OWL00116 Reinvention
Produced by Rob Dixon (track 3 by Fareed Haque)
Co-produced by Gary Mielke
Released on June 27, 2008
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OWL00116 cover
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I ndy label Owl tapped into two generations of local history in the pairing of native son Melvin Rhyne and rising star Rob Dixon. This is Dixon’s gig from the get-go; he writes all but one track. Rhyne is the visiting professor, Phelps the snapping rhythm engine, Haque the interesting overnight guest. The sax/organ/drum/guitar dynamic is a cool one, resulting in smooth jazz with modern, spiky sensibilities and that otherworldly B-3 just glowing in the background like a radioactive radio. The idea behind The Dixon-Rhyne Project was to “reinvent” the classic soul-jazz organ sound (Rhyne) by putting it in a modern, smoother setting (Dixon). The trio of Dixon, Rhyne and Phelps had apparently played together for over a year before setting down their new old sound on CD, inviting electric guitarist Fareed Haque to join them in the studio as part of an impromptu update on the classic jazz-organ quartet. Now, what I know about jazz organ would fit on the head of a pin, jazz in general for that matter (mea culpa ad nauseum). I have one jazz album that features Lonnie Smith (Lou Donaldson’s Midnight Creeper) and that organ is like formaldehyde under my skin. Reinvention is thankfully much warmer, though the Hammond B-3 will always be a museum curio for me. When Rhyne solos, I smile, I nod, internally applaud and move on. But it’s the contemporary side of the equation, the new math, that most interests me: “Tomorrow Sierra,” “Shadow And Light,” “Carousel.” These are not coincidentally the “edgier” cuts on Reinvention, since for me the further from smoother the better. A lot of Reinvention is cool rebirthed, Rhyne ostensibly presiding but in reality the vintage chassis in a retrofit ride. The B-3 beaming in the background watches, waits, pipes up when asked and then leans back to let the young bucks play. Even if the history lesson is lost on you (as it was on me), this smooth/soul-jazz jam is a tasty set from some talented players.


  1. REPUB CLUB    5:01
  2. MEL'S GROOVE    7:24
  3. SHOADOW AND LIGHT    7:27
  4. REINVENTION    4:54
  5. CAROUSEL    6:35
  6. CHIT'LINS CON CARNE    (Kenny Burrell)    5:44
  7. TOMORROW SIERRA    9:25
  9. MIND'S EYE    6:14
  10. JOHANNESBURG    6:49

    All songs composed by Rob Dixon unless noted


ROB DIXON -- saxophones
FAREED HAQUE -- guitars
MELVIN RHYNE -- Hammond B3 organ, mini-moog
Richard "Sleepy" Floyd -- drums (4)
Derrick Gardner -- trumpet (5)
Gary Mielke -- percussion (2,5), engineer, mixing
Sala Nader -- tabla (3,7)
J. Allan Hall -- executive producer
P.J. Yinger -- art direction, design
Andrew Scalini, Mark Sheldon and Courtney HUghes (C-Style) -- photography

US June 27, 2008 Owl Studios CD OWL00116  


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