82935-4 Pure Instinct
Produced by Erwin Musper and Scorpions
(tracks 1 & 8 by Keith Olsen and Scorpions)
Released on May 21, 1996
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82935-4 cover  

S orry about the cover on this one (the original was zoo much better). Fortunately, it was the only disappointment I had to deal with. Pure Instinct is another remarkable feat of German engineering. The melodic rockers, passionate ballads, and midtempo numbers may find some of Scorpions’ original bite softened, but the music gets under your skin quickly and delivers a sort of delightful tingle that travels quickly through the body. In no time, I was paralyzed by the pure energy of the album, enrapt by the quality of the songs. This one is heavy on the ballads, so headbangers may be reduced to headshaking; however, anyone’s who embraced late-period Aerosmith will greet this with open arms. In my opinion, the ballads are what Scorpions do best now, balancing strings and sophisticated production with wailing guitar leads and a bottom end that can still bring it home. The lyrics are what they are, not likely to unlock the meaning of life but pretty darn respectable for a German rock band. As the title implies, Scorpions have an instinctive understanding of what they do best. That they’re still doing it with this degree of vitality is amazing. The rockers (“Wild Child,” “Stone In My Shoe”) concede nothing to age, the ballads (“Does Anyone Know,” “When You Came”) still maintain a certain innocence, and the midtempo numbers (“Where The River Flows”) reflect wisdom and maturity. You can make the case that Pure Instinct is formulaic in its approach, but when you’ve found a formula that works this well, why keep experimenting?

82935-4 lyric sleeve
82935-4 lyric sleeve


  1. WILD CHILD    (Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
  2. BUT THE BEST FOR YOU    (Klaus Meine)
  3. DOES ANYONE KNOW    (Klaus Meine)
  4. STONE IN MY SHOE    (Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
  5. SOUL BEHIND THE FACE    (Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
  6. TIME WILL CALL YOUR NAME    (Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
  7. OH GIRL (I WANNA BE WITH YOU)    (Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
  8. WHEN YOU CAME INTO MY LIFE    (Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker/Titiek Puspa/James F. Sundah)
  9. WHERE THE RIVER FLOWS    (Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
  10. YOU AND I    (Klaus Meine)
  11. ARE YOU THE ONE?    (Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)


CURT CRESS -- drums and percussion
MATTHIAS JABS -- lead guitars, rhythm guitars, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars and slide guitar
KLAUS MEINE -- vocals and backing vocals
RUDOLF SCHENKER -- rhythm guitars, lead guitars, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, E-bow and backing vocals
Pitti Hecht -- percussion
Luke Herzog -- keyboards
Koen van Bael -- keyboards
Erwin Musper -- engineer, mixing
Atti Bauw -- additional engineering
Peter Kirkman -- additional engineering
Jo Mirowski -- cover concept
Mainartery -- art direction and design
Gered Mankowitz -- cover photograph
Michael Comte -- band photograph

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EEC May 21, 1996 EastWest CD/CS 14524 lyric sleeve
GER 1996 EastWest CDPRO PROP 127 lyric sleeve
US May 21, 1996 Atlantic CD 82913 lyric sleeve
US 1996 Atlantic CS 82935 lyric sleeve


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