no id # Suite C
Produced by Matthew Helm
Released on January 2, 2010
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T he followup to Wake Up is something both smaller and larger in vision: a single song (“Suite C”) over twenty minutes that unfolds, shifts shape slightly, and reveals a far keener sense of production values and the artist’s own strengths. Again, the dark gothic influences are strong, but this time they’ve been channeled into a better medium: smart keyboard effects, better vocals (granted, they could only go in the one direction), controlled beats and the clever treatment of a single theme that gets stitched nicely into several parts. Moreso than Wake Up, Suite C is a dark dreamworld where time as we know it doesn’t apply: words are improbably stretched, sounds travel in reverse, notes rise and fall and reverberate. In listening to Suite C, I’m again reminded of Harold Budd, NIN and Pink Floyd, only this time I’m not reminded of how much better they are. The closing minutes, where dream and dark collide violently, would have felt at home on The Downward Spiral for example. An improvement over Wake Up on just about every level (except length), Suite C is the key to Knee High’s rising above the vast army of vanity-label releases. As the lyrics suggest, maybe High’s Matt Helm has found his calling after all.


  1. SUITE C    (Matthew Helm)    20:03


MATTHEW HELM -- instruments, programming, vocals, engineering, package design

US January 2, 2010 private label CD no ID #  


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