SV-12499 Iron Eagle: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Released on 1986
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I suppose we’ve all done some pretty queer things for Queen, from opera to disco to Iron Eagle. This celluloid slice of war-mongering, typical of the reagan roid rage that represented our foreign policy for eight embarrassing years, produced a suitably heavy hardly metal soundtrack that featured new songs from Queen, Dio and a harem of hair metal bands. I paid one dollar for this because, in case you haven’t been paying attention, I work for a living these days and can only justify the purchase by convincing myself that it was the money I made while fumbling with the paper toilet ring dispenser in the company bathroom what earned these wings. But enough about my bacteriaphobic bunda. By 1985, I’d grown leery of Queen, so it was nice to find “One Vision” is one for the archives; overproduced, surely, but rock royalty all the same. The non-album “Hide in the Rainbow” was the other reason I ogled Eagle, and it rocks like all of Dio’s children eventually do. The rest of the soundtrack follows the usual well-trod path: wimpy rock ballads and well-postured product. George Clinton’s “Intense” and Katrina & The Waves’ surprisingly raucous “Maniac House” don’t suck; everything else does, strongly, like a new vacuum in the first few weeks before bad engineering conspires to turn it into little more than a loud carpet sweeper in which pebbles and paper clips rattle around in the undercarriage until they drive you crazy. Which is why the Chinese make better enemies than the Libyans. I have this idea for a screenplay where a young, pouty rebel goes to free his father from a captured American embassy in China by smuggling himself in a defective refrigerator. I’m calling it Iron Igloo.


  1. QUEEN: ONE VISION    (Queen)    4:00
  2. KING KOBRA: IRON EAGLE (NEVER SAY DIE)    (Jake Hooker/Duane Hitchings)    3:28
  3. ERIC MARTIN: THESE ARE THE GOOD TIMES    (Myles Hunter)    3:45
  4. KATRINA AND THE WAVES: MANIAC HOUSE    (Kimberley Rew)    4:54
  5. GEORGE CLINTON: INTENSE    (George Clinton)    4:30
  6. DIO: HIDE IN THE RAINBOW    (Ronnie James Dio/Jimmy Bain)    3:55
  7. HELIX: IT'S TOO LATE    (Paul Hackman/John Dexter)    3:06
  8. ADRENALIN: ROAD OF THE GYPSY    (Adrenalin)    4:28
  9. URGENT: LOVE CAN MAKE YOU CRY    (Michael Kehr/Don Kehr/Ian Hunter)    4:18
  10. THE JON BUTCHER AXIS: THIS RAGING FIRE    (Bob Halligan, Jr.; arr. by Jon Butcher/Spencer Proffer)    4:06


George Clinton -- producer (5)
Pat Collier -- producer (4)
Ronnie James Dio -- producer (6)
Duane Hitchings -- producer (2)
Jake Hooker -- producer (2)
Katrina & The Waves -- producer (4)
Mack -- producer (1)
Vini Poncia -- producer (8)
Spencer Proffer -- producer (10)
Queen -- producer, engineer (1)
Jim Steinman -- producer (9)
Tom Tremuth -- producer (7)
Richie Zito -- producer (3)
Angelo Arcuri -- engineer (6)
Bob Cohen -- engineer (9)
David Cole -- remixing (8)
Bill Cooper -- mixing, engineer (2)
Hanspeter Huber -- engineer (10)
Leonard Jackson -- engineer (5)
Scott Litt -- engineer, additional production (4)
Rodney Mills -- mixing (7)
Ritchie Polodor -- mixing (2)
Brian Reeves -- engineer (3)
Bob Schaper -- engineer (8)
Toby Scott -- engineer (7)
Stephen Powers -- music executive producer
Leslie Morris -- music coordinator

US 1986 Capitol LP SV-12499  
US 1986 Capitol CD/CS CDP 7/C4 90747  


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