Penguin Café Orchestra


     Simon Jeffes, Helen Liebmann, Steve Nye, Gavyn Wright plus Neil Rennie, Emily Young.



              A1.Penguin Café Single  A2.ZOPF:  A2a.From the Colonies  A2b.In a Sydney Motel 

              A2c.Surface Tension (Where the Trees Meet the Sky)  A2d.Milk  A2e.Coronation 

              A2f.Giles Farnaby’s Dream  A2g.Pigtail  B1.The Sound of Someone You Love Who’s

              Going Away and It Doesn’t Matter  B2.Hugebaby  B3.Chartered Flight


(orig lp)     UK Obscure OBS-7, FRA/GER Editions EG 2311 041, JPN Editions EG 25MM-0138

(reiss lp)    1987: US Editions EG EGED-27

(reiss cs)    UK Vigin OVEDC-431

(reiss cd)    1987: GER EMI 787 448, 1987: UK/US Editions EG EEGCD-27, September 26 2008: JPN EMI VCJP-68883


     Now with extra guests Braco, Giles Leaman, Geoffrey Richardson, Julio Segovia, Peter




              A1.Air a Danser  A2.Yodel 1  A3.Telephone and Rubber Band  A4.Cutting Branches for

              a Temporary Shelter  A5.Pythagora’s Trousers  A6.Numbers 1-4  B1.Yodel 2  B2.Salty

              Bean Fumble  B3.Paul’s Dance  B4.The Ecstasy of Dancing Fleas  B5.Walk Don’t Run 

              B6.Flux  B7.Simon’s Dream  B8.Harmonic Necklace  B9.Steady State


(orig lp)     UK Editions EG EGED-11, US Editions EG EGM-113, JPN Polydor 28MM-0065

(orig cs)     UK Editions EG EGEDC-11

(reiss cd)    UK Editions EG EEGCD-11, 1987: GER/NET EMI 787 449, 2000: RUS ArsNova 8932,

              September 26 2008: JPN EMI VJCP-68884


1981          A1.MUSIC FOR A FOUND HARMONIUM  B1.Air a Danser

              7”: UK Editions EG EGO-22 [ps]


1983          MINI ALBUM (EP)

              1.The Penguin Café Single  2.Air a Danser  3.The Toy  4.Numbers 1-4  5.Salty Bean

              Fumble  6.Piano Music


(orig ep)     US Editions EG EGMLP-2



              1.Music for a Found Harmonium  2.Prelude and Yodel  3.More Milk  4.Sheep Dip 

              5.White Mischief  6.In the Back of a Taxi  7.Music by Numbers  8.Another One from

              the Colonies  9.Air  10.Heartwind  11.Isle of View (Music for Helicopter Pilots) 

              12.Now Nothing


(orig lp)     US Editions EG EGED-38, JPN EG Records 28MM-0382

(orig cs)     US Editions EG EGEDC-38

(reiss cd)    September 26 2008: JPN EMI VJCP-68885


1987          SIGNS OF LIFE

              1.Beanfields  2.Southern Jukebox Music  3.Horns of the Bull  4.Oscar Tango  5.The

              Snake and The Lotus (The Pond)  6.Rosasolis  7.Dirt  8.Sketch  9.Perpetuum Mobile 

              10.Swing the Cat  11.Wildlife


(orig lp)     UK Editions EG EGED-50

(reiss cd)    September 26 2008: JPN EMI VJCP-68886


1987          A1.DIRT  B1.?

              7”: UK Editions EG EDS-2


1988          WHEN IN ROME...

              1.Air a Danser  2.Yodel One  3.Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter  4.From

              the Colonies  5.Southern Jukebox Music  6.Numbers 1-4  7.Telephone and Rubber Band 

              8.Air  9.Beanfields  10.Paul’s Dance  11.Oscar Tango  12.Music for a Found

              Harmonium  13.Isle of View (Music for Helicopter Pilots)  14.Prelude and Yodel 

              15.Dirt  16.Giles Farnaby’s Dream


(orig lp)     UK Editions EG EGED-56

(reiss cd)    September 26 2008: JPN EMI VJCP-68887


1993          UNION CAFÉ

              1.Scherzo and Trio  2.Lifeboat (Lovers Rock)  3.Nothing Really Blue  4.Cape Dead 

              5.Vega  6.Yodel 3  7.Organum  8.Another One from Porlock  9.Thorn Tree Wind 

              10.Silver Star of Bologna  11.Discover America  12.Pythagoras on the Line  13.Kora

