1874 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
Produced by John Lennon
Released on September 23, 1974
UK CHART POSITION #1 . . . US CHART POSITION #36 (charted Sep. 28, 1974 for 15 weeks)
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1874 wo. picture sleeve (1978 reissue)
[high resolution scan]

H ere's the legend the way I remember hearing it: Elton John and John Lennon had a deal that, if this song went to #1, John would appear on stage with Elton. Given that Lennon hadn't had a #1 solo single to date, it must have seemed a pretty safe bet. When the song topped the UK charts, John kept his word by appearing with Elton at the latter's Madison Square Garden concert later that year. I'm usually distrustful of legends, but this one is too pretty not to believe in. The flip side is the instrumental "Beef Jerky," also from Walls and Bridges. In case youíre interested in these sort of things, the A side is credited to John Lennon With The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band and the B side to John Lennon With The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band/Little Big Horns And Booker Table And The Maitre Dís.


  1. WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT    (John Lennon)    3:20
  2. BEEF JERKY    (John Lennon)    3:25


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UK October 4, 1974 Apple 7" R5998  
US September 23, 1974 Apple 7" 1874  
US 1974 Apple 7PRO P-1874 feat. A mono on flip
BEL 1974 Apple 7" 4C 006 05731 picture sleeve
JPN 1974 Apple 7" EAR-10650  
US 1978 Capitol 7" 1874 purple label
JPN   EMI 7" EAS-17129 picture sleeve
US 1983 Capitol 7" 1874 black colorband label
US 1988 Capitol 7" 1874 purple label


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