7 90949-2 Go Bang!
Produced by Richard James Burgess
Released on 1988
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7 90949-2 cover
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W ell, donít they look like a fun bunch of what the hell is going on here? Someone at Island decided that Shriekback and their dark nightmares should lighten up a little bit, maybe shell a few more records fer the company, that sort of thing. (And somewhere, an organ grinder weeps for his monkey.) So producer Richard James Burgess (Spandau Ballet, When In Rome, why not just hire Arif Mardin?) hammers another nail in punkís coffin, turning Shriekback into Simple Minds. Not everyone hated the results; Trouser Press thought it was ďwinning.Ē (I donít know what they thought it won.) But it didnít sell more records and Island dropped Shriekback from the label. The record did generate a few popular club singles, including a cover of KC and the Sunshine Bandís ďGet Down Tonight.Ē Barry Andrews raps on it. Presumably at gunpoint. At least Dave Allen got out in time. In my opinion, punkís devolution into disco was the biggest musical blunder of the Ď80s. Big Audio Dynamite, PiL, Pete Shelley, Gang of Four, Talking Heads, what did it all add up to except trading rifles for clubs? Shriekback had at least harnessed elements of disco for a deeper purpose. That is, until Go Bang! Now Andrewsí observations about religion and manís animal nature are packaged into dance-friendly packets. You have to wonder if producer Burgess even listened to the lyrics. And thatís the trouble with club music: people donít pay attention to it. They donít know what your name is, they donít care what youíre saying, and theyíre not going to buy your record. Itís the antithesis of punk. Go Bang! isnít a terrible record, itís just antithetical to what Shriekback is all about. Sacred City, now thereís a scary record. Go buy that instead.

7 90949-2 gatefold sleeve
7 90949-2 gatefold sleeve


  1. INTOXICATION    3:44
  2. SHARK WALK    3:57
  3. OVER THE WIRE    3:28
  4. NEW MAN    3:47
  5. NIGHTTOWN    4:11
  6. GO BANG    2:21
  7. BIG FUN    3:11
  8. GET DOWN TONIGHT    (Harry Wayne Casey/Richard Finch)    3:26
  9. DUST AND A SHADOW    4:35

    All songs written by Shriekback unless noted


BARRY ANDREWS -- voice and keyboards
MARTYN BARKER -- drums and percussion, Linn 9000 preprogramming and preproduction
MIKE COZZI -- guitars
SARAH PARTRIDGE -- backing vocals
WENDY PARTRIDGE -- backing vocals
Lou Adams -- trumpet
Chief Inspector Sylvester George -- trombone
Andrew Hunter -- tenor sax
Doug Wimbish -- bass guitar
Richard Burgess -- additional programming
Mike Nielsen -- additional programming
Rick Newton -- Linn 9000 preprogramming and preproduction
Stuart Bruce -- engineer
Stylorouge -- design/art direction
Simon Fowler -- photography

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UK 1988 Island LP/CD ILPS-9910/IMCD-27  
US 1988 Island LP/CD/CS 90949  
AUSL 1988 Island CD D-38931  
CAN 1988 Island LP ISL-1190  
GER 1988 Island LP/CD 209/259 179  
JPN 1988 Island CD P33D-20073  


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