SRM-1-4039 Blackout
Produced by Dieter Dierks
Released on March 1982
UK CHART POSITION #11 . . . US CHART POSITION #10 (RE-CHARTED #112 in 1984) . . . GOLD RECORD (6/24/82), PLATINUM (3/8/84)
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SRM-1-4039 cover
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T he first wave of metal actually harbored a new wave within it, one that went largely unrecognized until the ‘80s. Bands like Judas Priest, AC/DC and Scorpions were part of that new wave of metal, typified by shorter, tighter songs that packed explosive solos and heavy riffs into remarkably catchy packets. Calling it pop metal wouldn’t be fair, but popular metal it was. Blackout was Scorpions’ breakout, led by a strong crop of songs that included the classic ballad/rocker “No One Like You.” Like Priest, Scorpions had a powerful twin-guitar attack (led by the remarkable Matthias Jabs) and an equally powerful set of pipes in Klaus Meine. Unlike Priest, Scorpions still carry a torch for Led Zeppelin (“China White,” “Now!”), but the rest of the record has what you’d call the band’s signature sound: half ballad, half metal, all heart. Klaus Meine’s vocals are an acquired taste, but if you’ve made it through Rush’s early albums intact then Scorpions won’t hurt you. Personally, I’d rank the first side of Blackout with the best of ‘80s metal. The second side suffers from a certain sameness, though the closing “When The Smoke Is Going Down” is a terrific ballad. You often see the word “power ballad” mentioned with Scorpions, and they’ve proven to be masters of the form over the years. It’s a dubious distinction I suppose, but no reason to be scared of Scorpions. Blackout establishes its metal credibility early with “Blackout,” turns in some cheap tricks with “Can’t Live Without You,” and by the time the power ballad rolls around (“No One Like You”) the band’s rocking reputation is already established. Maybe a borderline classic, but if you like ‘80s metal you’ll want to block out some time for this one.

SRM-1-4039 back cover SRM-1-4039 lyric sleeve
SRM-1-4039 back cover SRM-1-4039 lyric sleeve


  1. BLACKOUT    (music: Rudolf Schenker, lyrics: Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell/Sonja Kittelsen)    3:48
  2. CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU    (music: Rudolf Schenker, lyrics: Klaus Meine)    3:46
  3. NO ONE LIKE YOU    (music: Rudolf Schenker, lyrics: Klaus Meine)    3:55
  4. YOU GIVE ME ALL I NEED    (music: Rudolf Schenker, lyrics: Herman Rarebell)    3:38
  5. NOW!    (music: Rudolf Schenker, lyrics: Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)    2:33
  6. DYNAMITE    (music: Rudolf Schenker, lyrics: Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)    4:12
  7. ARIZONA    (music: Rudolf Schenker, lyrics: Herman Rarebell)    3:53
  8. CHINA WHITE    (music: Rudolf Schenker, lyrics: Klaus Meine)    6:56
  9. WHEN THE SMOKE IS GOING DOWN    (music: Rudolf Schenker, lyrics: Klaus Meine)    3:50


MATTHIAS JABS -- lead guitars, rhythm guitars, 6-string acoustics
KLAUS MEINE -- vocals
RUDOLF SCHENKER -- rhythm guitars, 6 + 12-string acoustics, lead guitar, backing vocals
Gerd Rautenbach -- mixing engineer
Gottfried Helnwein -- coverdesign and artwork

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GER/NET 1982 Harvest LP 1C 064 64686  
UK March 1982 Harvest LP SHVL 823 lyric sleeve
US/CAN March 1982 Mercury LP/CS/8T SRM/MCR-4/MC-8-1-4039 lyric sleeve
AUS'L/NZ   RCA Victor LP VPL1-6627  
BRA 1982 Polygram LP 6337 218  
JPN 1982 RVC LP RPL-8107 lyric insert
UK May 1985 Fame LP FA 41 3126  
UK   EMI CD CDP 7 46732  
CAN   Polygram CD 818 885  
GER October 25, 2001 EMI CD 535155 digital remaster
US August 19, 1997 Mercury CD 534 786 digital remaster
JPN 2001 EMI CD TOCP-53206 digital remaster


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