ST-11933 Escape From Domination
Produced by Craig Leon
Released on 1979
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ST-11933 cover
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M y brother used to do a really good impression of the sleestak from Land of the Lost. And let me tell you, nothing breaks up the tedium of the day like a good sleestak impression. Which is how I ended up with this album: it broke up the tedium of buying records that didn’t have aliens in tin foil on them. Plus I loved watching Far Out Space Nuts as a kid, so cheesy aliens and I, well, we’re tight. However, you’d do best not to judge this disc by its cover. Escape From Domination is similar to the music that Dave Edmunds was making at the time: rockabilly and Everlys homage played quick and tight. Edmunds is the better singer and guitarist, Martin the better songwriter, but otherwise it’s not hard to imagine Moon Martin as an English pub rock type (say, Ian Gomm). The primary difference between Edmunds and Martin is one of fate: Edmunds had hits with other people’s songs, Martin’s songs were hits for other people. And like Gomm and Edmunds, Martin’s music was often miscast as new wave. It isn’t. There’s nothing new about the rollicking “Rolene” or the sneaky-smart harmonies of “Dangerous,” but the idea of fashionable young cats playing the music of old cats (Chuck Berry, Beach Boys) smacked of subversion I suppose. What separates Moon from his English contemporaries is a California rock component. Sometimes he sounds like Steve Miller (“I’ve Got A Reason,” “The Feeling’s Right”), other times the complex harmonies suggest Brian Wilson (“She Made A Fool of You”). Mix that in with rockabilly and Everlylovely ballads (“No Chance,” “Dream”) and you’ve arrived at the heart of Escape’s appeal.


  1. I'VE GOT A REASON    2:59
  2. SHE MADE A FOOL OF YOU    3:36
  3. DREAMER    3:02
  4. GUN SHY    3:02
  5. HOT HOUSE BABY    3:15
  6. THE FEELING'S RIGHT    3:54
  7. ROLENE    3:35
  8. NO CHANCE    2:40
  9. DANGEROUS    2:53
  10. BOOTLEG WOMAN    (Fontaine Brown)    2:58

    All songs written by Moon Martin unless noted


MOON MARTIN -- vocals & guitars, associate producer
  JUDE COLE -- guitars & vocals
  DENNIS CROY -- bass guitar
  RICK CROY -- drums
Craig Leon -- keyboards, engineer
Rob Stoner -- bass guitar (9)
Howard Wyeth -- drums (9)
David Baldwin -- engineer
John Sanford -- engineer
Roy Kohara -- art direction/design
Henry E. Marquez -- art direction/design
Brian McLaughlin -- photography & front cover concept
Ron Slenzak -- liner photograph

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US/CAN 1979 Capitol LP/CS ST/4XT-11933 lyric sleeve
UK 1979 Capitol LP EST-11933 lyric sleeve
GER 1979 Capitol LP 1C 064 85944  
UK 1995 Edsel CDX 432 repackaged w. SHOTS FROM A COLD NIGHTMARE


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