81905-1 "Buster" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Produced by Phil Collins, Lamont Dozier, Anne Dudley
Released on 1988
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81905-1 cover
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P hil Collins, the actor. Say it a few more times with me until it sounds natural. Phil Collins, the ack’tor. There. Now can you say Buster, the turkey? Not that I saw this film, or McVicar, or any English movie that casts a rock star as a sympathetic criminal. It all goes back to Frankie, I suppose, this idea that musicians (natural rebels, them) would make good bad/good guys on film. I suppose we should thank heavens Phil was working on a film, since in an election year he might have become a viable third-party candidate. Anyway, onto the soundtrack, which is all anybody remembers nowadays. Phil Collins and Lamont Dozier put a new face on the old Dozier, Dozier & Holland engine for Phil (“Two Hearts”) and The Four Tops (“Loco In Acapulco”), while Phil gives “A Groovy Kind of Love” a makeover. The songs from Phil Collins are the obvious attraction, ranging from MOR pabulum (“A Groovy Kind of Love”) to Motown revival (“Two Hearts”). Actually, it’s the other way ‘round, since the two tracks serve as bookends in reverse order. The third Collins song, “Big Noise,” is the ugly duckling in the family, though it confirms that Collins and Dozier are at least fallible. The remainder of the record includes pieces of Anne Dudley’s score -- the instrumental links are especially lovely -- and classic tracks from the Mersey. I’m not sure what light classical music, The Hollies’ “Just One Look” and a tribute to Motown have in common, but somehow the eclectic mix works. On the sliding scale of soundtracks, which clearly slide lower than proper studio albums, Buster’s a heavyweight. Collins fans can get the best of Buster on Hits (“Two Hearts,” “A Groovy Kind of Love”), but if you see this languishing in a bargain bin somewhere, it’s worth a few bucks on a flyer.

81905-1 back cover
81905-1 back cover


  1. TWO HEARTS    (Phil Collins/Lamont Dozier)    3:23
    GARDENING BY THE BOOK    (Anne Dudley)    0:25
  2. JUST ONE LOOK    (Doris Payne/Gregory Carroll)    2:28
    ...AND I LOVE HER    (Anne Dudley)    1:30
  3. BIG NOISE    (Lamont Dozier/Phil Collins)    3:54
  4. THE ROBBERY    (Anne Dudley)    7:31
  5. I GOT YOU BABE    (Sonny Bono)    3:09
  6. KEEP ON RUNNING    (Jackie Edwards)    2:44
    ALONE IN ACAPULCO    (Anne Dudley)    0:15
  7. LOCO IN ACAPULCO    (Phil Collins/Lamont Dozier)    4:11
  8. HOW DO YOU DO IT?    (Mitch Murray)    1:53
    THOUGHTS OF HOME    (Anne Dudley)    0:33
  9. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF    (Hal David/Burt Bacharach)    3:02
    THE GOOD LIFE    (Anne Dudley)    1:02
  10. SWEETS FOR MY SWEET    (Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman)    2:26
  11. WILL YOU STILL BE WAITING    (Anne Dudley)    1:54
  12. A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE    (Toni Wine/Carole Bayer Bacharach)    3:30


Gerry And The Pacemakers -- (8)
The Hollies -- (2)
The London Film Orchestra --
The Searchers -- (10)
Sonny & Cher -- (5)
Spencer Davis Group -- (6)
Dusty Springfield -- (9)
Proktor and Storey -- design
Jon Gardey -- photos
David Pilton Advertising Agency -- front cover concept

UK 1988 Virgin LP V2544  
US/CAN 1988 Atlantic LP/CD/CS 81905  


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