D001411302 Hot Space
Produced by Queen-Mack
Track 11 by Queen & David Bowie
Released on May 25, 1982
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D001411302 cover
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K ronomyth 12.0: LET’S PRANCE. This album is at least partly responsible for David Bowie’s Let’s Dance, which makes it guilty of two crimes. As for the other crime, I’m not even sure what to call it; if there were such a thing as sodomy of the ears, this would be it. Hot Space is the worst Queen album since, well, sadly, the Flash Gordon soundtrack. A band that had proudly refused to use synthesizers was now making up for it with an electronic disco album co-produced by Mack. And not a good disco album like Let’s Dance, but a really gay disco album with a shocking shortage of clever ideas. Seriously, Roger Taylor’s two songs (“Action This Day,” “Calling All Girls”) are the two best songs on here; that’s how bad it is. Now, at this point in the review, you may be thinking to yourself: “Under Pressure” was a disco song, and that wasn’t so bad; maybe this guy just hates everything that doesn’t have a two-minute guitar solo in it. So let me set the record straight: compared to the rest of the songs on Hot Space, “Under Pressure” is Bohemian Freaking Rhapsody. I’ll confess, I wasn’t crazy about “Another One Bites The Dust” or even “Get Down Make Love,” and it’ll be a cold day in Hell when I pay money for the Flash Gordon soundtrack, but I’m willing to indulge the boys up a point. That point, it turns out, is about 10 seconds into the second track, “Dancer.” Maybe you’ve got more staying power than me where Queen is concerned, in which case half of a mediocre Queen album awaits you beginning with Taylor’s “Action This Day” through “Las Palabras de Amor.” But Queen was now down a dangerous path (oddly, not unlike David Bowie) where they seemed to confound fans at every step by giving them anything (soundtracks, greatest hits repackages, collaborations) but what they really wanted (i.e., new music that sounded like their old music). Hollywood Records has issued two expanded reissues of Hot Space, in 1991 (with a unique remix of Body Language, ooo aren’t you all a-twitter) and 20 years later with a bonus EP that features an amayzing live version of “Staying Power,” the B side to the “Under Pressure” single (which seems to have been written about Bowie himself), the superior single remix of “Back Chat” and live versions of the two Taylor tracks, “Action This Day” (now with Roger and Freddie sharing vocals) and “Calling All Girls.” Honestly, I enjoyed the bonus EP more than Hot Space, so I’d go the double-disc route if you’re determined to make space for this album in your collection.

E4-60128 cover
E4-60128 cover


  1. STAYING POWER    (Freddie Mercury)
  2. DANCER    (Brian May)
  3. BACK CHAT    (John Deacon)
  4. BODY LANGUAGE    (Freddie Mercury)
  5. ACTION THIS DAY    (Roger Taylor)
  6. PUT OUT THE FIRE    (Brian May)
  7. LIFE IS REAL (SONG FOR LENNON)    (Freddie Mercury)
  8. CALLING ALL GIRLS    (Roger Taylor)
  10. COOL CAT    (John Deacon/Freddie Mercury)
  11. UNDER PRESSURE    (Queen/David Bowie)
  12. (1991 CD reissue bonus track:) BODY LANGUAGE (1991 REMIX)

    2011 Bonus CDEP
  13. STAYING POWER (LIVE AT MILTON KEYNES, JUNE 1982)    (Freddie Mercury)
  14. SOUL BROTHER    (Queen)
  15. BACK CHAT (SINGLE REMIX)    (John Deacon)
  16. ACTION THIS DAY (LIVE IN TOKYO, NOVEMBER 1982)    (Roger Taylor)
  17. CALLING ALL GIRLS (LIVE IN TOKYO, NOVEMBER 1982)    (Roger Taylor)


FREDDIE MERCURY -- album package concept
David Bowie -- vocals (11)
Arif Mardin -- hot and spacey horns (1)
Norm Ung, John Barr and Steve Miller -- artwork
Simon Fowler -- inner sleeve photograph
Mack -- engineer (12-14 cdep)
Mick McKenna -- engineer (12 cdep)
Justin Shirley Smith -- mixing (12,15,16 cdep)
Mr. Takanashi -- engineer (15,16)
Joshua J Macrae -- mixing (16)

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UK/GRC/PHI May 25, 1982 EMI LP/CS EMA/TC-EMA-797 lyric sleeve
US May 25, 1982 Elektra LP/CS E1/E4-60128 lyric sleeve
ARG   EMI LP/CS 8053/18053  
BRA 1982 EMI LP 1C 064 64 773  
CAN 1982 Elektra LP XE1-60128 lyric sleeve
FRA 1982 EMI LP 2C 07 064 773  
GER 1982 EMI LP/CS 064 64 773/
10C 268 064.773
JPN 1982 Elektra LP P-11204  
NET 1982 EMI LP 1A 064 64773  
GER   EMI CD CDP 7 42152  
US March 5, 1991 Hollywood CDX/CSX HR-61038 w. bonus track
UK 1994 EMI CD 89497 digital remaster
JPN   EMI CD TOCP-65850 24-bit digital remaster
JPN 2004 EMI CD TOCP-67350 24-bit digital remaster
US September 13, 2011 Hollywood 2CD D001411302 digital remaster w. bonus CDEP


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