27341-2 My Soul Is Wet
Produced by Eli Ball
Released on October 19, 1993
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27341-2 cover
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M arilyn Hanson. That’s the first thing I thought. I mean, they couldn’t have been more than fifteen (okay, they were a little older). You expected to see them on BMX bikes hanging outside of a McDonald’s or 7-11, not on a major label (Chrysalis, home to heavy metal masters Jethro Tull). But “Locked” rocked, so you just had to put that picture out of your head and pretend they were older, wiser, angrier than 18-year-olds who still went to church on Sundays with their parents. Mutha’s Day Out was the best thing to come out of Batesville, Arkansas in the 1990s, a younger version of Faith No More who (like many other bands) were scratching around for a way to mix metal and rap into a new form of release and expression. Unfortunately, Chrysalis really didn’t know their way around a rap/metal act, and the band fizzled after a few videos, a tour and a track on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. Songs like “Locked,” “Get A Clue,” “Blank Page” and “My Soul Is Wet” show that Mutha’s Day Out gets it, they just need time to mature; grow some chops and dig a deeper well of life experience to draw from. Didn’t happen, and that’s a shame, but they still got fifteen minutes more than most of us in music videos for “Locked,” “My Soul Is Wet” and “Green.” The videos, by the way, are low-budget affairs and nothing like the shocking “Epic” from Faith No More. As much as early rap/metal can be called generic, this is it, but even a terrible name and poor packaging can’t hide the fact that these kids rock.


  1. LOCKED    (Mikal Moore/Rodney Moffitt)    3;54
  2. MY SOUL IS WET    (Mikal Moore/Rodney Moffitt/Chuck Schaaf/Jeff Morgan/Brice Stephens)    2:48
  3. GREEN    (Mikal Moore/Chuck Schaaf)    4:46
  4. WHAT U SEE/WE ALL BLEED RED    (Mikal Moore/Lance Branstetter)    5:54
  5. DRY WATER    (Mikal Moore/Lance Branstetter)    3:41
  6. DING DING MAN    0:43
  7. GET A CLUE    (Mikal Moore/Rodney Moffitt/Jeff Morgan)    2:45
  8. BLANK PAGE    (Mikal Moore/Brice Stephens/Jeff Morgan/Lance Branstetter)    4:21
  9. MEMORIES FADE    (Mikal Moore/Chuck Schaaf/Jeff Morgan)    6:46
  10. BREAKFAST FIRST PLEASE    (Mikal Moore/Lance Branstetter)    2:55
  11. WAIT FOR ME    (Mikal Moore/Chuck Schaaf)    3:56
  12. UGLY    (Mikal Moore/Jeff Morgan)    3:40


MIKAL MOORE -- vocals
CHUCK SCHAAF -- guitar
Eli Ball -- mixing engineer, engineer
Paul Ebersold -- mixing engineer
John Hampton -- mixing engineer
Brad Vosburg -- engineer
Henry Marquez -- art direction
LuAnn Graffeo -- art direction, design
Matt Gunther -- photography

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US October 19, 1993 Chrysalis CD/CS 27341  
UK 1993 Chrysalis LP/CD CHR/CDCHR-6061  


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