534 002-2 Gilt
Produced by Sylvia Massy and Machines of Loving Grace
Released on September 19, 1995
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T ool? Not a big fan. So I don’t feel gilty about painting MoLG with the same brush. Industrial synthesizer metal wasn’t going to save the world anyway, just scare a few parents and spice up soundtracks to self-consciously cool films like The Crow and Cool World. Plus there are plenty of bands who do this better: NIN, Nitzer Ebb, Rage, Ministry, Shriekback, Killing Joke, Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, Tool again. I so wanted to be crushed by Gilt, but it only scratches, bruises, presses on you a little with its minor-league menace. Any band that samples music from Einsturzende Neubaten should be smart enough to summon the apocalypse. Instead of the four horsemen, we get the hoarse whisperer, Scott Benzel, summoning small nightmares about drugs and religion. Gilt gets it right sometimes (“Solar Temple,” “Animal Mass,” “Richest Junkie Still Alive”), but more often it sounds like the gothic metal being peddled in bundles by everyone only less scarier. There is, after all, a thin line between shamanism and charlatanism in rock, style and substance. I wouldn’t tell you that Ministry and Marilyn Manson and all the others weren’t stylish, but underneath the surface was some serious dark matter. Scratch Gilt and underneath the surface is the same common metal that in earlier epochs might have been forged into hair metal or heavy metal. There are those who will champion MoLG as unsung heroes, but theirs is a name more suitably whispered in the wings of the industrial factory. Fine for filling out soundtracks, good product if you like this sort of thing, but the real revolution isn’t happening here.


  1. RICHEST JUNKIE STILL ALIVE    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau/Stuart Kupers)
  2. KISS DESTROYER    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau)
  3. SUICIDE KING    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau)
  4. ANIMAL MASS    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau/Stuart Kupers)
  5. THE SOFT COLLISION    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau/Stuart Kupers)
  6. SOLAR TEMPLE    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau/Tom Melchionda)
  7. TRYST    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau/Stuart Kupers)
  8. CASUAL USERS    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau)
  9. TWOFOLD GODHEAD    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau/Stuart Kupers)
  10. LAST    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau/Stuart Kupers)
  11. SERPICO    (Scott Benzel/Mike Fisher/Ray Riendeau)


SCOTT BENZEL -- vocals, additional programming
TOM COFFEEN -- guitar
MIKE FISHER -- keyboards, programming
Statik -- additonal programming
Sylvia Massy -- mixing
Roger Gorman/Reiner Design -- design
Peter Gabriel -- photography

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US September 19, 1995 Mammoth CD 92613  


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