1982.03       A1.COLD LIFE

              2.I’m Falling  3.Primental  4.Cold Life Dub

              12: US Wax Trax WAX-003, UK Situation 2


1983.04       A1.REVENGE

              2.Effigy  3.Work for Love

(1983.11)     12: UK Arista ARIST12-549


1983.06       A1.I WANTED TO TELL HER

              B1.A Walk in the Park

              7”: UK Arista ARIST-533 [ps]

              2.I Wanted to Tell Her (Dub Version)  3.Revenge  4.Effigy

              12: US Arista AD-19062


1983.06       WITH SYMPATHY                                      US.96

              1.Work for Love  2.Do the Etawa  3.I Wanted to Tell Her  4.Say You’re Sorry 

              5.Here We Go  6.Effigy  7.Revenge  8.She’s Got a Cause  9.Should Have Known Better


(orig lp)     CAN Arista AL-6608, JPN Arista 25RS-192 [diff.track listing?]

(orig lpz)    repackaged as WORK FOR LOVE

              September 1983: UK Arista, GER Arista 205306

(orig cdz)    GER Arista 255306


1983.09       A1.WORK FOR LOVE

              B1.She’s Got a Cause

              7”: GER Arista 105393 [ps]


              7”: JPN Arista 7RS-74 [ps]

              1.Work for Love (Extended Version)  2.Work for Love (Short Version)  3.Work for

              Love (Dub Version)

              12PRO: US Arista CP-726


1984          A1.ALL DAY (12” VERSION)


              12: US Wax Trax WAX-007


1985.10       A1.THE NATURE OF LOVE

              B1.The Nature of Love (Cruelty Mix)

              12: US Wax Trax WAX-009


1985          TWELVE INCH SINGLES 1981-1984

              1.Everyday is Halloween  2.The Nature of Love  3.All Day  4.Cold Life  5.Halloween

              (Remix)  6.Nature of Love (Cruelty Mix)  7.All Day (Remix)  8.Cold Life Dub


(orig lp)     US TVT/Wax Trax TVT-7035


1985          A1.HALLOWEEN REMIX

              B1.Nature of Outtakes

              12: US Wax Trax WAX-020


1985          A1.OVER THE SHOULDER

              2.Isle of Men (Version II)  3.Twitch (Version I)

              12PRO: US Sire 20401


1986.04       TWITCH                                             US.194

              1.Just Like You  2.We Believe  3.All Day Remix  4.The Angel  5.Over the Shoulder 

              6.My Possession  7.Where You at Now?  8.Crash and Burn  9.Twitch (Version II)


(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 10.Over the Shoulder (12” Version)  11.Isle of Man (Version II)

              1992: JPN Warner WPCP-4753



              1.The Missing  2.Deity  3.So What  4.Burning Inside  5.Seed  6.Stigmata


(orig? ep)    1990: GER 26266

(orig? csep)  1992: US Sire 26266-4


     Paul Barker, Al Jourgensen with Chris Connelly, William Rieflin.


1988.11       THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY                         US.164 œ

              Produced by Hypo Luxa, Hermes Pan, Eddie Echo

              1.Stigmata  2.The Missing  3.Deity  4.Golden Dawn  5.Destruction  6.The Land of

              Rape and Honey  7.You Know What You Are  8.I Prefer  9.Flashback  10.Abortive


(orig lp)     BRA/GER/NET Sire 925 799

(orig cdx)    w. bonus track: 5b.Hizbollah

              US Sire 25799-2, JPN WEA WPCP-4752

(reiss lp)    1992: US Sire 25799, 1992: GER Sire 25799-1 [heavyweight vinyl]


1988          A1.STIGMATA (REMIX)

              B1.Tonight We Murder

              12: US Sire 21113-0


     Barker, Jourgensen with Chris Connelly, Bobby di Bartollo, The Grand Wizard (K.Lite), Joe

       Kelly, Angela Lukacen, Kyle McKeough, David Ogilvie, William Rieflin, The Slogan Gd

       (Tommie Boyskee), Jeff Ward, Mars Williams.


