Klaus Schulze


1972.05       IRRLICHT

              1.Satz: Ebene  2.Satz: Gewitter  3.Satz: Exil Sils Maria


(orig lp)     GER Ohr OMM556.022 [gf]

(reiss cd)    Brain 833 127, 1995: EEC Spalax 14921, April 16, 1996: US Magnum America MACD-47,

              July 2, 1996: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-133

(repack cd)   repackaged w. DUNE

              October 12, 1999: Thunderbolt CDTBT-005


1973.10       CYBORG

              A1.Synphara  A2.Conphara  B1.Chromengel  B2.Neuronengesang


(orig 2-lp)   GER Kosmische Musik KM2/58.005 [gf]

(reiss 2-lp)  GER Brain 2/1078 [gf]

(reiss 2-cd)  1995: FRA Spalax 14922


1974.06       BLACKDANCE

              1.Ways of Changes  2.Some Velvet Phasing  3.Voices of Syn


(orig lp)     GER Brain 000.1051 [gf], UK Caroline CA-2003 [gf]

(reiss lp)    UK Virgin OVED-23 [gf]

(reiss cd)    GER Brain 833 129, UK Virgin CDCA-2003, 1992 Caroline CAROL-1806


1973/5        PICTURE MUSIC

              Produced by Klaus Schulze

              A1.Totem  B1.Mental Door


(orig lp)     GER Brain 0040.146, FRA Isadora 9007

(reiss lp)    1976: GER/NET Ariola 27583-XAT, 1980: Gramavision 18-7021, UK Spalax LP-14123

(reiss cd)    1995: FRA Spalax 14923, July 2, 1996: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-098, December 16, 1996:

              US Magnum America MACD-66

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus track: 3.C’est Pas la Meme Chose

              April 5, 2005: US Inside Out 30407

(repack 2-cd) repackaged w. BODY LOVE

              June 8, 1999: EEC Thunderbolt CDTBT-003


1975          TIMEWIND

              A1.Bayreuth Return  B1.Wahnfried


(orig lp)     GER Brain 1075, UK Caroline CA-2006 [gf]

(reiss cd)    1991: US Caroline CAROL-1807


1976.04       MOONDAWN

              A1.Floating  B1.Mindphaser


(orig lp)     FRA Isadora ISA-9001, JPN Brain 22S-38

(reiss cd)    July 2, 1996: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-093, December 16, 1996: US Magnum America


(repack 2-cd) repackaged w. MIDITERRANEAN PADS

              May 11, 1999: Thunderbolt CDTBT-002


1976          MINDPHASER

              1.Some Velvet Phasing  2.Floating  3.Moogetique  4.Weird Caravan


(orig lp)     GER Brain 0060.423


1977.02       BODY LOVE

              1.Stardancer  2.Balance  3.P.T.O.


(orig lp)     GER Metronome 60.047

(reiss lp)    1979: GER Metronome 60.047 [diff. cover]

(reiss cd)    July 2 1996: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-123, December 16 1996: US Magnum America MACD-65


1977.04       MIRAGE

              A.Velvet Voyage: 1.1984  2.Aeronef  3.Eclipse  4.Evasion  5.Lucidinterspace 

              6.Destinationvoid  B.Crystal Lake: 1.Xylotones  2.Cromwaves  3.Willowdreams 

              4.Liquidmirrors  5.Springdance  6.A Bientot


(orig lp)     Island 9461

(reiss cd)    UK Thunderbolt CDTB-033, December 16, 1996: US Magnum America MACD-70

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus track: 3.In Cosa Crede Chi Non Crede?

              2005: GER Revisited REV-001

(repack 2-cd) repackaged w. ANGST

              March 9, 1999: Thunderbolt THB-001


1977.12       BODY LOVE VOL. 2

              1.Nowhere – Now Here  2.Stardancer II  3.Moogetique


(orig lp)     GER Brain 0060.097, Antilles 7065


1978.09       X

              1.Freidrich Nietzsche  2.Georg Traki  3.Frank Herbert  4.Friedemann Bach  5.Ludwig

              II von Bayern  6.Heinrich von Kleist


(orig 2-lp)   Gramavision 18-7024

(reiss 2-cd)  Brain 833 627, JPN Brain 2382/3, July 2, 1996: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-501, 1996: US

              Magnum America MACD-506

(reiss 2-cdx) w. bonus track: 7.Object D’Louis

              2005: GER Revised REV-005


     Wolfgang Tiepold (cello) and Arthur Brown (vocals) guest on next album.


