Killing Joke


1979.10       1.TURN TO RED  2.Nervous System  3.Are You Receiving

              10: UK Malicious Damage MD-410


1979.11       A1.NERVOUS SYSTEM  B1.Turn to Red

              7”: UK Island 6550 [ps]

              1.Almost Red  2.Nervous System  3.Are You Receiving  4.Turn to Red

              12: UK Island 12WIP-6550

(2006)        12: UK Malicious Damage MDV-559 [red vinyl]


1980.03       A1.WARDANCE  B1.Pssyche

              7”: UK Malicious Damage MD5.40 [ps]


1980.09       A1.REQUIEM  B1.Change

              7”: UK EG/Malicious Damage EGMD-1.00 [ps]

              3.Requiem (Alternate Version)

              12: UK EG/Malicious Damage EGMDX1.00


1980.10       KILLING JOKE                             UK.39

              1.Requiem  2.Wardance  3.Tomorrow’s World  4.Bloodsport  5.The Wait 

              6.Complications  7.$0.36  8.Primitive


(orig lp)     UK EG/Malicious Damage EGMD5.45, JPN Polydor 28MM-0014

(reiss lp)    UK EG EGLP-57

(reiss cd)    JPN label unknown VJCP-68632

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 9.Requiem (Single Version)  10.Change (Dub)  11.Primitive (Rouch

              Mix)  12.Bloodsport (Rough Mix)

              2005: UK EMI KJRE-1

(reiss cdxx)  w. above bonus tracks plus: 8b.Change

              2005: JPN label unknown VJCP-68767


1981.05       A1.FOLLOW THE LEADERS  B1.Tension        UK.55

              7”: UK EG/Malicious Damage EGMDS-1.01 [ps]

              3.Follow the Leaders (Dub)

              12: UK EG/Malicious Damage EGMDX-101


1981.06       WHAT’S THIS FOR...!                      UK.42

              1.The Fall of Because  2.Tension  3.Unspeakable  4.Butcher  5.Follow the Leaders 

              6.Madness  7.Who Told You How?  8.Exit


(orig lp)     UK EG/Malicious Damage EGMD5.50

(reiss lp)    US EG EGLP-58 [green vinyl]

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 9.Follow the Leaders (Dub)  10.Madness (Dub)  11.Brilliant

              2005: UK EMI KJRE-2, 2005: JPN label unknown VJCP-68768


1982.03       A1.EMPIRE SONG  B1.Brilliant             UK.43

              7: UK EG EGO-4 [ps]


1982.04       REVELATIONS                              UK.12

              Produced by Killing Joke and Conny Plank

              A1.The Hum  A2.Empire Song  A3.We Have Joy  A4.Chop-Chop  A5.The Pandys Are Coming 

              B1.Chapter III  B2.Have a Nice Day  B3.Land of Milk and Honey  B4.Good Samaritan 



(orig lp)     UK/US EG/Malicious Damage EGMD-3 [lyrics], GER EG 2311 146, JPN Polydor 28MM-0179

(reiss lp)    UK EG EGLP-59

(reiss cd)    US EG EGCD-59

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus track: 11.We Have Joy (Alternate Mix)

              2005: UK EMI KJRE-3, 2005: JPN Virgin VJCP-68769


1982.06       A1.CHOP-CHOP  B1.Good Samaritan

              7”: UK EG EGO-7 [ps]


1982.10       A1.BIRDS OF A FEATHER                    UK.64

              B1.Flock the B Side

              7”: UK EG EGO-10 [ps]

              B1.Sun Goes Down

              12: UK Passport PL-2001


1982.11       HA” (EP)                                UK.66

              1.Pssyche  2.Sun Goes Down  3.The Pandys Are Coming  4.Take Take Take 

              5.Unspeakable  6.Wardance


(orig ep)     UK EG/Malicious Damage EGMDT-4 [10”], JPN Polydor 20MM-0272

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 7.Sun Goes Down  8.Birds of a Feather  9.Flock the B Side

