61010-2 Pure
Produced by Midge Ure and Rik Walton
Released on September 24, 1991
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61010-2 cover
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P ure suggests a mixture of Peter Gabriel and Howard Jones much of the time, which is to say buoyant melodies and an optimistic outlook grounded by the heavy chain of pancultural caretaker. Though no longer on the leading edge, Ure was still OK by the UK, whose loyalty ensured that Pure held allure. If you haven’t kept up with Midge since his Ultravox days, he’s softened considerably, and only a handful of tracks (“Rising,” “Hands Around My Heart”) will evoke the urgency of yore. What stands in its stead, however, is not to be discounted: “Little One,” “Pure Love” and “Sweet ‘n’ Sensitive Thing” are modern pop at its most uplifting. Unfortunately, these were passed over as singles in favor of the slight “Cold, Cold Heart” and the overwrought “I See Hope In The Morning Light” (which lifts the melody from a popular Peter Gabriel track, perhaps “Biko” my fuzzy memory suggests). As with Howard Jones, Ure has summoned a mechanical muse on his own, filtering warm melodies through bloodless machines. Historically, digital waves provide a fleeting boost, eventually stranding the music in a stagnant period of time, which may be Pure’s fate twenty years hence. I can at least imagine someone listening to this in the future and thinking: Oh, that is sooo late ‘80s. Connoisseurs of the period, who no doubt number more than a few, will see an invitation where others see a warning, so their pleasure may be Pure. I confess that I paid two dollars for this at Berkeley’s musical Mecca, Amoeba Music, which is a crime by any measure. For the record: Anyone who’s had the feverish dream of being awash in discounted musical product will find Amoeba a fair match for the fabled Candyland. If the tactile shopping experience raises your hairs (however many remain), a pilgrimage may be in order.

61010-2 back sleeve 61010-2 inner sleeve
61010-2 back sleeve 61010-2 inner sleeve


  1. I SEE HOPE IN THE MORNING LIGHT    (Midge Ure/Danny Mitchell)    5:42
  2. COLD, COLD HEART    (Midge Ure)    4:30
  3. PURE LOVE    (Midge Ure)    3:43
  4. SWEET 'N' SENSITIVE THING    (Midge Ure)    3:56
  5. LET IT GO?    (Midge Ure)    6:22
  6. RISING    (Midge Ure/Kate Stephenson)    5:25
  7. LIGHT IN YOUR EYES    (Midge Ure)    3:31
  8. LITTLE ONE    (Midge Ure/Danny Mitchell)    5:00
  9. HANDS AROUND MY HEART    (Midge Ure)    4:30
  10. WAITING DAYS    (Midge Ure/Danny Mitchell/Kate Stephenson)    4:32
  11. TUMBLING DOWN    (Midge Ure)    2:49


MIDGE URE -- vocals, keyboards, guitar
MARK BRZEZICKI -- drums, percussion, drum overdubs
ROBBIE KILGORE -- additional keyboards
STEVE WILLIAMS -- percussion
Chris Ballin -- backing vocals
Angie Brown -- backing vocals
Sheilah Cuffy -- backing vocals
Gwen Dupree -- backing vocals
Phil Gannon -- backing vocals
Josh Phillips Gorse -- keyboards, melotron (sic)
Sylvia Mason James -- backing vocals
Michael McCloud -- backing vocals
Paddy Moloney -- Ullian pipes, tin whistle
Simon Phillips -- drums
Jackie Sheridan -- backing vocals
Vicki St. James -- backing vocals
Kate Stephenson -- backing vocals
Ricci P. Washington -- backing vocals
Rik Walton -- engineer, mixing
John Chamberlin -- mixing
Paul McKenna -- mixing
Brian Tench -- mixing
Una Fagan, pointblanc -- design and illustration
Kate Garner -- photography

UK/GER September 24, 1991 Arista LP/CD/CS 211/261/411 922 lyric sleeve
US September 24, 1991 RCA LP/CD/CS 61010 lyric sleeve


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