4M 034-52150 Relics
Produced by Norman Smith, The Pink Floyd, Joe Boyd
Released on May 14, 1971
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4M 034-52150 cover
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F or those who like their Pink rare and well done, I suppose. Relics collects nonalbum A sides and B sides plus a few popular album cuts, which has it at cross purposes: shallow archaeology and the pick of Pink. Since you were more likely to run across a cutout or budget price copy of Relics in the record bins than most Pink Floyd works, I’ve never given it much respect. The junky version I own (Sounds Superb, my royal cantaloupe halves) doesn’t help matters. And yet there’s no getting around the fact that “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play” are must-owns in the Pink canon that couldn’t be found anywhere else. (Fast-forward to 1983 and Works relegates Relics to the dust of ages again.) As for the three non-album B sides, they’re interesting but not exactly essential moments. “Paintbox” is a fair approximation of Peppers-era Beatles, “Julia Dream” pink narcosis, “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” a psychedelic instrumental more notable for its label than its contents. The essential moments actually number four: the opening trio (“Interstellar Overdrive” is and ever shall be amazing) and the closing “Bike.” What’s sandwiched in between is a mix of white fluff and reddish meat. Two tracks from More is more than necessary, while the heretofore unheard “Biding My Time,” unique to this album, is only a modestly good use of it (time, that is). Of course, I’ve never encountered a satisfactory Pink Floyd compilation. The albums are wondrous worlds, the compilations simply star matter stuck together.


  1. ARNOLD LAYNE    (Syd Barrett)
  2. INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE    (Syd Barrett/Roger Waters/Richard Wright/Nick Mason)
  3. SEE EMILY PLAY    (Syd Barrett)
  4. REMEMBER A DAY    (Richard Wright)
  5. PAINTBOX    (Richard Wright)
  6. JULIA DREAM    (Roger Waters)
  7. CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE, EUGENE    (Roger Waters/Richard Wright/David Gilmour/Nick Mason)
  8. CIRRUS MINOR    (Roger Waters)
  9. THE NILE SONG    (Roger Waters)
  10. BIDING MY TIME    (Roger Waters)
  11. BIKE    (Syd Barrett)


Nick Mason - art work

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UK May 14, 1971 Starline LP SRS 5071  
US May 14, 1971 Harvest LP SW-759  
BRA   Harvest LP SHVL-1009 "4-eye" cover
UK 1978 M.f.P. LP/CS MFP/TCMFP 50397  
EEC October 1978 M.f.P./Sounds Superb LP 4M 034-52150 b&w cover
FRA/NET   EMI LP 5C 048-50740  
US 1982 Capitol LP/CS SN/4N-16234  
AUS'L   EMI CD CDAX 701290 unique "coin" cover
EUR 1996 EMI CD 835603 digital remaster w. unique cover
US August 6, 1996 Capitol CD/CS 35603 digital remaster w. unique cover
JPN May 16, 2001 EMI/Toshiba CD TOCP-65556 digital remaster


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