1989.11.08    THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO TASTE              US.163 œ

              Produced by Hypo Luxa and Hermes Pan

              1.Thieves  2.Burning Inside  3.Never Believe  4.Cannibal Song  5.Breathe  6.So    What  7.Test  8.Faith Collapsing  9.Dream Song


(orig lp)     UK/CAN Sire/Warner Bros. 926004-1 [ps]

(orig cs)     US Sire/Warner Bros. W4-26004

(orig cd)     US/GER Sire/Warner Bros. 26004-2


1989          A1.BURNING INSIDE (12” REMIX)

              2.Thieves (12” Remix)  3.Smothered Hope

              12: US Sire 0-21384


1992.04       A1.JESUS BUILT MY HOTROD (Redline/Whiteline Version)

              2.Jesus Built My Hotrod (Short, Pusilianimos*, So-They-Can-Fit-More-Commercials-

              On-The-Radio Edit) *Contemptibily Timid  3.TV Song

              CDS: US Sire 940211-2, GER WEA 240211-2


1992.07.15    PSALM 69: HOW TO SUCCEED AND HOW TO SUCK EGGS      UK.33     US.27 œ

              1.N.W.O.  2.Just One Fix  3.TV III  4.Hero  5.Jesus Built My Hotrod  6.Scarecrow 

              7.Psalm 69  8.Corrosion  9.Grace


(orig 10”)    US Sire WX-481X [ltd.ed]

(orig cd)     US Sire 26727


1992.07       A1.N.W.O. (Album Edit)                   UK.49 [8.8.92-1w]

              2.Fucked  3.N.W.O. (Extended Dance Mix)

              10”: UK Sire W0125TE [ltd.ed]

              CDS: UK/GER Warner W0125CD

              2.N.W.O. (Album Version)  3.N.W.O. (Extended Dance Mix)

              CDSPRO: US Sire PRO-CD-5589

              2.N.W.O. (Extended Mix)  3.N.W.O. (Bonus Beats)  4.Fucked

              12PRO: UK Warner Bros. MIY-1 [double pack]

              A1.N.W.O. (Extended Dance Mix)  A2.N.W.O. (Album Version)  B1.Hero  B2.Just One


              12PRO: UK Sire SAM-1059


1992          1.JUST ONE FIX

              CDSPRO: US Sire PRO-CD-5766

              1.Just One Fix (12” Remix)  2.Just One Fix (Quick Fix Remix)  3.Just One Fix (VE


              CDS: GER Sire 40673-2

              1.Just one Fix (W.S.B.)  2.Quick Fix  3.Just One Fix (V.E.)

              CDS: US Sire 40677-2


1995.12       1.THE FALL (Single Version)       UK.53 [6.1.96-2w]

              2.Reload (Long Edit)  3.TV III

              CDS: US Warner Bros. 43630-2, GER Warners 243630-2, GER Warner W-0328CD


1996.01.30    FILTHPIG                                 UK.43     US.19

              1.Reload  2.Filth Pig  3.Lava  4.Crumbs  5.Useless  6.Dead Guy  7.Game Show  8.The

              Fall  9.Lay Lady Lay  10.Brick Windows


(orig cd)     US Warner Bros. 45838


1996.02       1.LAY LADY LAY (5:08)

              2.Lay Lady Lay (5:44)

              CDSPRO: US Warner Bros. PRO-CD-7467


1996          1.BRICK WINDOWS (Edit)

              2.Brick Windows (Album Version)

              CDSPRO: US Warner Bros. PRO-CD-8024-R


1999          DARK SIDE OF THE SPOON                             US.92

              1.Supermanic Soul  2.Whip & Chain  3.Bad Blood  4.Eureka Pile  5.Step  6.Nursing

              Home  7.Kaif  8.Vex & Siolence  9.10/10


(orig cd)     US Warner Bros. 947311-2


1999          1.BAD BLOOD (Edit)

