KE 32895 Seven
Produced by Jack Richardson
Released on April 12, 1974
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KE 32895 cover
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K ronomyth 7.0: THE SOUND AND NO FURAY. Poco were destined to be a poor man’s CS&N or Eagles and, with the departure of Richie Furay, even that dim avenue seemed closed off to them. Yet George Grantham and Rusty Young soldiered on behind the songwriting of Paul Cotton and Tim Schmit and released the remarkably solid Seven. By all rights, Seven should have exposed the ugly seams in this cobbled-together quartet; instead, this is an air-tight album of rock/country music. The knock on Seven, and it’s a fair one, is that the whole thing is about two hits shy of a home run. “Faith In The Families,” with its shades of CS&N and America, didn’t go anywhere as a single, and truthfully none of Seven’s eight have what it takes to be a Top 40 hit. This is where the poor man’s CS&N/Eagles label applies, but with the caveat that even a cut-price CSG&Y is still a good value, if only to keep you from wearing out your copy of On The Border. Seven includes four new songs from Paul Cotton (starring as the sere Stephen Stills), three from Schmit (the romantic, rockin’ Eaglet) and one heckuva hoedown from Rusty Young. The harmonies on Seven are typically excellent, the guitar playing too (Joe Walsh and Jeff Baxter need not apply) and George Grantham is as good a country-rock drummer as you’ll find. And despite his plodding bass lines, Tim Schmit turns out to be a serviceable second songwriter, with a pair of tracks (“Just Call My Name,” “Skatin’”) that suggest he may be harboring an English hard rock bass guitarist somewhere in his slight frame. Paul Cotton is still the more complete songwriter, and his “You’ve Got Your Reasons” closes the album on a high note. Seven isn’t the first Poco album you need to own, but it’s a rare case of a band losing its key original members without losing its appeal.


  1. DRIVIN' WHEEL    (Paul Cotton)    6:09
  2. ROCKY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN    (Rusty Young)    2:15
  3. JUST CALL MY NAME    (words by Timothy B. Schmit/Noreen Schmit, music by Timothy B. Schmit)    5:10
  4. SKATIN'    (Timothy B. Schmit)    4:40
  5. FAITH IN THE FAMILIES    (Paul Cotton)    3:41
  6. KRIKKIT'S SONG (PASSING THROUGH)    (Timothy B. Schmit)    3:31
  7. ANGEL    (Paul Cotton)    4:53
  8. YOU'VE GOT YOUR REASONS    (Paul Cotton)    5:10


PAUL COTTON -- vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar
GEORGE GRANTHAM -- vocals, drums, percussion
TIM SCHMIT -- vocals, bass, percussion
RUSTY YOUNG -- banjo, dobro, steel guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Burton Cummings -- keyboards
Al Garth -- fiddle (2)
Bobbye Hall -- percussion
Alan MacMillan -- arrangements (6,8)
Jim Messina -- mandolin (2)
Brian Christian -- recording engineer and general confidante
Philip Hartmann -- design
Barry Feinstein -- photography

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US/CAN April 12, 1974 Epic LP KE 38295 lyric sleeve
UK/NET 1974 Epic LP EP-80082  
US   Sony CD CBS-66985  
UK 2006 BGO Records CDZ BGOCD-721 digital remaster repackaged w. CANTAMOS


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