              2005: UK EMI KJRE-4, 2005: JPN label unknown VJCP-68770


1983.06       A1.LET’S ALL GO (TO THE FIRE DANCES)     UK.51


              7”: UK EG EGO-11 [ps]

              2.The Fall of Because (Live)  3.Dominator (Live)

              12: UK EG EGOX-11


1983.07       FIRE DANCES                              UK.29

              1.The Gathering  2.Fun and Games  3.Rejuvenation  4.Frenzy  5.Harlequin  6.Feast

              of Blaze  7.Song and Dance  8.Dominator  9.Let’s All Go (to the Fire Dances) 

              10.Lust Almighty


(orig lp)     UK EG/Malicious Damage EGMD-5 [lyrics], GER Virgin 207967 [lyrics], JPN Polydor



1983.10       1.ME OR YOU?                             UK.57

              2.Wilful Days  3.Feast of Blaze

              2-7”: UK EG EGOD-14 [ps]

              12: UK EG EGOX-14


1984.03       A1.EIGHTIES                              UK.60

              B1. Eighties (The Coming Mix)

              7”: UK EG EGO-16 [ps]

              3.Eighties (Serious Dance Mix)

              12: UK EG EGOX-16


1984.06       A1.A NEW DAY  B1.Dance Day               UK.56

              7”: UK EG EGODJ-17 [promo]

              1.A New Day (Dub Mix)  2.A New Day

              12: UK EG EGOX-17


1985.01       A1.LOVE LIKE BLOOD  B1.Blue Feather      UK.16

              7”: UK EG EGO-20 [ps]

              3.Love Like Blood (Gestalt Mix)

              12: UK EG EGOY-20

              2.Love Like Blood (Version)  3.Blue Feather (Version)

              12: UK EG EGOX-20


1985.02       NIGHT TIME                               UK.11

              1.Night Time  2.Darkness Before Dawn  3.Love Like Blood  4.Kings and Queens 

              5.Tabazan  6.Multitudes  7.Europe  8.Eighties


(orig lp)     UK EG EGLP-61 [lyrics], US EG EGLP-61 [clear vinyl/lyrics], JPN EG 28MM-0417


1985.03       A1.KINGS AND QUEENS  B1.The Madding Crowd       UK.58

              7”: UK EG EGO-21 [ps]

              3.Kings and Queens (A Right Royal Mix)

              12: UK EG EGOX-21


1986.08       A1.ADORATIONS  B1.Exile                  UK.42

              2.Exile  3.Adorations (Instrumental Mix)  4.Ecstasy

              2-7”: UK EG EGOD-27


1986.10       A1.SANITY  B1.Goodbye to the Village     UK.70

              7”: UK EG EGO-30 [ps]

              1.Sanity (Roman Mix)  2.Sanity (Edit)  3.Eighties

              12: US Virgin DMD-1027


1986.11       BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS            UK.54     US.194

              1.Adorations  2.Sanity  3.Chessboards  4.Twilight of the Mortal  5.Love of the

              Masses  6.A Southern Sky  7.Wintergardens  8.Rubicon


(orig lp)     JPN EG 28VB-1136 [gf]


1988.04       A1.AMERICA  B1.Jihad

              7”: UK EG EGO-40 [ps]

              3.America (Extended Mix)

              12: UK EG EGOX-40

              4.Change (Original 1980 Mix)

              CDS: UK EG EGOCD-40


1988.06       OUTSIDE THE GATE                         UK.92

              1.America  2.My Love of This Land  3.Stay One Jump Ahead  4.Unto the Ends of the

              Earth  5.The Calling  6.Obsession  7.Tiahuanaco  8.Outside the Gate


(orig lp)     UK EG EGLP-73 [lyrics]


1988.07       A1.MY LOVE OF THIS LAND  B1.Darkness Before Dawn

              7”: UK EG EGO-43 [ps]

              3. Follow the Leaders (Dub)  4.?

              10: UK EG EGOT-43



              1.Money Is Not Our God  2.Age of Greed  3.Beautiful Dead  4.Extremities  5.Inside

              the Termite Mound  6.Intravenus  7.Solitude  8.North of the Border  9.Slipstream 

              10.Kaliyuga  11.Struggle


(orig 2-ep)   GER EG 30405415 [10 tracks?]