              2.Bad Blood (Album Version)

              CDSPRO: US Warner Bros. PRO-CD-9764


2001.06.19    GREATEST HITS

              1.What About Us?  2.Stigmata  3.The Land of Rape and Honey  4.Thieves  5.So What

              (Live)  6.N.W.O.  7.Just One Fix  8.Jesus Built My Hotrod  9.Reload (12” Version) 

              10.Lay Lady Lay  11.Supermanic Soul  12.Bad Blood  13.Supernaut


(orig cd)     US Warner Bros. 48115, HKG Warner BG-R-0251


2001          1.WHAT ABOUT US? (Edit)

              2.What About Us? (Album Version)

              CDSPRO: US Warner Bros. PRO-CD-100661


2002.03.19    SPHINCTOUR

              1.Psalm 69  2.Crumbs  3.Reload  4.Filth Pig  5.Just One Fix  6.N.W.O.  7.Hero 

              8.Thieves  9.Scarecrow  10.Lava  11.The Fall


(orig cd)     US Sanctuary 84540

(reiss cd/dvd)       2006: UK Silverline 284544-2 [dualdisc w. dvd side]


2003.02.18    ANIMOSITISOMINA                                    US.157

              1.Animosity  2.Unsung  3.Piss  4.Lockbox  5.Broken  6.The Light Pours Out of Me 

              7.Shove  8.Impossible  9.Stolen  10.Leper


(orig cd)     US Sanctuary 84568, UK Sanctuary MYNCD-010, JPN label unknown VICP-62191


2003          1.PISS (Edit)

              2.Impossible  3.Leper

              CDSPRO: US Sanctuary SANDJ-85545-2


2004.06.22    HOUSES OF THE MOLE

              1.No W  2.Waiting  3.Worthless  4.Wrong  5.Warp City  6.WTV  7.World  8.WKYJ 

              9.Worm  10.Bloodlines  11.Walrus


(orig cd)     US Sanctuary 84678, March 24 2005: JPN label unknown VICP-63003


2004.10.12    EARLY TRAX

              1.Every Day Is Halloween  2.Halloween Remix  3.All Day  4.All Day Remix  5.Nature

              of Love  6.Nature of Love (Cruelty Mix)  7.Nature of Outtakes  8.He’s Angry  9.Move  10.I’m Falling  11.I’m Falling

              (Alternate Take)  12.Overkill


(orig cd)     US/UK Rykodisc RCD-10686


2004.10.12    SIDE TRAX

              1.Man Should Surrender  2.Anthem  3.Don’t Stand in Line  4.Ballad  5.I Will Refuse 

              6.No Bunny  7.Apathy  8.Better Ways  9.Supernaut  10.Hey Asshole  11.Rubber Glove

              Seduction  12.Favorite Things  13.Show Me Your Spine  14.No Name No Slogan

              (Luxa/Pan 12” Mix)  15.No Name No Slogan (Cabaret Voltaire 12” Mix)


(orig cd)     US Rykodisc 10690


2005.09.27    RANTOLOGY

              1.No W (Redux)  2.The Great Satan  3.Wrong (Update Mix)  4.N.W.O. (Update Mix) 

              5.Stigmata (Update Mix)  6.Waiting  7.Warp City (Alternate Mix)  8.Jesus Built My Hotrod (Update Mix)  9.Bad Blood (Alternate

              Mix)  10.Animosity  11.Unsung (Alternate Mix)  12.Bloodlines  13.Psalm 69 (Live)  14.Thieves (Live)  15.The Fall (Live)


(orig cd)     UK Sanctuary MYNCD-047


2006.05.02    RIO GRANDE BLOOD                                   US.134

              1.Rio Grande Blood  2.Senor Peligro  3.Gangreen  4.Fear (Is Big Business) 

