Ben Carroll (guitar, backing vocals), Sean Corcoran (bass, backing vocals), Skoota Warner

       (drums), Sahaj Ticotin (guitars, vocals and drums).


2002          1.DO YOU CALL MY NAME (RADIO EDIT)

              CDSPRO: US Republic PR-20857-2


2002.10.22    FROM ONE

              Produced by Paul Logus & Sahaj

              1.Do You Call My Name  2.Rectifier  3.Fallen Rock Zone  4.Only  5.On My Side 

              6.Violator  7.I Believe  8.Parole  9.High Sensitivity  10.Skorn  11.Walking and

              Thinking  12.Sky


(orig cd)     US Republic/Universal 440 066 093-2


2002          1.RECTIFIER (Radio Edit)

              CDSPRO: US Universal 20974



              CDS: US Republic 21496-2


2005.06.21    DUALITY                                            US.137

              1.Fear  2.Fallen Angels  3.Tell Me  4.Take Me Away  5.I Lost Everything Today 

              6.The Only One  7.Superman  8.Love  9.Say You Will  10.Got Me Going  11.Every

              Little Thing She Does Is Magic  12.Far Enough  13.Undertaken  14.Taken 

              15.Swimming Upstream


(orig cd)     US Universal


2006.10.24    RAW

              1.Fallen Angels  2.Rectifier  3.Only  4.Violator  5.Superman  6.I Lost Everything

              Today  7.Tell Me  8.Sky  9.The Only One  10.Do You Call My Name  11.Skorn 

              12.Don’t Turn Away (Studio Version)


(orig cd)     US Cement Shoes


2008.09.23    BLACK SUN                                          US.193

              1.Broken Hearted Soul  2.Faulty Information  3.The First Step  4.Push  5.Don’t

              Turn Away  6.Lost Along the Way  7.I Believe Again  8.Waste of Space  9.Genocide 

              10.A Poets Dream  11.Easier Than This


(orig cd)     US Sahaja Music


2009.06.09    BLACK SHEEP

              1.Cross of Snow  2.Tomorrow’s Sun  3.The Foundation  4.Crazy Little Voices 

              5.Chained to the Ground  6.Deliverance  7.Busted  8.U Need Me  9.What I Am 

              10.Who’s to Blame  11.Not in Your Head  12.What I’m About  13.Seem All Good People 

              14.Baghdad  15.Supernova


(orig cd)     US Sahaja Music


2009          1.CRAZY LITTLE VOICES

              CDSPRO: US Edel PRO-7