3-10873 Stormy
Produced by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter
Released on December 1978
US CHART POSITION #32 (charted Jan. 6, 1979 for 10 weeks)
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3-10873 wo. picture sleeve
[high resolution scan]

A smoky, sultry cover of “Stormy” became the second hit from Inner Secrets, here edited down one minute by removing the guitar solo at the end. (And no one listened to Santana for the guitar solos, right?) Honestly, I’m more disappointed by the absence of strong percussion on this song than Carlos Santana’s lead guitar. Santana has always blended different cultures, but in the late ‘70s their unique mix began to sound homogenized. “Move On” is unchanged from its elpee version, in my opinion the better track for longstanding Santana fans as Carlos isn’t shy about putting his fretwork front and center. I was going to do some research on where “Stormy” originated at All Music Guide, but they’ve opened the old back door to pop-up advertisers again. This time, the clincher was a pop-up scene for the movie Cry Wolf (woof) that gave me the option of either a) watching a trailer of the film featuring a young woman in her underwear or b) buying the DVD outright so I could watch a) in the privacy of my own home. Terrible. So I looked for the box to opt out. Only there wasn’t a box. And suddenly I felt trapped, lured into an eternity of deciding whether to watch the trailer or buy the DVD, which I suspect is a good deal more terrifying than anything the film itself cooks up. And so I offer to the makers of Cry Wolf a quote: “Until I realized that I’d simply been sucker punched into a pop-up advertisement that wouldn’t go away, Cry Wolf had me glued to my seat wondering what would happen next.” I’m sure they can do something with that.


  1. STORMY    (B.Buie/J.R.Cobb)    3:45
  2. MOVE ON    (Devadip Carlos Santana/Chris Rhyne)    4:27

    Columbia Hall of Fame reissue


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US December 1978 Columbia 7" 3-10873  
US 1978 Columbia 7PRO 3-10873 feat. A mono on flip
NZ 1978 CBS 7" BA461941  
US   Columbia 7" 13-33395 Hall of Fame reissue


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