SMACD924X London 1966/1967
Directed by Peter Whitehead
Released on 1995
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K ronomyth 21.3: IT’S LONDONE, DARLING. Nearly 30 years after the fact, someone dug up the results of Floyd’s first studio session (funded by Peter Whitehead as he was directing Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London) and released the two (that’s right, only two) tracks plus incidental film footage as In London ‘66-’67. (A decade later, Snapper released it all over again as London 1966/1967.) The sessions feature a 17-minute version of “Interstellar Overdrive” wherein Syd Barrett goes deep-space spelunkering, and a 12-minute jam called “Nick’s Boogie” built around Mason’s malleted tom tom riff, which (according to commentator Mike Stax) was repurposed in part for “A Saucerful of Secrets.” The film footage simply proves the point that young people have nothing important to say, such as Mick Jagger’s assertion that in the future machines would be doing our jobs and we would only be working four-hour days (apparently, he was talking about his future). Floyd fanatics will find the material of interest since it captures and in a sense crystallizes the band’s early psychedelic experiments. Under no circumstances, however, should you even consider buying this until you own Floyd's first two records. For $7 (the price of the CDEP), it’s not a big investment, but how often really are you going to take a CD out of the case, etc. just to hear twenty-eight minutes of largely improvised jamming from a group of stoned teenagers? The full-length DVD featuring Whitehead’s original film is costlier, both in terms of price and the psychological toll taken from hearing English people talk about sex for two hours.


  1. INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE    (Syd Barrett/Roger Waters/Rick Wright/Nick Mason)    16:46
  2. NICK'S BOOGIE    (Nick Mason)    11:50


SYD BARRETT -- guitar
NICK MASON -- drums
RICK WRIGHT -- Farfisa organ
Joe Boyd -- session producer
John Woods -- engineer

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UK 1995 See for Miles CDEP 3  
UK September 13, 2005 Snapper CDEP SMACD924X  


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