              Kora  14.Lie Back and Think of England  15.Red Shorts  16.Passing Through


(orig cd)     Peregrina Music 50091

(reiss cd)    March 18, 2003: US United States of Distribution 183


1995          CONCERT PROGRAM

              A1.Air a Danser  A2.Cage Dead (Version 2)  A3.Organum  A4.Southern Jukebox Music 

              A5.Numbers 1-4  A6.Air  A7.Perpetuum Mobile  A8.Nothing Really Blue  A9.Telephone

              and Rubber Band  B1.Beanfields  B2.Vega  B3.Surface Tension (Where the Trees Meet

              the Sky)  B4.Oscar Tango  B5.Music for a Found Harmonium  B6.Lifeboat (Lovers’

              Rock)  B7.Steady State  B8.Scherzo and Trio  B9.Giles Farnaby’s Dream  B10.Salty

              Bean Fumble  B11.Red Shorts


(orig 2-cd)   US Zopf/Windham Hill 11169

(reiss 2-cd)  March 18, 2003: US United States of Distribution 182



              1.Music for a Found Harmonium  2.Perpetuum Mobile  3.Penguin Café Single  4.Air 

              5.Telephone and Rubber Band  6.Dirt  7.Giles Farnaby’s Dream  8.Oscar Tango 

              9.Rosasolis  10.Air a Danser  11.Music for a Found Harmonium  12.Yodel 3  13.White

              Mischief  14.Prelude and Yodel  15.Harmonic Necklace  16.Steady State  17.Nothing

              Really Blue  18.Pandaharmonium  19.Piano Music


(orig cd)     US Caroline 1100


1999.10.12    OSKAR UND LENI

              1.Lifeboat  2.Another One from Porlock  3.Southern Jukebox Music  4.Nothing Really

              Blue  5.Silver Star of Bologna  6.Steady State  7.Oscar Tango  8.Thorn Tree Wind 

              9.Red Shorts  10.Air a Danser


(orig cd)     US Peregrina 50161


Telephone And Rubber Band (tastic remix)

CDS: US 2000 label unknown


2001.11.12    A BRIEF HISTORY

              1.Beanfields (Live)  2.Telephone and Rubber Band  3.Music for a Found Harmonium 

              4.Perpetuum Mobile  5.From the Colonies (Live)  6.Giles Farnaby’s Dream (Live) 

              7.Surface Tension  8.Air a Danser  9.Yodel 1  10.Numbers 1-4  11.Steady State 

              12.Paul’s Dance  13.Prelude & Yodel (Live)  14.Heartwind  15.White Mischief 

              16.Dirt  17.Rosasolis  18.Organum  19.Lullaby


(orig cd)     UK EG Records


2001.11.26    A HISTORY

              1.Penguin Café Single  2.From the Colonies  3.Giles Farnaby’s Dream  4.Pigtail 

              5.Hugebaby  6.Chartered Flight  7.Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter 

              8.Pythagora’s Trousers  9.Yodel 2  10.Salty Bean Fumble  11.The Ecstasy of Dancing

              Fleas  12.Walk Don’t Run  13.Meditation Rag  14.The Toy  15.Numbers 1-4 (Live) 

              16.Salty Bean Fumble (Live)  17.Yodel 2 (Live)  18.Prelude & Yodel  19.More Milk 

              20.Sheep Dip  21.In the Back of a Taxi  22.Music by Numbers  23.Another One from

              the Colonies  24.Air  25.Isle of View (Music for Helicopter Pilots)  26.Now

              Nothing  27.Bean Fields  28.Southern Jukebox Music  29.Horns of the Bull  30.Oscar

              Tango  31.Sketch  32.Giles Farnaby’s Dream  33.Perpetuum Mobile (Live)  34.Surface

              Tension (Live)  35.Dirt (Live)  36.Yodel 1 (Live)  37.Cutting Branches for a

              Temporary Shelter (Live)  38.In the Back of a Taxi (Live)  39.Southern Jukebox

              Music (Live)  40.Numbers 1-4  41.Telephone and Rubber Band (Live)  42.Air (Live) 

              43.Paul’s Dance (Live)  44.Oscar Tango (Live)  45.Music for a Found Harmonium

              (Live)  46.Isle of View (Music for Helicopter Pilots) (Live)  47.Air a Danser

              (Live)  48.Bean Fields (Live)  49.Music for a Found Harmonium (Live)  50.Lifeboat

              (Lovers’ Rock) (Live)  51.Steady State (Live)  52.Scherzo and Trio  53.Nothing

              Really Blue  54.Cage Dead  55.Vega  56.Another One from Porlock  57.Pythagoras on the Line  58.Kora Kora  59.Red Ahorts  60.Passing Through


(orig 4-cd)   EMI/Virgin 811482



              1.Numbers 1-4  2.Salty Bean Fumble  3.Air  4.Lifeboat  5.Vega  6.Perpetuum Mobile 

              7.Silver Star of Bologna  8.Piano Sketch  9.Kora Kora  10.Lie Back and Think of

              England  11.Red Shorts  12.Another One from Porlock  13.Pythagoras on the Line


(orig cd)     Zopf