. For starters, it’s twice removed from the films, having first taken form in a live performance featuring Moe Tucker and Sterling Morrison at the Andy Warhol Museum in 1994, and finding its final shape in this performance with a string quartet and vocalists. Individual moments are arresting for different reasons: “Movement 13” for its compelling narrative, “Movement 4” for its penetrating sadness. It’s affecting music, whether the mood is one of gladness, sadness or eerieness, modern classical music that leads the mind with a modicum of expense. I’ve only heard a few John Cale discs to date, and Eat/Kiss is the one where his artistic vision receives more than lip service. Finding a suitable reference point is tricky; sometimes it reminds me of Camper Van Beethoven at their most refined, other times like Nico with better execution, and still more often like Brian Eno’s delicate ambient sculptures. The live setting is rarely a distraction, though during “Movement 12” you begin to wonder if this was a benefit concert for tuberculosis victims. I wasn’t entirely sold on John Cale the Artiste until I heard this disc, if that tells you anything. The music is so effective, and so calculated in effect, that Cale emerges a master sculptor of sound. A more flattering milieu for Cale’s muse is hard to conceive.

HNCD-1407 inner gatefold
HNCD-1407 inner gatefold


  1. MOVEMENT 01    2:59
  2. MOVEMENT 02    (John Cale/Christa Paeffgen)    7:33
  3. MOVEMENT 03    4:30
  4. MOVEMENT 04    3:48
  5. MOVEMENT 05    1:58
  6. MOVEMENT 06    5:21
  7. MOVEMENT 07    1:52
  8. MOVEMENT 08    1:15
  9. MOVEMENT 09    5:14
  10. MOVEMENT 10    4:33
  11. MOVEMENT 11    6:14

  12. MOVEMENT 12    8:22
  13. MOVEMENT 13    7:01
  14. MOVEMENT 14    3:56
  15. MOVEMENT 15    2:04

    All compositions composed by John Cale unless noted


JOHN CALE -- keyboards, string arrangements
DAWN BUCKHOLTZ -- cello, string arrangements
B.J. COLE -- pedal steel guitar
TIYE GIRAURD -- voices
TODD REYNOLDS -- 1st violin
DAVID SOLDIER -- 2nd violin, string arrangements
MAUREEN TUCKER -- percussion
Martin Brass -- executive producer, engineer
Tom Gartland -- front of house mixer
Jonathan Miles -- engineer
Jack Wall -- editing engineer
Matt Wrbican -- photography
Renaud Monfourny -- photography

US/CAN June 10, 1997 Hannibal CD HNCD-1407 picture sleeve


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