(orig cd)     US BMG 4828


1991.01       1.MONEY IS NOT OUR GOD (Video Edit)  2.Money Is Not Our God (Album Version)

              CDSPRO: US Noise 4877-2-UDJ

              1.Money Is Not Our God  2.North of the Border

              CDS: GER AGR AG054-3



              1.Turn to Red  2.Psyche  3.Requiem  4.Wardance  5.Follow the Leaders 

              6.Unspeakable  7.Butcher  8.Exit  9.The Hum  10.Empire Song  11.Chop-Chop  12.The

              Sun Goes Down  13.Eighties  14.Darkness Before Dawn  15.Love Like Blood 

              16.Wintergarden  17.Age of Greed


(orig cd)     UK Virgin CDV-2693


1992          CHANGE (THE YOUTH MIXES) (EP)

              1.Change (Re-Evolution 23 Mix)  2.Requiem (Malicious Damage Mix)  3.Changer

              (Instrumental Mix)  4.Requiem (Full Moon Instrumental Mix)


(orig cdep)   UK Virgin VSDCX-1432


1993.07       COURTAULD TALKS


(orig 2-lp)   UK Invisible


1994.03       1.EXORCISM  2.Exorcism (Live)  3.Exorcism (German Mix)  4.Whiteout (Ugly Mix) 

              5.Another Cult Goes Down (Mix)  6.Exorcism (Bictonic Revenge Mix)

              10: UK Butterfly BFLT-11 [10” clear vinyl]

              1.Exorcism (Live Edit)  2.Exorcism (Full Length Mandra Gora Remix)  3.Whiteout

              (Mandra Gora Edit)  4.Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello Mix)  5.Exorcism (Total

              Eclipse Remix Edit)

              10: UK Butterfly BFLT-11 [clear vinyl/ltd ed]

              1.Exorcism (Live in King’s Chambers Cario 1995 Mix)  2.Whiteout  3.Exorcism (A

              Germanic Interpretation)  4.Exorcism (Unification Catastrophe)  5.Exorcism (Total

              Eclipse Remix Edit)

              CDS: UK Butterfly BFLD-11


1994.04       A1.MILLENIUM                             UK.34

              B1.Millenium (Cybersank Remix)

              7”: UK Butterfly BFL-12 [ps/clear vinyl]

              1.Millenium (Cybersank Edit)  2.Millenium (Back to Orion Mix)  3.Millenium

              (Cybersank Extended Remix)  4.Millenium (23 Minutes to Midnight Mix)  5.Millenium

              (Dissolving Particle Reaction Mix)

              CDS: UK Butterfly BFLD-12


1994.07       A1.PANDEMONIUM  B1.Pandemonium (Mix)     UK.28

              12: UK Butterfly/Big Life

              1.The Pandemonium Single

              12PRO: UK Butterfly KJPRO-3

              1.Pandemonium (Cybersank Edit)  2.Pandemonium (Original Mix)  3.Pandemonium

              (Waxworth Industries Mix)  4.Pandemonium (Cybersank Extended Remix)  5.Pandemonium

              (The Dragonfly Mix)  6.Pandemonium (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches the Seas Mix) 

              7.Pandemonium (A Thread of Steel in the Suspension Bridge of Time and Space Mix) 

              8.Pandemonium (Nu-Clear Shredded Fibres Mix)

              2-CDS: UK Butterfly BELDA/B-17

              1.Pandemonium in Dub  2.Requiem (Remix)  3.?

