583 448-2 Box of Scorpions
Compilation produced by Mike Ragogna
Released on May 25, 2004
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K ronomyth 19.5: THE BOX TOPS EAR. Scorpions celebrated 30 years of music with Box of Scorpions, a three-CD career retrospective that is a box insofar as any triple CD resembles a box. A triangle is the operative shape, since whatís here is a magnificent mountain of Scorpions music. The three discs are split evenly across the decades: the epic hard rock of the Seventies, the streamlined stadium rock of the Eighties and the professional studio rock of the Nineties. While Scorpions unquestionably peaked between 1980 and 1990, the music before and after is essential as it chronicles both their rise to the top and the celebration of their achievement afterwards. The early albums with Ulrich Roth, for example, found the band working effectively in the progressive/hard rock vein of Uriah Heep. By the third album, Scorpionsí signature melodic hard rock sound had begun to take shape, leading up to the arrival of Lovedrive. From that album through to 1990ís Crazy World, Scorpions released some of the most consistently excellent hard rock of the century. Rudolf Schenker dialed up great riffs at will, Matthias Jabs produced amazing guitar solos from thin air and Klaus Meine sang with so much heart and energy that it didnít matter if English was his second language. As the Nineties progressed, Scorpions released fewer studio albums but used those occasions to explore grunge, synthesizers and even classical music (2000ís Moment of Glory) with predictably solid results. While the packaging is light, and you could quibble about the selections (too few from World Wide Live and Pure Instinct, for example), the sheer quantity of songs combined with the quality of remastered sound make this one Box that unquestionably rocks. You can find many of the popular hits on the single-disc Bad For Good, but you wonít be getting the whole story.


    Disc One
  1. I'M GOING MAD    (Michael Schenker/Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Wolfgang Dziony/Lothar Heimberg)
  2. SPEEDY'S COMING    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  3. FLY TO THE RAINBOW    (Rudolf Schenker/Ulrich Roth)
  4. IN TRANCE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  5. PICTURED LIFE    (Rudolf Schenker/Ulrich Roth/Klaus Meine)
  6. VIRGIN KILLER    (Ulrich Roth)
  7. CATCH YOUR TRAIN    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  8. STEAMROCK FEVER    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  9. WE'LL BURN THE SKY    (Rudolf Schenker/Monika Dannemann)
  10. HE'S A WOMAN, SHE'S A MAN    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)
  11. BACKSTAGE QUEEN (LIVE)    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  12. TOP OF THE BILL (LIVE)    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  13. DARK LADY (LIVE)    (Ulrich Roth)
  14. ROBOT MAN (LIVE)    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  15. LOVING YOU SUNDAY MORNING    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)
  16. HOLIDAY    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)

    Disc Two
  17. COAST TO COAST    (Rudolf Schenker)
  18. LOVEDRIVE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  19. MAKE IT REAL    (Rudolf Schenker/Herman Rarebell)
  20. DON'T MAKE NO PROMISES (YOUR BODY CAN'T KEEP)    (Matthias Jabs/Herman Rarebell)
  21. TWENTIETH CENTURY MAN    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  22. THE ZOO    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  23. BLACKOUT    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell/Sonja Kittelson)
  24. CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  25. NO ONE LIKE YOU    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  26. DYNAMITE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)
  27. BAD BOYS RUNNING WILD    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)
  28. ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)
  29. COMING HOME    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  30. BIG CITY NIGHTS    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  31. STILL LOVING YOU    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  32. ANOTHER PIECE OF MEAT (LIVE)    (Rudolf Schenker/Herman Rarebell)
  33. DON'T STOP AT THE TOP    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)
  34. RHYTHM OF LOVE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  35. I CAN'T EXPLAIN    (Pete Townshend)

    Disc Three
  36. TEASE ME, PLEASE ME    (Matthias Jabs/Jim Vallance/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)
  37. BELIEVE IN LOVE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  38. DON'T BELIEVE HER    (Rudolf Schenker/Jim Vallance/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)
  39. WIND OF CHANGE    (Klaus Meine)
  40. SEND ME AN ANGEL    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  41. HIT BETWEEN THE EYES    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell/Jim Vallance)
  42. ALIEN NATION    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  43. UNDER THE SAME SUN    (Mark Hudson/Bruce Fairbairn/Klaus Meine)
  44. WOMAN    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  45. OVER THE TOP    (Matthias Jabs)
  46. LIFE GOES AROUND    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  47. YOU AND I    (Klaus Meine)
  48. MYSTERIOUS    (Ralph Rieckerman/Rudolf Schenker/Matthias Jabs/J.M. Byron/Klaus Meine)
  49. HURRICANE 2000    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Herman Rarebell)
  50. CAUSE I LOVE YOU    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)
  51. BAD FOR GOOD    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Dieter Dierks)


Pat Lawrence -- executive producer
Michele Horie -- art direction
Smay Vision -- art direction, package design
Peter Dazeley, Michael Ochs Archives -- photos

US May 25, 2004 Hip-O 3CD 583 448-2  


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