1979          DUNE

              Produced by Klaus Schulze

              A1.Dune  B1.Shadows of Ignorance


(orig lp)     GER Brain 0060.225 [lyrics]

(reiss cd)    April 16, 1996: US Magnum America MACD-045, July 2, 1996: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-145


1980          LIVE

              A1.Bellistique  A2.Sense  B1.Heart  B2.Dymagic


(orig 2-lp)   GER Brain 0080.048 [gf/poster]


1980.10.31    DIG IT

              1.Death of an Analogue  2.Weird Caravan  3.The Looper Isn’t a Hooker  4.Synthasy


(orig lp)     GER Brain 0060.353 [ps]

(reiss cd)    July 2, 1996: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-144, December 16, 1996: US Magnum America


(repack 2-cd) repackaged w. TRANCEFER

              December 14 1999: US Thunderbolt 9006


     Michael Shrieve (computer, percussion) guests on next two studio albums.


1981.10.01    TRANCEFER

              A1.A Few Minutes After Trancefer  B1.Silent Running


(orig lp)     GER Innovative Communications RR-9993, GER Innovative KS-82014 [ltd.ed. 500

              copies], Gramavision 18-7025

(reiss cd)    1996: US Magnum America MACD-48


1982          STAR ACTION

              1.Death of an Analogue  2.Weird Caravan  3.Looper Isn’t a Hooker  4.Crystal Lake 

              5.Ludwig II Von Bayern  6.Nowhere – Now Here


(orig lp)     GER Brain 0080.087



              1.Klaus Schulze Im Gesprach Mit Michael Weisser  2. 1.Klaus Schulze Im Gesprach

              Mit Michael Weisser


(orig lp)     GER SF-Star 347466


     Rainer Bloss (sounds, glockenspiel) guests on next few albums.


1983.02.01    AUDENTITY

              Produced by Klaus Schulze

(lp vers.)    A1.Tango-Saty  A2.Amourage  A3.Opheylissem  B1.Spielglocken


(orig lp)     UK Illuminated Records JAMS-25, 1984: JPN Music Interior JMI-28007 [diff. cover]

(reiss cd)    August 1, 1996: US Magnum America MACD-507

(orig 2-lp)   ITA Innovative K-80025/6 [gf], NET Innovative 9923 [gf]

(reiss 2-cd)  GER Brain 817 194, RUS ArsNova AN99-0374 [ltd.ed. 500 copies], October 21 1997: UK

              Thunderbolt 505, September 14, 2000: EEC Bertus B-189514

(reiss 2-cdx) w. bonus tracks: 7.Gem  8.Tiptoe on the Misty Mountain Tops  9.Sink or Swim  10.At

              the Angle of an Angel  11.Of White Nights

              July 5, 2005: WW Inside Out 30413


1983          DZIEKUJE POLAND LIVE ‘83

              A1.Katovice (Iris)  A2.Warsaw (Halina)  B1.Lodz (Janina)  B2.Gdansk (Tina) 

              B3.Dziekuje (Margot)


(orig 2-lp)   GER Innovative KS-80.040/1

(reiss 2-cd)  GER Metronome 817 620-2, 1994: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-504


1984.03       APHRICA

              1.Aphrodite  2.Brothers and Sisters  3.Africa


(orig lp)     GER Inteam ID20.001


1984.03       ANGST

              1.Freeze  2.Pain  3.Memory  4.Surrender  5.Beyond


(orig lp)     GER Inteam ID 20.003

(reiss lp)    1986: UK Thunderbolt THBL-2.027

(reiss cd)    1994: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-027, April 25 1996: NET Bertus 55700, Magnum America 87


1984.03       DRIVE INN

              1.Drive Inn  2.Sightseeing  3.Truckin’  4.Highway  5.Racing  6.Road Clear  7.Drive



(orig lp)     Thunderbolt 2028

(reiss cd)    1986: Thunderbolt CDTB-2028, July 2 1996: Thunderbolt CDTB-028, 1997: US Magnum

              America MACD-88


1985          INTER*FACE

              1.On the Edge  2.Colours in the Darkness  3.Beat Planante  4.Inter*face


(orig lp)     GER Metronome 827673-1


1985          A1.MACKSY


              12: GER Brain 881 812-1


1986.11.01    DREAMS

              Produced by INTEAM

              1.A Classical Move  2.Five to Four  3.Dreams  4.Klaustrophony


(orig lp)     GER Metronome 831 206-1 [ps]

(orig cd)     GER Brain 831 206

(reiss lp)    1988: UK Thunderbolt THBL-039

(reiss cd)    July 2, 1996: UK Thunderbolt CDTB-039, December 16, 1996: US Magnum America

