824 344-1 M-2 World Wide Live
Produced by Dieter Dierks
Released on June 1985
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824 344-1 M-2 cover
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A t the moment, which is to say any moment that I’m listening to Scorpions, I’m convinced they’re the greatest rock band in the world. Of course they’re not, any more than Judas Priest are, and thus you see that it’s not a question of being the best rock band of all time, but of being the best rock band at a particular moment in time that separates the great from the rest of the pack. World Wide Live is a double-live album of Scorpions’ greatest moments: “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” “No One Like You,” “Blackout,” “Still Loving You.” To English-speaking audiences, Scorpions sounded a little cartoonish, but it was a cool kind of cartoon, more Venom than Spider-Man. In an effort to sound animated on stage, Scorpions are even more colorful here, led by the likeable Klaus Meine, who always seemed a slapfight away from challenging Ronnie James Dio for the biggest voice in the smallest package. (Lest I seem too catty with that last statement, I’ll wager that both Klaus and Ronnie could kick my butt.) The formula of ballad/rocker serves Scorpions well; so well in fact that it never feels like a formula. As with Rush, Scorpions used live albums to summarize sections of their career, and World Wide Live captures their most interesting phase. Comparing the audience participation in “Holiday” to “Closer To The Heart” is a stretch, even in those latex and leather pants, but Scorpions didn’t foster the mythology of Rush. Instead, they were meat-and-potatoes rockers, a band that articulated rock’s middle voice of desire, aggression and vulnerability in a common language that transcended English or German or anything. That common touch took them around the world twice during their 1984 tour, so that Scorpions fans from every country could bask in the band’s brightest hour. Of the metal live albums I own (which admittedly don’t number many), this is one of the best.

824 344-1 M-2 inner gatefold 824 344-1 M-2 back cover
824 344-1 M-2 inner gatefold 824 344-1 M-2 back cover


    record one
  1. COUNTDOWN    (Klaus Meine/Matthias Jabs)    0:31
  2. COMING HOME    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    3:15
  3. BLACKOUT    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Hermann Rarebell/Sonja Kittelsen)    3:40
  4. BAD BOYS RUNNING WILD    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Hermann Rarebell)    3:47
  5. LOVING YOU SUNDAY MORNING    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Hermann Rarebell)    4:36
  6. MAKE IT REAL    (Rudolf Schenker/Hermann Rarebell)    3:27
  7. BIG CITY NIGHTS    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    4:49
  8. COAST TO COAST    (Rudolf Schenker)    4:40
  9. HOLIDAY    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    3:12
  10. STILL LOVING YOU    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    5:44

    record two
  11. ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Hermann Rarebell)    4:04
  12. CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    5:28
  13. ANOTHER PIECE OF MEAT    (Hermann Rarebell/Rudolf Schenker)    0:36
  14. DYNAMITE    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine/Hermann Rarebell)    7:05
  15. THE ZOO    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    5:46
  16. NO ONE LIKE YOU    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    4:07
  17. CAN'T GET ENOUGH (PART I)    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    1:59
  18. SIX STRING STING    (Matthias Jabs)    5:18
  19. CAN'T GET ENOUGH (PART II)    (Rudolf Schenker/Klaus Meine)    1:52


FRANCIS BUCHHOLZ -- bass guitar, backing vocals
MATTHIAS JABS -- lead guitars, rhythm guitars, voice-box, backing vocals
KLAUS MEINE -- lead vocals, rhythm guitar (8)
HERMANN RAREBELL -- drums, backing vocals
RUDOLF SCHENKER -- rhythm guitars, lead guitars (7-10), backing vocals
Mike Beiriger -- recording engineer, mixing
David Hewitt -- recording engineer
Gerd Rautenbach -- recording engineer
Dieter Dierks -- mixing
Robert Ellis -- cover photos
Franz Epping -- cover design

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GER 1985 Mercury 2LP 1C 064 24 0343 3 gatefold cover
UK June 1985 Mercury 2LP/CS SCORP1 gatefold cover
US June 1985 Mercury 2LP/CD/CS 824 344-1 M-2/-2/4 M-1 gatefold cover, picture sleeve
AUS'L 1985 RCA Victor 2LP VPL2-6714 gatefold cover
CAN 1985 Mercury 2LP SRM-2-8603 gatefold cover, picture sleeve
NET 1985 Mercury 2LP 1C 164 24 0343 1 gatefold cover
US August 19, 1997 Mercury CD 534 788 digital remaster
NET November 22, 2001 EMI CD 535157 digital remaster
JPN 2001 EMI CD TOCP-53208 digital remaster


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