FC 39940 She's The Boss
Produced by Mick Jagger and Bill Laswell/Material or Nile Rodgers
Released on February 25, 1985
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FC 39940 cover
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T he first Mick Jagger solo album in the history of the world was not an understated affair. The best producers (Bill Laswell, Nile Rodgers) were brought in, the “backing band” included one of the other Three Greatest Living Rock Guitarists (Jeff Beck), Herbie Hancock, Sly and Robbie and Pete Townshend too. The album raised many questions: Why now? Were the Stones through? What did Keith think of the move? Being more of a Bowie fan, the only question on my mind was why this album and Undercover both appeared to have androgynous covers (the woman in the background is French model Laurence Treil). Anyway, that bit of uncertainty aside, She’s The Boss turned out be a well-assembled album of modern rock with club/funk overtones. Kind of a cross between Undercover and Let’s Dance, plus Jeff Beck’s flawless guitar leads and Bill Laswell’s Material-ism. Writing most of the songs himself, Jagger the solo artist isn’t much different from Jagger the Stones’ lead singer. “Lonely At The Top,” written by Jagger and Keith Richards, is for all intents and purposes a recycled Stones song (although not a particularly good one), while the ballad “Hard Woman” adds nothing to a canon that already includes “Fool To Cry.” Still, Jagger generates energy and interest with a stable of potent rockers (“Secrets,” “Just Another Night,” “1/2 A Loaf”) and a couple of self-effacing, tuneful tracks written with longtime Bowie guitarist Carlos Alomar (“Lucky In Love,” “She’s The Boss”). Those intent on venturing into the Stones’ mid-Eighties field would do well to pick up the solo albums of Jagger and Richards, since they’re equally good (or bad, depending). If I’m more kindly disposed to this album than some, it’s only because Give My Regards To Broad Street sucked so very, very much.


  1. LONELY AT THE TOP    (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)    3:45
  2. 1/2 A LOAF    4:58
  3. RUNNING OUT OF LUCK    4:15
  4. TURN THE GIRL LOOSE    3:52
  5. HARD WOMAN    4:23
  7. LUCKY IN LOVE    (lyrics: Mick Jagger, music: Mick Jagger/Carlos Alomar)    6:13
  8. SECRETS    5:01
  9. SHE'S THE BOSS    (lyrics: Mick Jagger, music: mick Jagger/Carlos Alomar)    5:14

    All songs written by Mick Jagger unless noted


MICK JAGGER -- lead & background vocals, harmonica
JEFF BECK -- lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Alfa Anderson -- ladies' rap (4)
Wally Badarou -- synthesizer, Synclavier II, OBXa (7,9)
Paul Buckmaster -- string arranger and conductor (5)
Ray Cooper -- percussion, congas (7,9)
Aiyb Dieng -- shaker, water drums, talking drums
Sly Dunbar -- drums, Simmon drums
Bernard Edwards -- bass guitar
Steve Ferroni -- drums (2)
Anton Fier -- Simmons toms, metal (6,9)
Anton Fig -- drums (4,8)
Guy Fletcher -- synthesizer
Bernard Fowler -- background vocals
Jan Hammer -- piano (5)
Herbie Hancock -- organ, synthesizer, Fairlight CMI, DX1, Hammond organ
Colin Hodgekinson -- bass (5)
Bill Laswell -- bass (1), synthesizer (6)
Chuck Leavell -- organ (7,9)
Ron Magness -- synthesizer (6)
Eddie Martinez -- guitar
Lenny Pickett -- baritone sax (4)
Daniel Ponce -- bata (3)
Rabbit -- synthesizer (6)
Nile Rodgers -- guitar
Rob Sabino -- Synclavier, Prophet 5, June 60, piano
Robbie Shakespeare -- bass
Michael Shrieve -- drums (1)
G.E. Smith -- lead guitar (8)
Tony Thompson -- drums (5)
Fonzi Thornton -- backround vocals (2)
Pete Townshend -- guitar (1), acoustic guitar (5)
Dave Jerden -- engineer
Peter Corriston -- art direction & design
Erica Lennard -- photography
Lynd Ward -- woodcut
Laurence Treil -- model

UK/NET/SPA February 1985 CBS LP/CD S-/86310 lyric sleeve
US February 25, 1985 Columbia LP/CD/CS FC/CK/FCT-39940 lyric sleeve
ARG 1985 CBS LP 20.062 lyric sleeve
AUSL 1985 CBS LP/CS SBP-8052/PC-8042 lyric sleeve
COL 1985 Columbia LP 141797  
JPN 1985 CBS/Sony LP/CD 28AP-2996/32DP-213  
US   Atlantic CD 82553  
JPN 2006 Warner CD WPCR-75188  


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