810 119-2 The Present
Produced by Pip Williams
Released on August 23, 1983
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810 119-2 cover
[gatefold sleeve scan]

T wo years after Long Distance Voyager re-energized their career, The Moody Blues returned with batteries only partly recharged for The Present. The winning melodies are still there, the formula from the opening “Blue World” to the last two Ray Thomas tracks intact from V-ger, and producer Pip Williams is again sitting at the wheel, but The Present feels cold by comparison. Of course, they didn’t get any hotter with time, so maybe we should just accept this present with a gracious Thank You. Songs like “Meet Me Halfway,” “Under My Feet” and “It’s Cold Outside of Your Heart” are at least easy to warm up to. The Moodies of The Present remain gifted songwriters, though the synthetic production places them slightly out of their time. In truth, the golden age of the Moodies was over. The minor-key Beatlesque ballads and progressive pop songs are still engaging, but the band themselves seem less engaged. Of course, there was always a dreamlike quality to their music, which required but the gentle nudging of time to turn to sleepy. Voyager was a band with something still left to prove, The Present is not. It’s a good record, arguably their last, lacking only a standout single. I had earlier mused in a review for AMG that the album paralleled the decline between ELO’s Discovery and Time. Both Time and The Present left me feeling slightly deflated, like the last slope on a roller coaster ride, a pleasant sensation but weak in comparison to the peaks behind it.

TRL-1-2902 lyric gatefold TRL-1-2902 inner sleeve
TRL-1-2902 lyric gatefold TRL-1-2902 inner sleeve


  1. BLUE WORLD    (Justin Hayward)
  2. MEET ME HALFWAY    (Justin Hayward/John Lodge)
  3. SITTING AT THE WHEEL    (John Lodge)
  4. GOING NOWHERE    (Graeme Edge)
  5. HOLE IN THE WORLD    (John Lodge)
  6. UNDER MY FEET    (John Lodge)
  7. IT'S COLD OUTSIDE OF YOUR HEART    (Justin Hayward)
  8. RUNNING WATER    (Justin Hayward)
  9. I AM    (Ray Thomas)
  10. SORRY    (Ray Thomas)


GRAEME EDGE -- drums
JUSTIN HAYWARD -- guitars, vocals
JOHN LODGE -- bass, vocals
PATRICK MORAZ -- keyboards
RAY THOMAS -- flutes, harmonicas, vocals
Greg Jackman -- engineer, mixing
The Studio -- booklet design & illustrations
David Wedgbury -- booklet coordination
Cliff O'Sullivan -- compact disc design

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UK August 23, 1983 Threshold LP TXS 140 gatefold cover, lyric sleeve
US August 23, 1983 Threshold LP TRL-1-2902 gatefold cover, inner sleeve
BRA 1983 London LP 81011917  
CAN 1983 Threshold LP TRLS-1-2902 gatefold cover
GER 1983 Threshold LP 6.25633 gatefold cover, direct metal master
JPN 1983 Threshold LP L25P-1156 gatefold cover, lyric insert
MEX 1983 London LP LPE54051 gatefold cover
US/AUS'L   Threshold LP/CD/CS 810 119-1/2/4 gatefold cover, lyric sleeve
RUS   Ars Nova CD 98687  


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