820 155-2 Voices In The Sky -
The Best of The Moody Blues
previously released material
Released on November 22, 1984
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820 155-2 cover
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Y ou would think this contained the song “Voices in the Sky.” It doesn’t. Maybe someone thought the title was clever. It isn’t. Purporting to be the best of The Moody Blues, listeners deserved better, from the lame cover (it’s blue, I get it) and lack of liner notes to the limp selection. Does anyone except the person who compiled this really think that “Veteran Cosmic Rocker” is a better song that “Forever Afternoon (Tuesday)” or “The Story In Your Eyes?” I like Long Distance Voyager, don’t get me wrong, I just wasn’t prepared to re-encounter half of it here. What Voices ends up doing it is creating a mottled patchwork of the band’s legacy, mixing synthetics (“Talking Out of Turn”) and psychedelia (“Ride My See-Saw”) with no regard for placement or effect. I wouldn’t presume to tell you that putting together a single-disc Moodies sampler is an easy task. It’s a big world between “Go Now!” and “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere;” any bridge between the two is bound to be bumpy. However, putting the music in chronological order would have helped matters immensely. This Is The Moody Blues did a much better job of things by digging into the albums, just as fans had always done. No one was going to subsist on “After You Came” or “Isn’t Life Strange;” they were pieces of a bigger whole. If you’re new to the Moodies, buy Days of Future Passed, Threshold of a Dream, Lost Chord or even Long Distance Voyager. As for Voices in the Sky, you can build your own dozen Moodies mix on iTunes for less money. There’s also a review of this on All-Music Guide.


  1. RIDE MY SEE-SAW    (John Lodge)    3:37
  2. TALKING OUT OF TURN    (John Lodge)    4:58
  3. DRIFTWOOD    (Justin Hayward)    4:31
  4. NEVER COMES THE DAY    (Justin Hayward)    4:39
  5. I'M JUST A SINGER (IN A ROCK AND ROLL BAND)    (John Lodge)    4:16
  6. GEMINI DREAM    (Justin Hayward/John Lodge)    3:46
  7. THE VOICE    (Justin Hayward)    4:16
  8. AFTER YOU CAME    (Graeme Edge)    4:35
  9. QUESTION    (Justin Hayward)    4:55
  10. VETERAN COSMIC ROCKER    (Ray Thomas)    3:09
  11. ISN'T LIFE STRANGE    (John Lodge)    6:03
  12. NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN    (Justin Hayward)    4:25


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UK November 22, 1984 Decca LP/CS SKL/KSKC 5341 different cover
US 1984 Threshold LP/CD/CS 820 155-1/2/4  
CAN 1984 Threshold LP TRLS-1-2903  
GER 1984 Decca LP 625939  
SAF 1984 Decca LP SPL-4008  


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