              MACD-069, January 2001: Thunderbolt THB-039, RUS Private Area SV-363

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 3b.Flexible  6.Constellation Andromeda

              2005: GER Revisited REV-003, January 25 2005: US Inside Out Music 30405

(repack 2-cd) repackaged w. EN=TRANCE

              August 10, 1999: Thunderbolt CDTBT-004


1987.10.27    BABEL

              1.Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream  2.Foundation  3.Tower Raises  4.First Clouds 

              5.Communication Problems  6.Gap of Alienation  7.Immuring Insanity  8.Heaven Under

              Feet  9.Deserted Stones  10.Facing Abandoned Tools  11.Vanishing Memories 

              12.Sinking Into Oblivion  13.Far From Earth


(orig lp)     Atlantic/Venture 90654


1988.04.07    EN=TRANCE

              1.En=Trance  2.“A” Numerique  3.FM Delight  4.Velvey Systems


(orig cd)     UK Thunderbolt CDTB-2.061

(reiss cd)    1994: Thunderbolt CDTB-061, April 16 1996: US Magnum America MACD-46


1988          HISTORY

              1.Mindphaser  2.Georg Traki  3.Freeze  4.Looper Isn’t a Hooker  5.On the Edge 

              6.Memory  7.Dreams  8.Wahnfried 1883  9.Weird Caravan  10.Sebastian Im Traum 

              11.FM Delight


(orig cd)     Brain 835161


     Klaus Schulze with Elfi Schulze, Georg Stettner.



              1.Decent Changes  2.Miditerranean Pads  3.Percussion Planante


(orig cd)     GER Brain 841 864, UK Thunderbolt CDTB-081

(reiss cd)    December 16 1996: US Magnum America MACD-068, August 16 2005: US Inside Out




              1.Dresden 1  2.Dresden 2  3.Dresden 3  4.Dresden 4  5.Dresden 5


(orig 2-cd)   UK Atlantic CDVED-903

(reiss 2-cd)  June 11 1991: US Caroline CAR-1865


1990.11       1.THE FACE OF MAE WEST

              CDS: Coriolis 0106


1991.06.24    BEYOND RECALL

              1.Gringo Nero  2.Trancess  3.Brave Old Sequence  4.The Big Fall  5.Airlights


(orig cd)     GER Virgin 261 823, UK Atlantic/Venture CDVE-906, US Caroline CAR-1873


1991.11.01    2001

              1.Gewitter  2.Voices of Syn  3.Totem  4.Mindphaser  5.Blanche  6.Crystal Lake 

              7.Ludwig II Von Bayern  8.Weird Caravan  9.Amourage  10.Silent Running  11.Pain 

              12.En=Trance  13.Beat Planante  14.Miditerranean Pads  15.Percussion Planante


(orig cd0     GER Brain 511 295-2


1992.11.09    ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL, VOLUME 1 (aka Live V.1)

              1.Out of Limbo  2.Pastorale: Awakening  3.Lull Before the Storm  4.Tempest 

              5.Pastorale Too  6.Pastorale and Departure  7.Yearning  8.Placid Yen  9.The Breath

              of Life  10.Back to Limbo  11.Perigree  12.Gentle Wind  13.Fire-Riser  14.Clear



(orig cd)     UK Venture 86562, US Caroline CAR-1879


1992.11.09    ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL, VOLUME 2 (aka Live V.2)

              1.Gothic Ground  2.In Days of Yore  3.Pavane and Galliard  4.Dusty Spiderwebs 

              5.Basse Danse  6.Primeval Murmur  7.Castle Rock: pedal Away  8.Anchorage 

              9.Variation on B.F.


(orig cd)     UK Venture 86563, US Caroline CAR-1880


1993.03       THE DOME EVENT

              1.Nachtmusik. Schattenhaft  2.Energisch. In Gemessenem Schritt  3.Sehr Behaglich.

              Keck Im Ausdruck  4.Unbeschwert  5.Ohne Hast  6.Scherzo: Un Poco Loco  7.The

              Event: Rhythmisch Uppig, Dann Vergnugt. Bewegt  8.Ubermutig, Sturmisch Bewigt.

