2 THS 12/13 This Is The Moody Blues
Produced by Tony Clarke
Released on November 1974
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2 THS 12/13 cover
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T his is the Moody Blues at their best: from Days of Future Passed to Seventh Sojourn. Just the sort of thing you’d make for yourself on cassette, back in the day. In fact, I wouldn’t switch one song here for another. Some of the choices are obvious, like “Nights In White Satin” and “I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock ‘n’ Roll Band).” Some of the choices aren’t but are much appreciated, like both parts of “Have You Heard” wrapped around “The Voyage” and “For My Lady.” The idea behind this double elpee is not to appeal to collectors necessarily, as only “Simple Game” could be considered difficult to acquire, having appeared as the B side to the “Ride My See-Saw” single. And it’s long for an introduction to the band. As an exposition of the great treasure left to us by the original incarnation of the band, however, This Is The Moody Blues is. To hear this from beginning to end is to stroll through one of the great oeuvres in the history of popular music. Better still, the two discs find balance in the different contributions from the band: Graeme Edge’s poetry, Ray Thomas’ balladry, John Lodge’s rock songs, Mike Pinder’s wide eye for external influences, and of course the brilliant songcraft of Justin Hayward. Continuity is kept intact where necessary while chronological order is ignored. Because the band’s songs came from so many different directions, it’s not a question of when they were written but by whom. The orchestral touches of “Nights In White Satin,” for example, reappear on “New Horizons.” It’s all a long and lovely look at the band, their best feet forward. Containing the Moodies to a single piece of plastic has proved problematic. A double helping is definitely in order, and This Is The Moody Blues is the satiating serving you need.

2 THS 12/13 inner gatefold 2 THS 12/13 back cover
2 THS 12/13 inner gatefold 2 THS 12/13 back cover


    record one
  1. QUESTION    (Justin Hayward)    5:39
  2. THE ACTOR    (Justin Hayward)    4:11
  3. THE WORD    (Graeme Edge)    0:51
  4. EYES OF A CHILD    (John Lodge)    2:34
  5. DEAR DIARY    (Ray Thomas)    3:47
  6. LEGEND OF A MIND    (Ray Thomas)    6:37
  7. IN THE BEGINNING    (Graeme Edge)    2:06
  8. LOVELY TO SEE YOU    (Justin Hayward)    2:35
  9. NEVER COMES THE DAY    (Justin Hayward)    4:39
  10. ISN'T LIFE STRANGE    (John Lodge)    6:32
  11. THE DREAM    (Graeme Edge)    0:52
  12. HAVE YOU HEARD (PART ONE)    (Mike Pinder)    1:23
  13. THE VOYAGE    (Mike Pinder)    4:08
  14. HAVE YOU HEARD (PART TWO)    (Mike Pinder)    2:08

    record two
  15. RIDE MY SEE-SAW    (John Lodge)    3:32
  16. TUESDAY AFTERNOON    (Justin Hayward)    4:04
  17. AND THE TIDE RUSHES IN    (Ray Thomas)    2:54
  18. NEW HORIZONS    (Justin Hayward)    5:06
  19. SIMPLE GAME    (Mike Pinder)    3:18
  20. WATCHING AND WAITING    (Justin Hayward)    4:21
  21. I'M JUST A SINGER (IN A ROCK AND ROLL BAND)    (John Lodge)    4:11
  22. FOR MY LADY    (Ray Thomas)    3:54
  23. THE STORY IN YOUR EYES    (Justin Hayward)    2:45
  24. MELANCHOLY MAN    (Mike Pinder)    5:05
  25. NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN    (Justin Hayward)    4:33
  26. LATE LAMENT    (Graeme Edge)    2:33


Dave Rohls, Pete Jackson, Nick Massey, David Wedgbury -- photographers

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UK/AUS'L November 1974 Threshold 2LP/CS MB1/2/KMBC1 gatefold cover
US November 1974 Threshold 2LP 2 THS 12/13 gatefold cover
BRA   Threshold 2LP 30002/3 gatefold cover
JPN 1974 Threshold 2LP GSW-507/8  
NET 1974 Threshold 2LP 6835 927/8 gatefold cover
YUG   Jugoton 2LP LST 75013/4  
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