              CDS: UK Butterfly BFLDB-17

              1.Pandemonium (Cybersank Edit)  2.Pandemonium (Aotearoa Edit)  3.Pandemonium

              (Waxworth Industries Mix)  4.Pandemonium (Cybersank Extended Remix)  5.Pandemonium

              (Aotearoa Mix)  6.Pandemonium (Dragonfly Mix)  7.Pandemonium (Nu-Clear Shredded

              Fibres Mix)  8.Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello Mix)

              CDS: US Zoo 14181


1994.07       PANDEMONIUM                              UK.16

              Produced by Youth

              1.Pandemonium  2.Exorcism  3.Millenium  4.Communion  5.Black Moon  6.Labryinth 

              7.Jana  8.Whiteout  9.Pleasures of the Flesh  10.Mathematics of Chaos


(promo cd)    US Zoo ZMJ-11085

(orig cd)     UK Butterfly BFLCD-9, August 2 1994: US Zoo 11085-2

(orig cs)     US Zoo 11085-4

(orig cdx)    w. bonus tracks: 11.Exorcism (Live)  12.Another Cult Goes Down (Alternate Mix)

              JPN label unknown VICP-5499

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 11.Pandemoniun (A Thread of Steel in the Suspension Bridge of

              Time and Space Mix)  12.Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello Mix)

              July 18 2005: UK Cooking Vinrl COOKCD-344


1995.01       1.JANA (Youth Remix)                     UK.54

              2.Jana (Dragonfly Mix)  3.Love Like Blood (Live)  4.Whiteout (Live)

              CDS: UK Butterfly BFLDA-21


              12: UK Butterfly/Big Life BFLT-21


1995.07.25    WILFUL DAYS

              1.Are You Receiving  2.Follow the Leaders (Dub)  3.Sun Goes Down  4.Dominator

              (Extended)  5.Me or You?  6.Wilful Days  7.Eighties (Serious Dance Mix)  8.A New

              Day  9.Love Like Blood (Gestalt Mix)  10.The Madding Crowd  11.Ecstasy (Extended

              Mix)  12.America (Extended)  13.Change (Re-Evolution Mix)


(orig cd)     US/GER Caroline 1884


1995.10       BBC LIVE IN CONCERT

              1.Twilight of the Mortals  2.Chessboards  3.Kings and Queens  4.Darkness Before

              Dawn  5.Love Like Blood  6.Sanity  7.Love of the Masses  8.Requiem 

              9.Complications  10.Wardance  11.Tabazan  12.Tension  13.Pssyche


(orig cd)     UK Windsong


     Coleman, Geordie, Youth, Geoff Dugmore (drums), Nick Walker (programming)


1996.03       1.DEMOCRACY                              UK.39

              2.Democracy (Rooster Mix)  3.Mass

              CDS: UK Butterfly BFLDA-33

              2.Democracy (Bi Partisan Mix)  3.Democracy (Conspiracy Theory Mix)  4.Democracy

              (Mainstream Economics Mix)  5.Democracy (Right Wing Militia Mix)  6.Democracy

              (United Nations Mix)

              CDS: US Zoo ZP-17195

              1.Democracy (House of Commons Mix)  2.Democracy (Conspiracy Theory Averted Mix) 

              3.Democracy (Bi Partisan Mix)  4.Democracy (United Nations Mix)  5.Democracy

              (Right Wing Militia Mix)  6.Mass (Campaign Collection Mix)  7.Democracy (The

              Russian Tundra Mix)  8.Democracy (Hallucinogen Mix)

              CDS: US Zoo 14262


1996.04.16    DEMOCRACY                                UK.71

              Produced by Youth

              1.Savage Freedom  2.Democracy  3.Prozac People  4.Lanterns  5.Aeon  6.Pilgrimage 

              7.Intellect  8.Medicine Wheel  9.Absent Friends  10.Another Bloody Election


(orig cd)     UK Butterfly BFLCD-17, US Zoo 11127 [lyrics]

(orig cdx)    w. bonus tracks: 11.Mass  12.Democracy (Rooster Mix)

              JPN Dragon Fly VICP-5705

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus track: 11.Democracy (Russian Tundra Mix)

