12 979 Jingo
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Released on 1997
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J ingo, django, bongo, they go crazy on the congas and organ and of course that beautiful, bruised guitar. Good stuff if you’ve accidentally ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms and have an hour to kill, but Laserlight jingo dalot of trouble to spruce up these early, archival recordings. There are literally dozens of releases that dredge up the same live recordings from Idunnowhere in Idunnowhen; probably 1968 before their Columbia contract. Their formal body of work sounded like a swirling black mass in the beginning, held in the most primal and pagan part of the deep interior jungle where no not even one ray of sunlight filtered past the treetops. These recordings are earlier incantations that summon fewer spirits, early divinations of a vision that would coalesce with time. The rhythm section is largely stationary, the guitar and organ do most of the conjuring; the barely controlled chaos of Frank Zappa’s early live releases comes to mind (“Acapulco Sunrise,” “Hot Tamales”). Oddly, when I slip this disc into the computer, a different track listing comes up with a different album cover. Laserlight apparently released a second six-track release from the same early sessions that goes like this: Jingo, El Corazon Manda, La Puesta del Sol, Persuasion, As The Years Go By, Acapulco Sunrise. That’s not the correct information, so Windows Media must be partnering with one of those third-party musical info services (allmusic, Muze, etc). As I mentioned before, there are lots of little children running around claiming to be the legitimate offspring of the Santana Band’s ripest fruits, most of which casual listeners will sour on quickly. Fans/collectors should probably own the whole lot of the early archival recordings just because; better to bite the bullet and buy them up in a double-disc set than chip away at history through Laserlight’s paltry, pecuniary repackages.


  1. JINGO    (M. Babatunde Olatunji)
  2. LA PUESTA DEL SOL    (Eddie Weiss)
  3. ACAPULCO SUNRISE    (Eddie Weiss)
  4. HOT TAMALES    (Eddie Weiss)
  5. SOUL SACRIFICE    (Carlos Santana)
  6. EVERYDAY I HAVE THE BLUES    (Peter Chatman)


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US 1997 Laserlight CD 12 979  


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