              Heftig  9.Un Poco Loco (Reprise)  10.Crescendo  11.Finale: Tutti Synthi


(orig cd)     US Caroline CAR-1881


1993.11.04    SILVER EDITION




              TAPES (KONZERT)


(orig 10-cd)  GER Musique Intemporelle KS 1-10


1994.03       THE ESSENTIAL 72-93

              A1.Irrlicht, I: Satz-Ebene  A2.Totem  A3.Wahnfried 1883  A4.Floating 

              A5.Stardancer II  A6.Ludwig II Von Bayern  A7.Death of an Analogue  B1.Weird

              Caravan  B2.Freeze  B3.Miditerranean Pads  B4.Dresden Five  B5.Brave Old Sequence 

              B6.Silence and Sequence  B7.The Dome Event (Live)


(orig 2-cd)   US Caroline CAR-1896


1994.05.03    LE MOULIN DE DAUDET

              1.Beginning/The Delegates  2.Mother Sadness  3.Loss of the Factory  4.Youth 

              5.Friday’s Departure  6.The Mill of Maitre Cornille’s  7.Maitre Cornille in the

              Fields  8.Folk Dance  9.Discovery of Maitre Cornille’s Secret  10.Joy of Maitre

              Cornille/Garden & Youth (Reprise)  11.Landscape/Way to the Old People  12.Old

              People’s Piano  13.Old People’s Farewell  14.Exodus  15.Petit Dauphin I  16.Petit

              Dauphin II  17.First Church Sequence  18.Second Church Sequence & Organ  19.St.

              Pierre  20.Paradise & Inferno  21.Finale


(orig cd)     FRA Virgin 395942

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus track: 22.The Ion Perspective

              2005: GER Revisited REV-004



              1.Die Moldau  2.Rosamunde  3.Der Freischutz (Overture)  4.Quintet for Lute 

              5.Hungarian Dance No. 2  6.Dances From Norway 1, 2, 3  7.Violin Concerto Op. 61, 1



(orig cd)     GER ZYX 20297-2


1994.08.30    TOTENTAG

              A1.Prelude/Apotheke “Zum Weissen Engel  A2.Liebesszene  A3.Im Bordell  A4.Das

              Leere Theater  B1.In Venedig  B2.Grodek  B3.Der Freitod


(orig 2-cd)   GER ZYX 81014-2




(orig cd)     label unknown


1994.10.24    1.CONQUEST OF PARADISE (Long Version)

              2.Conquest of Paradise (Short Version)

              CDS: ZYX 7481-8



              A1.Wagner (Wild Mix)  A2.Nietzsche (Wild Mix)  A3.Entfremdung (Wild Mix, Encore

              Paris)  B1.Liebe (Soft Mix)  B2.Hass (Soft Mix)  B3.Versohnung (Soft Mix, Encore



(orig cd)     GER ZYX 90000-2


1995.02.28    IN BLUE

              A1.Into the Blue  A2.Blowin’ the Blues Away  A3.Blue Moods  A4.Wild and Blue 

              A5.Out of the Blue  B1.Midnight Blue  B2.Return of the Tempel  B3.Blue Spirits 

              B4.True Blue  B5.Aubade  B6.Kind of Blue  B7.Blue Hour  B8.Serenade


(orig 2-cd)   GER ZYX 90001-2


1995.03.17    HISTORIC EDITION


(orig 10-cd)  GER Manikin KS 11-20


1995.05.02    THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOG 2


(orig cd)     GER Ambient World AW-006


1995.07       THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOG 3


(orig cd)     1996: GER Ambient World AW-008


1995.09       MIDI KLASSIK


(orig cd)     GER ZYX 20297


1996.09.27    ARE YOU SEQUENCED?

              A1.Welcome to the Moog Brothers  A2.Vocs in the Dark I  A3.Vocs in the Dark II 

              A4.No Frets – No Bass  A5.Valle de la Luna  A6.Are You Sequenced?  A7.Moogie Baby

              Goes Solo  A8.Moldanya  A9.Vidanya  A10.The Wizard of Doz  A11.Are We Getting Lost 

              B1.Vat Was Dat?


(orig 2-cd)   WEA 063016324

(reiss 2-cd)  US Inside Out 30498


1996          THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOG 4


(orig cd)     GER Ambient World AW-011


1996          THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOG 5


(orig cd)     GER Ambient World AW-015



              1.Tradition and Vision


(orig cd)     label unknown


1997.11       DOSBURG ONLINE

              1.L’Age C’Ore  2.Requiem Furs Revier  3.Groove ‘n’ Bass  4.Get Sequenced  5.The

              Power of Moog  6.Up, Up and Away  7.From Dawn ‘Till Dusk  8.The Art of Sequencing 