              July 18 2005: UK Cooking Vinyl COOKCD-345


2001          ...NO WAY OUT BUT FORWARD GO

              1.The Hum  2.Darkness Before Dawn  3.Requiem  4.Empire Song  5.Tabazan  6.Night

              Time  7.Kings & Queens  8.Good Samaritan  9.Love Like Blood  10.Bloodsport 

              11.Complications  12.The Wait  13.Psyche  14.Eighties  15.Wardance  16.Adorations 



(reiss cd)    2006: UK KJ Records KJRCD-3001


2002.11.01    LOVE LIKE BLOOD

              1.The Hum  2.Darkness Before Dawm  3.Requiem  4.Empire Song  5.Tabazan  6.Night

              Time  7.Kings and Queens  8.Good Samaritan  9.Love Like Blood  10.Bloodsport 

              11.Complications  12.Wait  13.Pssyche  14.Eighties  15.Wardance  16.Adorations 



(orig cd)     UK Brilliant


2003.08.05    KILLING JOKE

              1.The Death & Resurrection Show  2.Total Invasion  3.Asteroid  4.Implant  5.Blood

              on Your Hands  6.Loose Cannon  7.You’ll Never Get to Me  8.Seeing Red  9.Dark

              Forces  10.The House That Pain Built


(orig cd)     UK Zuma ZUMACDP-002, US Epic 76365

(orig cdx)    w. bonus tracks: 11.Inferno  12.Zennen

              JPN label unknown EICP-265



              1.Seeing Red  2.The Death & Resurrection Show  3.Loose Cannon


(promo cd-ep) US Epic WKPR-0030


2003          1.LOOSE CANNON  2.Wardance (The Ultimate Version)

              CDS: UK Zuma ZUMAP-004 [promo], UK Zuma ZUMA-004 [shaped disc]


2003          1.SEEING RED

              CDSPRO: US Zuma WKPR-0031




(orig ?-cd)   UK Malicious Damage


2004.08.03    FOR BEGINNERS

              1.The Wait  2.Primitive  3.Butcher  4.The Fall of Because (Live)  5.Chapter III 

              6.We Have Joy (Mix)  7.Fun & Games  8.Harlequin  9.Wilful Days  10.Tabazan 

              11.Night Time  12.Victory  13.Twilight of the Mortal  14.My Love of This Land 

              15.Obsession  16.Rubicon


(orig cd)     UK EMI KJINTRO-1, JPN label unknown VJCP-68691


2005.10.04    XXV GATHERING!

              1.Communion  2.Wardance  3.Song and Dance  4.Primitive  5.Total Invasion 

              6.Bloodsport  7.Requiem  8.Asteroid  9.The Wait  10.Pssyche  11.The Pandys Are

              Coming  12.Sun Goes Down  13.Are You Receiving?  14.Love Like Blood 



(orig 2-lp)   UK Cooking Vinyl LETV-004LP [gf/yellow vinyl]

(orig cd)     UK Cooking Vinyl COOKCD-358



              1.This Tribal Antidote  2.Hosannas from the Basements of Hell  3.Invocation 

              4.Implosion  5.Majestic  6.Walking with Gods  7.The Lightbringer  8.Judas Goat 



(orig cd)     UK Cooking Vinyl COOKCD-346

(orig cdx)    w. bonus track: 10.Universe B

              JPN label unknown TECI-24309


2006          A1.HOSANNAS FROM THE BASEMENTS OF HELL  B1.Afterburner

              7”: UK Cooking Vinyl FRY-251



              1.Nervous System  2.Pssyche  3.Follow the Leaders  4.Change  5.Are You Receiving? 

              6.Complications  7.Wardance  8.The Wait (Demo)  9.Nervous System (Live)  10.Animal

              (Live)  11.Change (Live)  12.Nuclear Boy (Live)  13.Malicious Boogie (Live) 

              14.Wardance (Live)  15.Are You Receiving? (Live)  16.Are You Being Followed (Live)


(orig cs)     ?

(reiss cd)    2006: UK KJ Records KJRCD-3002


???           INTERVIEW


(orig lp)     UK Red Door RDPD-12 [picture disc]