MM 003 Persuasion
Production credits unknown
Released on June 1989
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MM 003 cover
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P roduct of the poorest persuasion, featuring live recordings recorded in some dark corner of the world. (The liner notes fail to shed any light on their origin.) Of course, a good imp can sniff out product like a truffle-trained pig, so I went into this with my eyes open and my ears braced. What came out of the speakers wasn’t awful: tepid instrumental jams preserved in a tinny state, a pair of vocal tracks at the end that align with the work of Cream. You’ll need to strain to feel the original fire of a “Jingo” or “El Corazon Manda,” but I’ve done as much for the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa. A licensing of low means presumably led to the propagation of these pieces in countless packages; aliases include Early Magic!, Jin-Go-La-Ba, blah blah blah. Chances are, some day, you’ll run across this in a supermarket or highway rest stop and the name “Santana” will spring out like a Mexican jumping bean. Check with the imp on your shoulder first and ask it: How desperate are we for Santana? Will I still respect myself manana? If you’re a fan, some of these recordings (in whatever incarnation you find them) are of minor historical importance as an early (albeit poorly preserved) snapshot of live Santana. Otherwise, the guitar solo on Corazon or the organ solo on Puesta may hold your attention for a while, but neither builds the organic vibe that made a “No One To Depend On” so mesmerizing. If you don’t own Santana’s original works up to Caravanserai, you’ve got no business with Persuasion. Should you find yourself deciding between this and a bootleg, then there are worse ways to spend eight bucks and forty minutes. Note that different releases of this have different covers, but underneath they’re the same Persuasion.


  1. JINGO    (Babatunde Olatunji)    9:51
  2. EL CORAZON MANDA    (Eddie Weiss)    11:47
  3. LA PUESTA DEL SOL    (Eddie Weiss)    10:24
  4. PERSUASION    (Gregg Rolie)    5:14
  5. AS THE YEARS GO BY    (Santana)    3:47


Bill Williams -- liner notes

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UK June 1989 Thunderbolt LP/CD 71 unique cover
UK 1998 TKO Magnum CD MM 003  
US April 10, 2001 Thunderbolt 2CD TDB 152 repackaged w. LATIN TROPICAL


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