83619-2 Latter Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin Volume Two
Produced by Jimmy Page
Released on March 21, 2000
US CHART POSITION #116 [2002], #114 [2004] . . . UK CHART POSITION #11 [2003]
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83619-2 cover
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K ronomyth 14.5: BETTER LED THAN NEVER. Let the record show that none of my favorite songs from Houses of the Holy or Presence are here. Then let the record play and you’ll realize that any ten Zeppelin songs make as good a monument as the next. Latter Days is the followup companion to Early Days (you knew that, didn’t you?), and while it didn’t chart or sell as well (because you didn’t know a second one was coming when you bought Early Days, did you?), they’re bookends to the same storied career. The latter tracks were longer in the tooth, the natural byproduct of a band that had reached the top of the rock mountain already and was now camping out there. Just as the first half needed to contain “Stairway to Heaven,” the second must include “Kashmir.” The rest of the record, really, is open to personal choice. The selections favor the band’s heavier, gauzier cuts from their last four studio albums: “The Song Remains The Same,” “No Quarter,” “Nobody’s Fault But Mine,” “Ten Years Gone.” Historically, they’re not my favorite Zeppelin songs, but they do give the compilation a more epic scale than my own personal choices (“Candy Store Rock,” “D’yer Mak’er,” “The Ocean,” “Down By The Seaside,” “Fool In The Rain”), which would have made the band sound more playful than they really were. So the impression on Latter Days is of a band delving deeper into their own dark mythology. But is it really Satanic? Well, yes, most rock & roll is Satanic insofar as it elevates the world over everything else. Look, nobody would like for Led Zeppelin to be a Christian band more than me, but you can’t have your cake and eat some of it here and take the rest of it with you to Heaven. And, no, you’re not going to be able to take your Led Zeppelin records (or Stones or Beatles records) with you, so better to enjoy them here in their proper context as songs played by very talented people who were dazed and confused a good half of the time.


  1. THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    5:28
  2. NO QUARTER    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Paul Jones)    6:59
  3. HOUSES OF THE HOLY    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    4:01
  4. TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/JOhn Paul Jones)    5:35
  5. KASHMIR    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Bonham)    8:31
  6. TEN YEARS GONE    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    6:31
  7. ACHILLES LAST STAND    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    10:22
  8. NOBODY'S FAULT BUT MINE    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    6:27
  9. ALL MY LOVE    (Robert Plant/John Paul Jones)    5:53
  10. IN THE EVENING    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Paul Jones)    6:49


Andie Airfix at Satori -- artwork/design
Ross Halfin -- cover concept and photographic research
Front cover illustration based on an original collage by M. Dubra in 'Salut les Copains'

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US March 21, 2000 Atlantic CD 83278-2 digital remaster
US November 19, 2002 Atlantic 2CD 83619-2 repackaged w. LATTER DAYS
UK March 2003   2CD   repackaged w. LATTER DAYS


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