ABLX-026 Bada Boom
Produced by Ranjit Barot
Released on November 16, 2010
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F ile this under Jazz/Rock/World Fusion music. No, strike that. File it on top of Jazz/Rock/World Fusion music. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of music that blends Eastern and Western, traditional and modern, jazz and rock; some of it has been surprisingly good (Tohpati Ethnomission, Material), but at the moment I’ll take Ranjit Barot’s Bada Boom over all of them. Barot may be unfamiliar to many listeners (he was to me), making his name mostly in the Indian film industry as a composer. Film music is often mannered, typically dry, incidental rather than arresting. Bada Boom is anything but. The six tracks presented here (two are traditional melodies given radical reworkings) explode like condensed musical star matter. Each of them are self-contained worlds with a unique atmosphere: “T=0” recalls Pat Metheny’s airy vocal adventures, “Supernova” sounds like vintage RTF reborn, “Origin” feels more African than Indian. The intricate and hyperenergized “Singularity” is fair warning that Barot intends to dazzle his audience from the start. The intensity lets up (it has to), and the dazzle turns to a soft luminosity, to liquid dreams of proggishness, to familiar incense burned at the altar of old fusion heroes. The creation of Bada Boom involves luminaries large and small: John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, Wayne Krantz, Tim Garland, Uppalupa Srinivas, Taufique Qureshi, etc. Keyboardist Harmeet Manseta deserves a special mention as one of the few musical constants on the album (Barot’s drums and voice are the other). As Billy Cobham, Tony Williams and Bill Bruford have shown, drummers are eminently capable of creating excellent music that expands the (sometimes secret) musicality of percussion into new realms of energy and invention. Add one more name to that nightsky for now: Ranjit Barot.


  1. SINGULARITY    (Ranjit Barot)
  2. T=0    (traditional, arr. by Ranjit Barot/Amit Heri/Palakkad Sreeram)
  3. REVOLUTIONS    (traditional, arr. by Ranjit Barot/Sanjay Divecha)
  4. SUPERNOVA    (Ranjit Barot)
  5. DARK MATTER    (Ranjit Barot)
  6. ORIGIN    (Ranjit Barot)


RANJIT BAROT -- drums, vocals, konnakol, keyboard programming, keyboards, arrangements
TIM GARLAND -- soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, saxes, flute
HARMEET MANSETA -- keyboards, piano, electric piano
PALAKKAD SREERAM -- VL1 physical modelling synthesizer, flute, vocals
Elie Afif -- upright bass (4)
Thomas Andrews -- backing vocals (3)
Chandana Bala -- vocal solo (4)
Leon DeSouza -- backing vocals (3)
Mohini Dey -- bass (5)
Dominique Di Piazza -- bass (2)
Sanjay Divecha -- guitar parts (1), acoustic guitars (3)
Suzanne D'mello -- lead and backing vocals (3)
Samantha Edwards -- backing vocals (3)
Mattias IA Eklundh -- guitar parts and intermediate solos (1)
Ayden Essen -- keyboards (3)
Nicolas Fiszman -- bass (6)
Tim Garland's Underground Orchestra -- horn section (5)
Matthew Garrison -- bass (1)
Dhruv Ghanekar -- guitar (5)
Bianca Gomes -- backing vocals (6)
Marc Guillermont -- guitar (2)
Amit Heri -- acoustic guitar (2)
Zakir Hussain -- tabla (4)
Scott Kinsey -- keyboards, keyboard solo (6)
Wayne Krantz -- guitar (6)
Pete Lockett -- percussion (2)
John McLaughlin -- guitar solo (1)
Thiru Moorthy -- Nadaswaram (3)
Paras Nath -- flute (4)
The Nirvana String Section -- strings (2,4)
Sridhar Parthasarthy -- Indian percussion, djembe and percussion arrangement (3,6)
Neuman Pinto -- backing vocals (6)
Taufique Qureshi -- djembe, percussion, vocal textures (3,4)
Uppalapu Rajesh -- electric mandolin (2)
Kirti Sagathia -- vocals (6)
Punya Srinivas -- veena (1)
Uppalapu Srinivas -- electric mandolin (4)
Gwilym Symcock -- acoustic piano (5)
Ashish Manchanda -- mixing
Sam Devassy -- additional recording
Andrew Tullock -- additional recording
Rajesh Kulkarni -- design

US November 16, 2010 Abstract Logix CD ABLX-026  


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