6E-302 Posh
Produced by Charles Mims, Jr. and Patrice Rushen
Released on 1980
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very 6E-302 cover
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O nce upon a time (specifically Upon The Wings of Music), Patrice Rushen was a very promising jazz keyboardist. Her contributions to the aforementioned Jean-Luc Ponty album were so unfailingly excellent that some of the grey cells in the back of my brain got together and made a pact to never forget that fact. So, when I was thumbing through used elpees in Albany (California) and saw Posh for a few bucks, those Patrice Police piped up. All by way of explaining why another aging caulkasian is painting a Patrice Rushen album from the myopia of her early jazz days (my myopia, not hers). Posh is her fourth disco/funk album, and at this stage Rushen had already successfully transitioned from jazz keyboardist to disco diva. Yet her last album (Pizzazz) also placed number 2 in the jazz charts, a sign that the line between jazz, funk and disco was fast disappearing. Posh is not a jazz album. There are jazz elements at work in “Don’t Blame Me,” “I Need Your Love” and “The Dream,” and they make plain that the Prestigeous Patrice is still present under the surface. This album is, however, disco first and foremost, and of a high order. Strings and horn charts show off her depth as an arranger, and smartly done songs like “The Dream” and “This Is All I Really Know” soften the sting of losing a superlative pianist to popular music. She is, honestly, gifted with a merely good voice (the Gods are at least equitable). It’s her combination of talents (player, writer, arranger, singer) and sense of style that make her stand out. Like the disco/funk crossovers of Herbie Hancock and Santana, the initial horror of jazz/prog listeners may soon be assuaged by the quality of the compositions and the players involved (Paul Jackson Jr., Ready Freddie Washington, Leon “Ndugu” Chancler). “Look Up!,” “I Need Your Love,” “Don’t Blame Me” and “Never Gonna Give You Up” (which reminds me of En Vogue’s “Never Gonna Get It”) are fair booty for a disco album. Prog fans probably want to keep their forays into the jazz/disco/funk camp to a minimum. If you’re bound down this road, Posh is at least a classy citizen in a maligned and misunderstood musical genre.


  1. NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP (WON'T LET YOU BE)    (Patrice Rushen/Freddie Washington)    6:50
  2. DON'T BLAME ME    (Patrice Rushen/Angela Rushen Ehigiator/Clarence R. Bell)    6:31
  3. LOOK UP!    (Patrice Rushen/Charles Mims, Jr./Sheree Brown)    3:40
  4. I NEED YOUR LOVE    (Patrice Rushen/Charles Mims, Jr./Angela Rushen Ehigiator)    4:25
  5. TIME WILL TELL    (Patrice Rushen/Angela Rushen Ehigiator)    5:09
  6. THE DREAM    (Patrice Rushen/Freddie Washington/Sheree Brown)    4:54
  7. THE FUNK WON'T LET YOU DOWN    (Patrice Rushen)    7:35
  8. THIS IS ALL I REALLY KNOW    (Patrice Rushen/Lynn Davis)    4:41


PATRICE RUSHEN -- lead vocal, acoustic piano, electric piano, synthesizer, percussion, background vocals, bass, synthesizer strings, executive producer
LYNN DAVIS -- background vocals
ROY GALLOWAY -- background vocals
PAUL M. JACKSON, JR. -- guitar
"READY" FREDDIE WASHINGTON -- bass, background vocals, production assistance (3)
Wali Ali -- male lead vocal (1), guitar (2,4)
Eddie "Bongo" Brown -- percussion (1,3)
Gerry Brown -- drums (7)
Raymond Lee Brown -- flugelhorn (4)
Leon "Ndugu" Chancler -- drums
James Gadson -- drums (1,8)
Jim Gilstrap -- background vocals (7,8)
Marlo Henderson -- guitar
Charles Mims, Jr. -- acoustic piano (3), synthesizer (4)
Wanda Vaughn -- background vocals (3)
Charles Veal, Jr. -- violin, concertmaster
David T. Walker -- guitar
Melvin Webb -- drums (4,5)
Kenny Yerke "The Human Theremin" -- high whistling (6)
Peter Chaikin -- engineer
F. Byron Clark -- mixing
Phil Moores -- additional engineering
Jeffrey Titmus -- additional engineering
Ron Coro, Norm Ung -- art direction
Bobby Holland -- photography

US 1980 Elektra LP/8T 6E/ET8-302 lyric sleeve
UK 1980 Elektra LP K-52260 lyric sleeve
JPN 1980 Elektra LP P-10970E promo
US February 25, 2003 Wounded Bird CD WOBR-302  


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