90590-1 Hergest Ridge
Produced by Mike Oldfield
Released on September? 1974
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90590-1 cover  

S he rises from the mist, this belle, and has a different tale to tell, emerging from the the rills and ridges to share with us her humble riches. More pastoral in tone than her piebald predecessor, a simpler patchwork and perhaps the lesser of the two, the first work having grew from such a tempest of expression, while Hergest here is glimpsed in logical succession. It’s interesting that, after such a tubular design, a second album doesn’t dare entwine too many bits and pieces, fearful of a work that rises and surceases Oldfield here is on a simpler path, his waterfall of inspiration channeled into one warm bath. You’ll find some Crimson in it (on guitar), some Genesis as well (seen from afar), but mostly this is Oldfield first and last, a vision of the future and the past. The artist, having found an audience, is careful not to build a wood too dense, focusing instead on several themes, from tame to tempest as befits the scene. (I’ll add, although it’s quite a different boid, that one theme sounds a lot like “Mongoloid.”) If Hergest Ridge is not the tumbing spire that Tub’lar Bells aspired to than desire not a second mountain in your midst, but chance upon a rolling hill as this and marvel at its natural, simple charm, a pixie playground where there is no varum. (Sorry about this one. Ze furter I vent, ze verse it got.)

90590-1 back cover
90590-1 back cover


  1. HERGEST RIDGE    21:40
  2. HERGEST RIDGE    18:51

    All songs composed by Mike Oldfield


MIKE OLDFIELD -- electric guitars, glockenspiel, sleigh bell,s mandolin, nutcracker, timpani, gong, acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar, Farsifa, Lowrey and Gemini organs, engineer
David Bedord -- choir and strings conductor
Chill Charles -- snare drums
Lindsay Cooper -- oboe
Ted Hobart -- trumpet
Sally Oldfield -- voices
Clodagh Simmonds -- voices
June Whiting -- oboe
Trevor Key -- cover
Bootleg the Irish Wolfhound from The Manor -- cover help

UK 1974 Virgin LP V2013 inner sleeve
US 1974 Virgin LP 13-109  
AUS'L   Virgin LP L35258  
GER   Virgin LP 88134XOT  
JPN   Virgin LP YQ-7015-VR  
NET   Virgin LP 88134IT  
UK   Virgin CD CDV2013  
US 1986? Virgin LP 90590 reissue
US July 11, 2000 Caroline CD 49368 digital remaster


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