              5.Lieslieslies  6.The Great Satan Remix  7.Yellow Cake  8.Palestina  9.Ass Clown 

              10.Khyber Pass


(orig cd)     US 13th Planet 1


2007.07.10    RIO GRANDE DUB YA

              1.Rio Grande Blood (Rio Grande Dubya Mix)  2.Senor Peligro (La Zona Peligrosa Mix) 

              3.Gangreen (Kiss Me Goodnight Mix)  4.Fear Is Big Business (Weapons of Mass

              Deception Mix)  5.Lieslieslies (Cognitive Dissonance Mix)  6.The Great Satan (What

              Would Satan Do? Mix)  7.Yellow Cake (Hexafluoride Mix)  8.Palestina (72nd Virgin

              Mix)  9.Ass Clown (Osama McDonald Mix)  10.Khyber Pass (TX Bush Ranch Mix) 

              11.Lieslieslies (Known Unknown Lies Mix)  12.Lieslieslies (Video)


(orig cd)     UK 13th Planet THP-004CD wo. video?], JPN TKO DDCZ-1448


2007.09.18    THE LAST SUCKER

              1.Let’s Go  2.Watch Yourself  3.Life Is Good  4.The Dick Song  5.The Last Sucker 

              6.No Glory  7.Death & Destruction  8.Roadhouse Blues  9.Die in a Crash  10.End of Days Part One  11.End of Days Part Two


(orig cd)     UK 13th Planet THP-005CD, JPN TKO DDCZ-1475

(orig cdx)    w. bonus tracks: 12.Watch Yourself (Remix)  13.The Last Sucker (Remix)

              UK 13th Planet THPLI-005 [ltd.ed]


2008.04.01    COVER UP

              1.Under My Thumb  2.Bang a Gong  3.Radar Love  4.Space Truckin’  5.Black Betty 

              6.Mississippi Queen  7.Just Got Paid  8.Roadhouse Blues  9.Supernaut  10.Lay Lady

              Lay  11.What a Wonderful World  12.What a Wonderful World (Slow)  13.What a

              Wonderful World (Fast)  14.Stigmatized


(orig cd)     JPN TKO DDCZ-1531


2009.03.31    ADIOS... PUTAS MADRES

              1.Let’s Go  2.Watch Yourself  3.Life Is Good  4.The Dick Song  5.The Last Sucker 

              6.No W  7.Waiting  8.Worthless  9.Wrong  10.Rio Grande Blood  11.Senor Peligro    12.Lies Lies Lies  13.Khyber Pass


(orig cd)     UK 13th Planet THP-012CD

(orig 2-dvd)  UK 13th Planet THP-012DVD


2009.09.15    THE LAST DUBBER

              1.Let’s Go (La Fin du Monde Mix)  2.Watch Yourself (The Clocks Strike Thirteen

              Mix)  3.Life Is Good (Neuroplasticity Mix)  4.The Dick Song (Straight Outta

              Lincoln Mix)  5.The Last Sucker (Icke Mix)  6.No Glory (Sandpaper Condom Mix) 

              7.Death & Destruction (A Vote of Non-Confidence Mix)  8.Die in a Crash (Point of

              Impact Mix)  9.End of Days (Part 1) (One Less Sparrow Mix)  10.End of Days (Part

              2) (Extreme Mayan Makeover Mix)  11.Let’s Go (Dawn of Oblivion Remix)  12.The Last

              Sucker (Hardware Revamp Mix)


(orig cd)     UK 13th Planet THP-014CD



              1.Every Day Is Halloween (2010 Hard Version)  2.N.W.O.  3.Jesus Built My Hotrod 

              4.Stigmata  5.Stranglehold  6.Khyber Pass  7.Iron Man  8.Thunderstruck  9.Purple

              Haze  10.Sharp Dressed Man  11.Rehab  12.Paint It Black


(orig cd)     US Cleopatra