92442-2 Physical Graffiti
Produced by Jimmy Page
Released on February 24, 1975
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92442-2 cover
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I saved this record for later in life, lest I blow my entire load Zeppelin in youth’s eager folly. Sometimes I’d attempt a tentative climb up its twin peaks, always crashing back to earth with nothing more than a glimpse of Kashmir’s grand estate to boast of. Lately I’ve taken it upon myself to give Physical Graffiti a good, hard look. At first, it seemed a massive wall of rock songs, forbidding and frightening. Today, I embrace it as a monument to Led Zeppelin’s achievement. The two-record set is split between new material and leftovers from earlier sessions. Imagine Zep at their most exotic and intense separated by slices of superior Coda and you’ve got a good internal image of this graffiti. It’s not hyperbole to call these some of the band’s most stunning sonic monsters to date: “Trampled Under Foot,” “The Wanton Song,” “Kashmir.” In between are lean animals left outside their last House that any other rock band would have made their most cherished pets: “The Rover,” “Houses of the Holy.” Like the Stones’ Exile on Main Street, Physical Graffiti is an amazing songbook. “In The Light,” “Custard Pie,” “Ten Years Gone,” “Down By The Seaside” (the latter a dead-on Stones clone), these songs would slip out into rock radio every eleventh hour and then run back to their rooms and lock the door, waiting for you to knock at Physical Graffiti’s gate with twelve dollars in hand. What’s waiting within is a black feast that will feed even the most insatiable appetites. If everything after it seemed small by comparison, why are we surprised?

92442-2 back cover
92442-2 back cover


    disc one
  1. CUSTARD PIE    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    4:13
  2. THE ROVER    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    5:36
  3. IN MY TIME OF DYING    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Paul Jones/John Bonham)    11:04
  4. HOUSES OF THE HOLY    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    4:01
  5. TRAMPLED UNDER FOOT    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Paul Jones)    5:35
  6. KASHMIR    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Bonham)    8:31

    disc two
  7. IN THE LIGHT    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Paul Jones)    8:44
  8. BRON-YR-AUR    (Jimmy Page)    2:06
  9. DOWN BY THE SEASIDE    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    5:14
  10. TEN YEARS GONE    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    6:31
  11. NIGHT FLIGHT    (John Paul Jones/Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    3:36
  12. THE WANTON SONG    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    4:06
  13. BOOGIE WITH STU    (John Bonham/John Paul Jones/Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/Ian Stewart/Mrs. Valens)    3:51
  14. BLACK COUNTRY WOMAN    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    4:24
  15. SICK AGAIN    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    4:43


Peter Grant -- executive producer
George Chkiantz -- engineer
Keith Harwood -- engineer, mixing
Andy Johns -- engineer
Eddie Kramer -- engineer, mixing
Ron Newison -- engineer
AGI/Mike Doud, Peter Corriston -- package concept and design
Elliot Erwitt, B.P. Fallen, Roy Harper -- photography
Maurice Tate -- tinting extraordinaire
Dave Heffernan -- window illustration

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