RCC 9285 Testimony of the Ancients
Produced by Pestilence and Scott Burns
Released on 1991
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RCC 9285 cover  

T estimony. Seeking life answers by using dark powers since 1986. And seeking a new vocalist since Martin Van Drunen’s departure. So guitarist Patrick Mameli stepped into the spotlight and the fame of Pestilence spread. A little. Testimony of the Ancients is regarded by some as the band’s darkest (i.e., finest) hour. I’ll add my testimonial to the pyre; this is one of the best death metal albums I own. And now for the inevitable asterisk: I don’t own a lot of death metal albums and the ones that I do own aren’t very good. There’s just something about death metal that offends my sensibiities. Not my musical sensibilities, since I like speed/thrash metal. And not my religious sensibilities, since bands like Pestilence put more fear of God into me than Cotton Mather ever could. But my English language sensibilities suffer every time some death metal band whips out their Thesaurus of Evil and starts inventing words like “proliferous” and “delirial.” In that sense, Testimony of the Ancients is a very good death metal album because the lyrics make sense and rhyme. You see, the whole thing is a concept album about “the Quest for the TRUTH of Existence.” And the truth is (drumroll, please): Life sucks and then you die. Horribly. Thanks for coming. Kind of a gyp as concepts go, except that Testimony rocks mightoriously. Patrick Mameli is a student of Tony Iommi: intricate acoustic interludes, the sweet and leafy “Twisted Truth,” etc. The fact is that very few death metal bands have any crossover appeal: Sepultura, Type O Negative, Death. Add to that list Pestilence and Testimony of the Ancients. Rock and roll and rot in hell, indeed.

RCC 9285 lyric sleeve
RCC 9285 lyric sleeve


  1. THE SECRECIES OF HORROR    (music: Patrick Mameli/Patrick Uterwijk, lyrics: Marco Foddis)
  2. BITTERNESS    (Patrick Mameli/Patrick Uterwijk)
  3. TWISTED TRUTH    (music: Patrick Mameli/Patrick Uterwijk, lyrics: Marco Foddis)
  4. DARKENING    (Patrick Mameli)
  5. LOST SOULS    (music: Patrick Mameli, lyrics: Marco Foddis)
  6. BLOOD    (Patrick Mameli)
  7. LAND OF TEARS    (music: Patrick mameli, lyrics: Marco Foddis)
  8. FREE US FROM TEMPTATION    (Patrick Mameli)
  9. PROPHETIC REVELATIONS    (music: Patrick Mameli, lyrics: Marco Foddis)
  10. IMPURE    (Patrick Mameli)
  11. TESTIMONY    (music & lyrics: Patrick Mameli)
  12. SOULLESS    (Tony Choy)
  13. PRESENCE OF THE DEAD    (music: Patrick Mameli, lyrics: Marco Foddis)
  14. STIGMATIZED    (music: Patrick Mameli/Patrick Uterwijk, lyrics: Marco Foddis)


TONY CHOY -- bass
PATRICK MAMELI -- vocals, lead guitar
PATRICK UTERWIJK -- lead guitar
Scott Burns -- engineer, mixing
Dan SeaGrave -- cover illustration, concept, ancient mechanical ball
Carole Segal -- photos
Patricia Mooney -- art direction

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US 1991 Roadrunner LP/CD/CS RC/RR/RCC 9285 lyric sleeve
  2003 Roadrunner 2CD 618355 repackaged w. CONSUMING IMPULSE


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