548 118-2 Bad For Good: The Very Best of Scorpions
Previously released material
Tracks 17, 18 produced by Dieter Dierks
Released on May 28, 2002
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K ronomyth 19.0: STILL LOVING THEM FRIDAY MORNING. The Scorpions bite, and I mean that in the best way possible. With the two-guitar attack of Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs and the vocal assault of Klaus Meine, the music of Scorpions gets into your blood fast and rocks your entire body mere moments after the opening chords start surging through your veins. At least that’s always been my impression of them. Most Americans are on familiar terms with only a few Scorpions songs (“Rock You Like a Hurricane,” “Wind of Change,” “No One Like You”) and probably, honestly, don’t believe their lives would be incomplete if they never heard more than six Scorpions tracks. Bad For Good makes a compelling case to the contrary with eighteen tracks that rock at least as strong as a tropical storm, including a ballad or two at the eye of the storm. As I’ve mused before in critiquing compilations, they’re an altogether different animal from a critical perspective than a studio or live album, and require their own “scoring” methodology. (I put that in parentheses because I don’t actually believe there’s any value in ascribing what is ultimately an arbitrary and subjective score to any work of art or even the productized package of said art. And also because I like putting words in parentheses, or making quotation marks with my fingers when I’m talking, or alphabetizing my talking points such as: “There are two reasons why I think using quotation marks with my fingers makes me look smarter than you: A. etc…”) So if we were to use the popular decimal system for scoring a modern compilation (i.e., in the 90s and onward when one could reasonably expect remastered sound), the “point system” (now I’m just being annoying) would look something like this. Or exactly like this, depending:

Using the system above, Bad For Good would score a 9. (I docked it a point for the lame album cover and the decision to include the dubious Album Rock chart positions, which obscures both the song’s historical significance—which in the case of “Alien Nation,” for example, wasn’t very much—and its chronological release.) Of course, that’s a nine relative to what a compilation could do at this stage in the band’s career, and not a number to be given equal weight against an album of different origins, such as Pure Instinct or even the live Acoustica. For long-time fans who already have a dog-eared copy of 1979’s Best of Scorpions in their basement, Bad For Good picks up the story from there and features a surprise ending that reunites the band with producer Dieter Dierks (the two new tracks, “Cause I Love You” and “Bad For Good,” neither of which is likely to truly rock your world, although the title track’s similarities to Queen are interesting). And for those neophytes I mentioned at the onset who only know three Scorpions songs, Bad For Good does a great job of encapsulating the band during their height in the Eighties.


  1. ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)    4:12
  2. LOVING YOU SUNDAY MORNING    (Rudolph Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)    5:36
  3. THE ZOO    (Rudolph Schenker/Klaus Meine)    5:28
  4. NO ONE LIKE YOU    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    3:56
  5. BLACKOUT    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell/Sonja Kittelsen)    3:47
  6. STILL LOVING YOU (SINGLE VERSION)    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    4:48
  7. BIG CITY NIGHTS    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    4:08
  8. BELIEVE IN LOVE (SINGLE VERSION)    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    4:04
  9. RHYTHM OF LOVE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    3:48
  10. I CAN'T EXPLAIN    (Pete Townshend)    3:22
  11. WIND OF CHAGE    (Klaus Meine)    5:10
  12. SEND ME AN ANGEL    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    4:32
  13. DON'T BELIEVE HER    (Rudolf Schenker/Jim Vallance/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)    4:54
  14. TEASE ME PLEASE ME    (Matthias Jabs/Jim Vallance/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)    4:42
  15. HIT BETWEEN THE EYES    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell/Jim Vallance)    4:31
  16. ALIEN NATION (SINGLE VERSION)    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    5:01
  17. CAUSE I LOVE YOU    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    3:44
  18. BAD FOR GOOD    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Dieter Dierks)    4:02


Mike Ragogna -- compilation producer
Pat Lawrence -- executive producer
SMAY Vision -- art direction & design

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US May 28, 2002 Hip-O CD 548 118-2  


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