62479-2 Queen On Fire: Live At The Bowl
Produced by Justin Shirley-Smith
Released on November 4, 2004
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62479-2 cover
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K ronomyth 23.0: HOT PLACE. For one night in early June 1982, the Milton Keynes Bowl was a pretty hot space as Queen rocked the faithful once more. Twenty years later, Hollywood Records released a recording of the concert to the record-buying public as Queen On Fire: Live At The Bowl. A Queen show was a spectacle to be experienced with all five senses. To date, only a handful of Queen concert discs had been released, including the original Live Killers from 1978 and two different titles chronicling the Kind of Magic tour (Live Magic, Live At Wembley). On this particular night, Queen’s Hot Space had only been in the stores for a few weeks and the latest single (“Las Palabras de Amor”) was already scaling the English charts. Because of its chronological proximity to Live Killers, Queen On Fire could be seen as a companion piece that merges the best of their “classic” set with 11 tracks from their three most recent albums (Game, Flash Gordon, Hot Space). Now, you could probably survive a Queen show that didn’t include “Flash/The Hero” and “Back Chat,” but those Game tracks are essential. As Queen’s repertoire expanded, songs like “Dragon Attack,” “Save Me” and even “Play The Game” were less likely to make an appearance, and every fan should hear those songs performed live at least once. The combination of “Love of My Life” and “Save Me” actually constitutes (for me) the highlight of the evening, although a surprisingly (suspiciously?) spot-on “Bohemian Rhapsody” must be considered its most-anticipated moment. In comparing this to Live Killers, I’d call it a draw. Killers contains more classic material (“Killer Queen,” “Bicycle Race,” “Spread Your Wings,” etc.), while Queen On Fire is the better (read: cleaner) performance. Since there is also a DVD of this concert, fans with interest should seek that out and forgo the audio-only CD version.

62479-2 gatefold sleeve
62479-2 gatefold sleeve


    Disc One
  1. FLASH    (Brian May)
  2. THE HERO    (Brian May)
  3. WE WILL ROCK YOU (FAST)    (Brian May)
  4. ACTION THIS DAY    (Roger Taylor)
  5. PLAY THE GAME    (Freddie Mercury)
  6. STAYING POWER    (Freddie Mercury)
  7. SOMEBODY TO LOVE    (Freddie Mercury)
  8. NOW I'M HERE    (Brian May)
  9. DRAGON ATTACK    (Brian May)
  10. NOW I'M HERE (REPRISE)    (Brian May)
  11. LOVE OF MY LIFE    (Freddie Mercury)
  12. SAVE ME    (Brian May)
  13. BACK CHAT    (Roger Deacon)

    Disc Two
  14. GET DOWN MAKE LOVE    (Freddie Mercury)
  15. GUITAR SOLO    (Brian May)
  16. UNDER PRESSURE    (Queen/David Bowie)
  17. FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS    (Brian May)
  18. CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE    (Freddie Mercury)
  19. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY    (Freddie Mercury)
  20. TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN    (Brian May)
  21. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST    (Roger Deacon)
  22. SHEER HEART ATTACK    (Roger Taylor)
  23. WE WILL ROCK YOU    (Brian May)
  24. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS    (Freddie Mercury)
  25. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN    (Trad. arr. by Brian May)


JOHN DEACON -- bass, backing vocals
BRIAN MAY -- guitar, backing vocals, executive producer
FREDDIE MERCURY -- vocals, piano, acoustic guitar
ROGER TAYLOR -- drums, backing vocals, executive producer
Morgan Fisher -- additional keyboards and piano
Kris Fredriksson -- engineer, Pro Tools HD
Justin Shirley-Smith -- engineer
Mack -- recording engineer
Mick McKenna -- recording engineer
Denis O'Regan -- booklet photography
Neal Preston -- booklet photography

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UK 2004 Parlophone 2DVD 44187  
US November 4, 2004 Hollywood 2CD 62479-2  
US 2004 Hollywood 2DVD 62490-9  
ARG 2004 Parlophone 2CDPRO 863214  


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