              9.Prima Vera


(orig cd)     GER Eye of the Storm 20656


1997.11.24    DOSBURG ONLINE

              1.L’Age Core  2.Requiem Fur Revier  3.Groove ‘N’ Bass  4.Get Sequenced  5.The

              Power of Moog  6.Up, Up and Away  7.From Dawn Til Dusk  8.The Art of Sequencing 



(orig cd)     WEA 398420656

(reiss cd)    2006: US Inside Out 30527


1997          THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOG 6

              1.The Final DAT (Part I)  2.The Final DAT (Part II)  3.The Final DAT (Part III) 

              4.The Final DAT (Part IV)  5.The Final DAT (Part V)  6.The Final DAT (Part VI)


(orig cd)     label unknown

(reiss cd)    2007: GER Ambient World AW-029


1998.12.10    SCHWARZ ODER WEISS

              1.Es Tut So Gut  2.Sie Halt Irgendwie Die Zeit An  3.Kindertgebet (1000 Meilen) 

              4.Schwerelos  5.Was ist Passiert  6.Kuss Mich  7.Freunde (Wann Immer Du Mich

              Brauchst)  8.Rosalie  9.Sie Liebt Mich, Sie Liebt Mich Nicht  10.Schwarz Oder

              Weiss  11.Du Fehlst Mir So Sehr  12.Ich Komm Nicht Mehr Zururck  13.Guten Abend,

              Gute Nacht  14.Wenn Ich Lieben Wurde  15.Diese Stille Lebt  16.Reise Unter Deine



(orig cd)     GER ZYX 20443




(orig 10-cd)  GER Rainhorse Records RHMR-200010




(orig 50-cd)  GER Serie Poeme 2000


2001.07.16    LIVE @ KLANGART CD1

              1.Breeze to Sequence  2.Loops to Groove  3.From Church to Search  4.I Loop You



(orig cd)     GER Rainhorse RHMR-200012



2001.07.16    LIVE @ KLANGART CD2

              1.La Fugue Sequenca  2.Cavalleria Cellisticana  3.Tracks of Desire  4.Last Move at



(orig cd)     GER Rainhorse RHMR-200013


2005.10.17    MOONLAKE

              1.Playmate in Paradise  2.Artemis in Jubileo  3.Same Thoughs Lion  4.Mephisto


(orig cd)     UK SPV SPV-63882


2005.12.15    VANITY OF SOUNDS

              1.Vanity of Sounds  2.Sacred Romance  3.The Wings of String  4.From Words to



(orig cd)     UK SPV SPV-304832


2006.09.26    BALLETT 1

              1.Getting Near  2.Slightly Touched  3.Agony


 (reiss cd)   US Inside Out 30528



              1.Good Old 4 on the Floor  2.J.E.M.  3.Overchill  4.Ruins  5.Castles


(orig cd)     GER Revisited REV-049


2007.01.30    BALLETT 2

              1.Atmosphere Concrete  2.Kagi’s Lament  3.Wolf’s Ponticelli  4.The Smile of

              Shadows  5.Trance 4 Motion


(orig cd)     US Inside Out 30551


2007          BALLETT 3    

              1.My Ty She  2.Schauer Der Vorwelt


(orig cd)     GER Revisited REV-075


2007.06.08    CONTINUUM

              1.Sequenzer (From 70 to 07)  2.Euro Caravan  3.Thor (Thunder)


(orig cd)     GER Synthetic Symphony SPV-49392


2007.11.23    BALLETT 4

              1.Mellowtrone  2.Soft ‘n’ Groovy  3.To B Flat  4.Eleven 2 Eleven


(orig cd)     GER Revisited REV-086


2008.02.28    VIRTUAL OUTBACK

              1.The Theme: The Rhodes Elegy  2.Chinese Ears


(orig cd)     GER Revisited REV-087


2008          FARSCAPE

              A1.Liquid Coincidence 1  A2.Liquid Coincidence 2  A3.Liquid Coincidence 3 

              B1.Liquid Coincidence 4  B2.Liquid Coincidence 5  B3.Liquid Coincidence 6 

              B4.Liquid Coincidence 7


(orig 2-cd)   label unknown


2008          RHEINGOLD

              A1.Alberich  A2.Loreley  B1.Wotan  B2.Wellgunde  B3.Nothung  B4.Nibelungen


(orig 2-cd)   UK SPV SPV-306070 [w. bonus dvd]


2009.02       LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 1


(orig 3-cd)   GER Revisited REV-108


2009          LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE 2     


(orig 3-cd)   GER Revisited REV-109


2009.05.29    DZIEKUJE BARDZO

              A1.Shoreless Two  A2.Bazylika NSJ  B1.Godspell  B2.Shoreless One  C1.Ocean of

              Innocence  C2.Spanish Ballerina


(orig 3-cd)   UK SPV SPV-306872